Healer, Is It You?

As a person who is committed to helping others feel and BE better and to connect more fully to their own Divinity, it is easy to make assumptions. We see multiple clients and we tend to see people who present with one type of issue having similar beliefs to others who present with the same. And, that’s very helpful to us to recognize these trends.

However, to do the best for others, we need to not be the ones boxing people in and making those assumptions. If you find you are doing that, take note. You are not fully connecting to an energetic space where all is truth and all is known and anything is possible. You are not fully connecting with Source energy. And, you are not ASKING (or allowing for that to be presumed) for the core cause of the issue. What does that mean? It means you have allowed the ego to come into play. It is always best for the client if Source energy is the “go to”.

We have wonderful resources, both current and from years ago, that have identified these trends for us. But, they are only starting points. People present with issues for a variety of reasons. Some have no connection to the person at all, save their altruistic desire to help others. That would be like a person coming into this life to take on an issue so that others could see and know, through them, what they were not willing or able to see and know within themselves (think of some of the amazing child souls who take on a life-taking disease early on and show such incredible clarity and wisdom and heart as they go through it, to the end).

So to be incredibly clear, ask. Don’t presume. This is true even for yourself. You hide things from yourself. Yes you do. It may be scary or uncomfortable to see and know the truth but how wonderful will it be to completely resolve it? Use my ThetaHealing motto “Ask Creator”!!!

Are your clients better for a little while and then they revert? It may not be you. But, it might be if you are serving them through the ego and what you think is the issue is not based on what you receive from Source. Remember, though, it won’t necessarily be you! Ask. Just be aware. People have the free will to choose whether or not to allow in the energy of change and how much at any given time. Some people just want to be “fixed”. They don’t want to see or know about the core issue – especially if it was from a long time ago. And, energy can address that. But only if they are completely ready for a shift and allow in the completeness of Source energy. Just make sure it is not you that is keeping another from resolution.


It seems so simple. Ask. But, it is also easy to become complacent. Don’t let that be you. Be the pioneer, the trail blazer, for your client. Help them explore the highways and byways of who and what they are. Do it with joy. Do it with love. Do it from the most expanded version of love – Source. Do it always. And, in doing so, you serve all of us well.

Thank you.


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One Response to Healer, Is It You?

  1. Dawn Lindsey says:

    Perfection. Thank you, Linda!

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