Look around. Do things feel out of balance? Do you see areas of life that could use some balance? I bet you do! You may even feel that you could use some in your own life.


This morning, I sent the energy and feeling of balance to all life that would accept it. Interestingly enough, I could immediately feel that there are many who feel that when there is balance, it is boring. Oh my.

So, would you like Creator’s truth on balance; what it really is vs. what it isn’t; proper discernment related to balance; that you can have balance and excitement simultaneously; that you can complete your life plan in an amazing way with balance and in balance and have it be fun and any other positive attribute you desire all at the same time; what more balance would mean to our world right now with clear conscious awareness of that now; and anything else that you need to fully understand and embrace balance in the best way for you in any given moment? If so write “yes – balance” and be willing to allow the energy of balance to fill your energy field on all levels and through all layers, teaching you, showing you, re-balancing you as per your best right now, and providing you all that you need related to this right now.

All this came about during a brief discussion about the intense weather situations. It’s such a wonderful example of the lack of balance presenting itself for all to see right now. There are many ways to help. One way is to send the energy of balance and the feelings of balance to all who would accept it – people, animals, plants, the land, the elements – all. When you send without the intention to have what you think is best be put into place, you free yourself from the energy of attempting to “fix” others and all that implies and you allow free will to reign. It’s a lot better for you and for those you would like to assist.

Balance can remedy many things, without being dull or static. It’s merely another tool for you to use to enjoy life and help others.

Mahalo…  Linda

P.S. Thanks to Michael Neeley for the pic.

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2 Responses to Balance

  1. Doris Matovinović says:

    Yes – Balance! Thank you 🙂

  2. Dimitra says:

    Yes balance

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