When You Get Sick

January 28, 2019

When things aren’t going your way, it’s very important to keep your emotions as close to joy as you can. I know! It’s not particularly easy, is it? In fact, some of you would say that’s ridiculous and impossible. If you feel that way, I hope you will at least give it some thought.

Your emotional state is a key factor in what happens within your body. There are a lot of automatic processes and transmissions that go on all the time. And, your emotions impact them. Stress and anger and hate and fear do not have a positive impact. But, love and joy and gratitude do.

So, imagine you received a diagnosis of cancer. After the shock and disbelief, you might be filled with fear and worry and distress. If the diagnosis is correct, imagine the negative impact those intense emotions are having within you. Add to that the beliefs that most people have that some things are incurable and/or that to survive some things is going to be very hard and take a long time. We tend to automatically project onto the situation what we believe will happen.

But, what if we/you didn’t do that? What if, instead, you allowed for the possibility that miracles can happen and they can happen to you? What if you asked yourself and the Universe what this issue is attempting to show you? What if you believed that you’d get that answer? What if you were able to discover the core issue that was the origin of the issue and instantly resolve it? What if then the presenting issue is no longer needed to alert you and it could instantly resolve and disappear?

All that probably sounds crazy to some of you. That’s ok. But what if you allowed the possibility of all that to exist for you? One way to do that is to stay as positive as you possibly can. Let your inner sun shine. Be happy. Do fun things. What makes your heart soar? Do that.


In some instances, doing fun things may not be possible due to the diagnosis. But, do the best you can to stay positive. It helps keep things balanced and in sync within your body which helps you to feel better in all ways and it helps you to be better positioned to understand what is being brought to your attention by the malady. When you know that, you can figure out when was the very first time you experienced the same thing and/or the same feeling? What was going on in your life? What unresolved feelings do you have about it? With that understanding, you can choose to not continue to carry the fear or anger or hurt or whatever it is. You have the power to do that if you will.

For some of you, this will seem too woo woo, too crazy to even acknowledge. But, sometimes, just the exposure to a new idea, a new perspective, is enough to help things begin to shift. If this resonates with you, make it your choice and your plan to be as positive and happy as you can be every single moment of every single day. And, faking it until you make it is acceptable! Just don’t allow yourself to self-talk that you are a fake. Instead, look at it as practice. You have to start somewhere to move. So, if you are choosing to move into a more joyful and exciting and healthy and vibrant way of living, begin. Smile even if you don’t feel like it and say to yourself “I’m taking a first step.” and keep going. Then think of something that always makes you smile automatically. Puppies and kittens are good! And allow the smile to sneak in. Get outside. Nature is a fabulous equalizer. Nature embraces you with happy. Allow it in.

A diagnosis doesn’t have to be either a death sentence or a slow decline into nothing. It can mean an opportunity to change in a positive way. Perhaps you can’t manage all this the first time you receive a diagnosis that you don’t want. Could you manage part of it? And what if the seed has been planted? What if it slowly continues to grow? What if you begin to respond and change into a person who does believe in miracles and miracles for you? To me, miracles are merely you stepping fully back into your Divine connection and the most expanded version of you and allowing that vibration into the here and now. You deserve it. You’re worth it. Will you accept it?

If you only realized how much you are loved, things would shift for you. If you don’t feel loved or lovable, think again. No matter what has happened, no matter who was involved, no matter what you believe, the truth is that you are very loved. Allow it in. Joy is a pathway. Choose joy. And gratitude and love.

Sending you lots of love and joyful sparkly energy. Say yes if you’d like to receive it and if you’d like assistance allowing it in.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)…Linda

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Are You A Chain Smoker?

December 11, 2018

Yes I AM talking to you! You may be thinking that you’ve never smoked in your life. But, I bet you have! I bet you’ve allowed an irritation to cause you to fume and smoke. And, I’d bet that you don’t always just let it go. So you smoke those feelings over and over. Am I right?


What’s the end result when you do that? Well, with each thought you have, your body generates a bio-chemical response. If it’s a negative thought, it may generate the flight or fight response chemicals. Since your body sees this level of preparedness to be critical to your well-being, it is given priority and lots of the “messengers” are sent to every part, every cell, of your body. That needs to happen so when the choice is made, you are immediately ready to act.

However, when lots of messengers are sent out over time, they tend to “back up” at certain key points in your body. When that happens, things get “stuck” and the flow of your own most expanded frequencies are negatively impacted. In other words, the flight or fight energy is given priority and there is so much of it that it causes a “traffic jam” within your body and that slows down the normal flow and rhythm of you.

That’s when health issues begin to show up. Why? Because your body isn’t getting the level of high frequency energy it needs to remain healthy. Yet, you are such an amazing creation that your body gives you “hints” of where to look for the back ups and where you might find the information about the root cause of the flight or fight energy generation. So, if you get a knee injury, you might want to look at whether what is happening in your life is causing you to not want to or not feel that you are able to move forward. An ear infection might be due to not wanting to hear something. The possibilities are varied and abundant depending on you and on your connection with your body and on your choices related to your life and how you choose to react to life events. Since there are many variations, use what I’m sharing here as general information and, perhaps, a place to begin.

However, if you will quit chain-smoking, you will remedy a lot of ills by default. Just do it. Become aware of your thoughts. Be aware of your moment to moment choices. Choose love and other expanded energies as ways to respond to things happening in your life. At first, this might seem challenging. We tend to want immediate equity and justice when we feel wronged or slighted or not valued or respected. To “turn the other cheek” feels like you are doing yourself a dis-service. You are letting the offender off the hook. They are getting away free! But, is that the most expanded view? I would offer that energy balances itself. It may not do it in the time frame you desire and/or expect, but it does balance. Yet, we want it now and we want to see it and feel it and know it to be true…NOW. We all go through this.

But, if you will monitor your thoughts and choose love or as close to it as you can manage in any situation… guess what?! You will begin to attract that level of energy and responses and offerings of others. Then, those irritants that you choose not to release, and chain smoke over time, cease to show up for you. They just don’t happen. And, it becomes easier and easier to be happy and to expect happiness and that others will treat you fairly and with respect. It shows up for you in a new way – a way you created by choosing love and choosing to not chain smoke the irritants of life.

Are you in? I recommend quitting cold turkey. Just do it. Decide right now that you deserve love and respect and since you can attract it purposely, you’re going to put that process in action. Give it a bit of time to sort out for you unless you can consistently choose love and you expect this to be true and real and possible for you now. The extent to which you choose and believe as such, is in direct proportion to how quickly your life will change for the better.

So spend your chain-smoking currency on something you like to do…something that brings you joy. It’s free! But extraordinarily valuable… For real.

Much love, Mahalo

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