Simple vs. Simplistic

There is a difference between simple and simplistic. defines simple as “easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.” and simplistic as “oversimplified”. We all seem to want new and shiny and different and even complicated. We want something never presented before because we feel it will give us an advantage. And that feeling stems from the ego’s need to feel safe in an unsafe world and having enough where there is seemingly never enough. It comes from being taught that you have to work hard for success and good abundance – in fact, the more struggle the better. It’s supposed to make you appreciate it all the more and to cause others to appreciate you and your talents more.

To see an example, take my book Reconnecting to Wonder and Awe – A Spiritual Playbook for Bringing the Wisdom and Energy of the Soul into the Everyday to Create Your Best Life. There is nothing new about mindfulness, love of self, kindness, gratitude, and joy. They seem as simplistic elements for understanding the Divine and accessing the power therein, right? Yet, when you put them together in a package of self-empowerment, they rocket your understanding and connection to your soul energy. Nothing fancy. Just an easy to understand and use strategy to get you where you want to be that doesn’t cost a thing.

Simple and easy does not mean lacking value. Simple and easy does not mean it’s not as good as something more complicated. It just shows us how far we have strayed from being in touch with all the fabulously abundant miracles surrounding us every moment. We want flashing neon lights and loud music and glitter galore. We want what no one else has. And we want it immediately. Yet, the neon dims, the music gets tiresome, and the glitter that goes up comes down. But the everyday miracles and your capacity for joy and engaging experiences never lessens. It’s only your choices that impact the flow of the Divine into the now.

So, don’t discount simple and easy and fun. You have the choice to flourish and create your every desire in that way. Or, you can continue to use the same methods that have been used forever – struggle, drama, and having to climb that steep ladder to success. You may get to where you want to be, or you may not. But, at what cost do you find out?

Just something to consider as you make your choices… I’ve made mine. I choose fun. I choose easy. I choose joy. I choose wonder. I choose awe. And, I choose me! I’d love your company! Just saying… (though glitter can be fun if someone else cleans it up!)


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