Time for a Reboot!

Hi everyone! It’s system maintenance time! It’s time for a bio-system reboot!

Aging Infrastructure

I’ve talked about this before, but we can get so caught up in the shiny and new that we forget the basics. What I mean by this is that, as we change and as our vibration/frequency changes, what was serving us well before can become “out of date” and no longer fit where we are energetically. There’s nothing wrong with what we’ve been doing but, it’s like when a new version of a phone comes out that is way better than the last and offers a lot of new features.

We develop and/or set defaults that we just automatically revert to. It’s like when you always brush your teeth in the same way. It offers speed, consistency, and safety. However, there comes a time (well, we hope so anyway!) when those defaults and established patterns and brain pathways no longer serve us as well as they did and, in some cases, can even become a hindrance.

So, we can do a reboot! It’s like when you shut down your computer, leave it off for a while, and then turn it back on. And, it’s like when you defragment and when you run your anti-virus and malware programs deliberately. And, finally, it’s like when you look at the apps and programs you have and you see ones you aren’t using or are duplicates or that you don’t like and you delete them and purge them from your computer so they no longer take up space and use energy. Easy.

You don’t have to know what those programs and defaults are – specifically – to do a personal reboot. But, you do have to have an intention to reboot and you have to have the intention to allow non-serving or low serving patterns and defaults to be changed and new top-of-the-line bright and shiny and brilliant and vibrant ones to be put into place.

Our collective consciousness has really shifted and it continues to do so. As that happens, we – – as part of that – automatically shift as well. I’ll give you an example. I was at the store and wanted to purchase a bottle of wine. My friend said “Isn’t that the wine you like?” I looked at it and I liked the wine but the same company has another version with an almost identical label that shows it was aged in an oak barrel. It’s a lot better in my opinion. Since we didn’t see that version, I purchased the one they offered. So, it got to be time to open the wine. I got it and – to my delight and joy – it had changed into the version I like better! Oh happy day! Seriously? Seriously! Happy happy joy joy! That, my friends, is how fast what you desire can manifest these days (even faster than that too). It’s a wonderful version of life – like Life 2.0 or 200.0!

I can’t even tell you how powerful this can be. If you would like me to facilitate a reboot for you now, please go to my Facebook page (link below) and type “yes – reboot” or do the same below. The reboot will work to the extent that you allow it. Typing your intention begins the mental and emotional and spiritual shifts into releasing resistance to change and the new and the allowance of a more “re-connected” you to emerge. Are you ready? Enjoy!!!

Mahalo… Linda

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8 Responses to Time for a Reboot!

  1. DC Phifer says:

    Yes! REBOOT! My intention is to release the stuff that brings me into accidents. I had had two Post-Concussion Syndrome – Acquired Traumtic Brain Injury causing accidents within 16 months and the last was 13/20/12 and I am still not completely healed yet. I have to fight the doctors for every referral that I want. They see me still as an old lady that should be happy to sit and watch TV. Not me, my intention is not only your fully recover, but to have more than enough means to create a place of healing for our brain injured vets, he vets, vets in crisis, and so on and use the rescued draft horses (rescued from auctions that sell them for horsemeat) to be comfort horses to these vets. In my dreams, I have seen this work. I need to help me to heal so that I can help them help themselves heal and together help these abused abandoned rescue horses heal. I am ready, now my intention is so get the rest of me to get healed so that I can get back to work and make my dad’s dream and my expanded dreams a reality now. No time like the present. I am 66 and have a lot to get started. I am so ready… it us as if I have been preparing for this my whole life.

    Thank you for helping me to reboot. I need to clean out the etheral layers as well as the damage and trauma remaining in my Aura that still must be holding on to all of this stuff.

    Blessings and thanks. I am most grateful and appreciate this help and guidance.


  2. DC Phifer says:

    Yes! Reboot.

  3. Veronique says:

    Yes – reboot
    Thank you. I love reading your blog, I always end up feeling smarter 🙂 , refreshed and extended after reading you! You always seem to find the right angle for me to tackle issues. Currently I am working on releasing secrets, unconscious emotions, saviour encoding anything that robs me of my energy. Anything that makes me want to fix myself instead of just allowing me to expand and have fun and feel light.

    • Veronique, what a wonderful present for me today! Thank you so much! That makes me really happy! As for the things you’re working on, that is a lot at one time. 🙂 Perhaps choosing one as a focus might be useful. I’d explore where you feel it is your obligation to fix instead of expand (and you might explore if you feel obligated to fix others and/or situations). If you “fix”, whatever it is can “break” again, right? So instead, I would offer to really pay attention to the language you are using and perhaps choose a word like “resolve” or “change” or “create anew” instead of fix. Any of those words implies positive forward movement instead of the implication of something being broken. That will give you a hand up right from the start. Hope this helps and many thanks again. ❤

  4. Dawn Lindsey says:

    Yes reboot!!! 🙂


  5. Helene Brisebois says:

    yes – reboot
    Thank you for your posts, I most enjoy reading them.

  6. Diana says:

    Yes, reboot xx

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