What Do You Do When It’s Crazy Out There?

When life throws you a curveball, where is your balance point? Where do you turn for solace and clarity? Do you call a friend? Do you visit a family member? Do you try to push it away so you don’t have to think about it?

There are many ways you could address it. I would offer that underlying them all it might serve you best to connect fully with your own heart energy, the more expanded part of you. Allow that energy to support you and nurture you and bring you the clarity and balance you need to move through whatever you are facing. Have your expectation be to allow Source energy to bring you whatever you need to stand tall and take any needed steps. It’s being centered within yourself. Then, the hug of a friend or wise words of your family will be all the more meaningful. You are empowered and their support and love can make you feel even more so. Have connecting within as your default. Then everything else is yummy icing on the cake.


Mahalo…  Linda

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