Does Your Energy Field Wear Out Like a Pair of Shoes?

Well, I had to laugh while writing this! Really? Energy fields wearing out? And like a pair of shoes…? And then more laughter as I saw cars being traded in as they got lots of miles and no longer had the latest technology… same line of thought. Well!

So here’s how this all came up… I was talking to a friend and we both were mentioning about all these very peculiar things happening with electronics. I believe that a number of years ago I recounted my experience after my first Theta class where my vehicle stalled in an intersection as I was going home. I knew that vast changes in energy can impact both electrical and mechanical things. So, luckily as a newbie, I remembered (from class) to just pause and harmonize and balance the energies. My vehicle started pretty as you please and I was on my way with a big smile and look of awe and reverence! Then I got home and, I promise, almost every appliance I had started acting up. But, the vehicle incident was there to prompt me to take a breath and do what I had learned to do – harmonize and balance the energies. Yea! Success again.

So, why was this happening now? I have many things set to automatic and to automatically harmonize and balance. Why wasn’t it working anymore? When I checked in on all that, I had an understanding of what was going on which I will attempt to put into words. As your energy shifts and changes, your “baseline” of energy also shifts and changes – your default so to speak. It can stretch a good bit, but at some point, it just stretches too thin and you need to re-set the baseline.

What that means is that when you notice that happening with things you’ve already addressed, it may be that all you need to do is re-set whatever you had in place from the energetic space of your “new” baseline. It’s not that it’s “broken”. It’s more like a beloved old shoe that has just worn completely out and it’s time for a new pair or a well-serving vehicle that is ready to retire and allow you to enjoy a newer model – perhaps even a great style change or something with performance enhancements. It’s really an awesome thing when you think about it. You build on knowledge. At a certain point, it may be helpful to get a new book to continue your learning. It doesn’t negate the value of the first book at all. In fact, without the first book you most likely wouldn’t understand any books that would take the learning farther. So, yea!


Anyway, I just thought I’d share that so that if any like things are happening to you, you can check to see if a simple re-set is all that is needed.

Mahalo…  Linda

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