My name is Linda Grimm and I’m a Certified ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing® Teacher.

ThetaHealing® is such an amazing technique for self-discovery, healing, and re-directing your life towards what you’ve always wanted and what you deserve.  I enjoy learning about many types of spiritual and healing practices, but I find that ThetaHealing® is the most effective for permanent change.

ThetaHealing® allows you to find the beliefs that keep you from healing, that keep you from having exactly what you want in life – and then change them.  I find it to be fast, effective, and joyful.  I also am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Arcing Radial Light Practitioner/Teacher. I am trained in spiritual counseling and facilitation and work with clients to achieve spiritual integration in the highest and best way for each person – custom designing the pathway to understanding and truth and connection.

I hope you find this blog useful.  For more information about me and the ThetaHealing® services I offer, please visit my website Theta Healing Connect.

In light, love, and gratitude,


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