Are You A Chain Smoker?

December 11, 2018

Yes I AM talking to you! You may be thinking that you’ve never smoked in your life. But, I bet you have! I bet you’ve allowed an irritation to cause you to fume and smoke. And, I’d bet that you don’t always just let it go. So you smoke those feelings over and over. Am I right?


What’s the end result when you do that? Well, with each thought you have, your body generates a bio-chemical response. If it’s a negative thought, it may generate the flight or fight response chemicals. Since your body sees this level of preparedness to be critical to your well-being, it is given priority and lots of the “messengers” are sent to every part, every cell, of your body. That needs to happen so when the choice is made, you are immediately ready to act.

However, when lots of messengers are sent out over time, they tend to “back up” at certain key points in your body. When that happens, things get “stuck” and the flow of your own most expanded frequencies are negatively impacted. In other words, the flight or fight energy is given priority and there is so much of it that it causes a “traffic jam” within your body and that slows down the normal flow and rhythm of you.

That’s when health issues begin to show up. Why? Because your body isn’t getting the level of high frequency energy it needs to remain healthy. Yet, you are such an amazing creation that your body gives you “hints” of where to look for the back ups and where you might find the information about the root cause of the flight or fight energy generation. So, if you get a knee injury, you might want to look at whether what is happening in your life is causing you to not want to or not feel that you are able to move forward. An ear infection might be due to not wanting to hear something. The possibilities are varied and abundant depending on you and on your connection with your body and on your choices related to your life and how you choose to react to life events. Since there are many variations, use what I’m sharing here as general information and, perhaps, a place to begin.

However, if you will quit chain-smoking, you will remedy a lot of ills by default. Just do it. Become aware of your thoughts. Be aware of your moment to moment choices. Choose love and other expanded energies as ways to respond to things happening in your life. At first, this might seem challenging. We tend to want immediate equity and justice when we feel wronged or slighted or not valued or respected. To “turn the other cheek” feels like you are doing yourself a dis-service. You are letting the offender off the hook. They are getting away free! But, is that the most expanded view? I would offer that energy balances itself. It may not do it in the time frame you desire and/or expect, but it does balance. Yet, we want it now and we want to see it and feel it and know it to be true…NOW. We all go through this.

But, if you will monitor your thoughts and choose love or as close to it as you can manage in any situation… guess what?! You will begin to attract that level of energy and responses and offerings of others. Then, those irritants that you choose not to release, and chain smoke over time, cease to show up for you. They just don’t happen. And, it becomes easier and easier to be happy and to expect happiness and that others will treat you fairly and with respect. It shows up for you in a new way – a way you created by choosing love and choosing to not chain smoke the irritants of life.

Are you in? I recommend quitting cold turkey. Just do it. Decide right now that you deserve love and respect and since you can attract it purposely, you’re going to put that process in action. Give it a bit of time to sort out for you unless you can consistently choose love and you expect this to be true and real and possible for you now. The extent to which you choose and believe as such, is in direct proportion to how quickly your life will change for the better.

So spend your chain-smoking currency on something you like to do…something that brings you joy. It’s free! But extraordinarily valuable… For real.

Much love, Mahalo

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December 6, 2018

A few days ago, I was getting ready to send love to all and I asked if there was a focus that would be helpful. The understanding was summed up in one word – cohesion.

I knew what it meant but decided to look it up. Interestingly enough, there is a scientific definition and a social definition. According to Wikipedia, “Cohesion (chemistry), the intermolecular attraction between like-molecules. Cohesion (social policy), the bonds between members of a community or society and life.” Cohesion is an especially strong force for water molecules.

I had the understanding that cohesion for my purposes was about the ties, bonds, relationships, understandings, and love between all life. There is a lot of focus being brought to the surface around separation and differences and polar opposite beliefs and understandings. All that fosters a lessening of compassion and empathy and coordination and shared values and purpose.

Cohesion reminds us that we are not solitary. In fact, we are not even groups. We are humanity and humanity is intimately connected to and supported by nature, the elements, and animals. Our bodies are mostly water. Plants, through cohesion, help provide us life. Our bonds with animals has a long, though sometimes not so lovely, history. The world would not be the same without them and neither would we. So cohesion is about us remembering our connection to all life and valuing and nurturing those relationships no matter how seemingly distant from our everyday lives. We are all connected. We all serve each other in various ways. When those relationships get out of harmony and balance, things shift until they are brought back into balance and harmony. Often, those shifts are not comfortable or in our best interests.

So, there is no need for you as an individual to figure all this out in order to help restore any areas where things are out of harmony and balance related to cohesion. Just, if this resonates with you, intend that the beautiful vibrations of love, peace, and joy you send out to ALL life assist with the restoration of harmony and balance related to cohesion as is best for all and is accepted by each and that each receive a more comprehensive understanding of our interconnectedness and inner-connectedness.


Would you like the Divine Energy of Creation’s (Creator, God, Allah, the Universe, etc.) most expanded truth on cohesion, interconnectedness, and how all this relates to you and all life; changing your truth to that truth and giving you whatever related feelings and understandings you need to allow, accept, and embrace those truths (and anything else you personally need related to this)? If so, say “yes-truth” and open your heart to accept this love through all layers and levels and times and aspects of you.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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