Does the Energy Feel Chaotic Right Now?

We’re energetically being gently pushed off-balance so we can learn how to always find our center. When we are centered within our heart, we can always find our compass. When we can always find our compass, we relax into Source and know we’re a part of a team and don’t have to do it alone.

There is a lot of chaos right now where people feel they are having to choose – up/down, left/right, this/that – but, really, it’s about finding YOUR OWN truth and not just what’s offered to you. Those that aren’t willing to step into their own truth will continue to be engulfed in chaos. Those who are unsure or timid or hesitant are being gently jostled to find that center so they can continue on in joy and great opportunities for growth and sharing. For those who typically stand in their truth and are heart centered, they are being asked if they are willing to expand more. Doing so will greatly help those who are not yet ready.

So, if you’re feeling any of this, pause. Breathe. Take a moment to see where you fit out of these three “options”. Take steps (and/or continue) to be in joy and gratitude and to center in your heart here and now. Feel your way instead of think your way – because, that is how we are being encouraged to live. Ask to remember how. Ask to know what it feels like to live that way. Ask for your spiritual team to gently assist you. Allow the fear to surface and flow away on the “tide” of Spirit. See whatever would hold you to the fear auto-resolving and bringing you great joy. And, give thanks.

The service each of us has to offer is unique and valuable and special. Allow yourself to open to the best of that in every way. But… do it from the heart. Just allow your heart to open to the best of you. And allow the best of you to flow forth to others, honoring their choices. For so it is if you allow it to be…

Need some help with that today? Let this song help you get there…  Let it be your song for today.

Mahalo ya’ll… Linda

PS My new book will help you easily live in your center with joy. And, the method is free! You might like it! Hope so…

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