Am I Making a Difference?!

February 22, 2018

Sometimes, I look at what people have to say spiritually and it feels like everyone is saying the same thing. Things that have been presented for years and years are being adorned with various shades of lipstick and put out as something new. And, that’s OK. People relate to some people better than others. Sometimes just a tweak of an explanation makes all the difference in understanding. So, I understand it. But, sometimes I get weary.

That’s when friends come to the rescue which is what happened to me last night. I was helped to remember that I often say that you may never know how one simple act of kindness reverberates. You may never see or know of the end result of something you say or do.



I looked around. I have seen shifts and changes in my life that I never ever thought I would see – an entire laundry list of them! And, they keep coming! Monumental changes…life-changing shifts in thinking and cultural expectations and mores. I marvel at it all. Yet, I was reminded that each of us is a participant in all this.

Take the Berlin Wall as an example… it wasn’t every single person’s personal tangible involvement in it coming down. It was a shift in what was acceptable. It was a shift in what was considered morally right. It was a shift in how those in power were able to negotiate long-standing hurts and pains and angers. Those perceptions and shifts were able to occur because the collective energy was changed person by person.

We all contribute to collective consciousness moment-by-moment. The more we choose love, the more we choose joy, the more we choose kindness and compassion, the more positive impact we have on collective consciousness – even if our thoughts and choices seem to have nothing to do with the bigger issues at hand. You matter. Your choices matter. So, when we share what we know and what we believe and it helps someone – anyone – move to a better place in thinking and/or action, we are contributing to positive change. Yet, how would we even know the impact we are making? Some would see it, but many would not.

My friend brought me back to basics. Does it really matter if I see entire path if the destination presents itself? I see it like flying in a plane. You get on and you expect to get to a destination. But, you don’t see the entire landscape below you as you fly. You may look out the window and see some of the way but, even then, you are probably only seeing a part of that piece of the whole. Then, the plane lands. You are at your destination where a new adventure awaits. And, it was a group effort in many ways. The ticket agents, the baggage handlers, the flight crew, and even the other passengers…all contributed to your ability to get to where you wanted to go. Simplistic I know. But, it clearly represents this concept of knowing what you want (to help others), doing your part (whatever that may be and in whatever capacity works for you), and trusting (with joy and gratitude) that you made a difference and, a significant one that couldn’t have been the same without your part of the whole.

A second part of this story is the part of the “missing post”. Instead of composing my post on my laptop, I did it within Facebook and it disappeared when I added a video. That post was about looking at the “pace of time” these days – where the day is gone before you even feel you’ve said “hello” – and feeling that you haven’t done enough. It was about taking those times to remind you that even a small act of kindness to another can shift that feeling into joy. It was also about remembering to choose to do acts of kindness and compassion because of how you perceive it will help the other person and not for you to feel better – even though that is almost always the end result!

I have a neighbor who is caring for her husband who has Alzheimer’s. She is doing it by herself. She rarely accepts assistance. But, I was making spaghetti and I decided that it would be a lovely surprise and potential respite for her if I made a big pot and shared it with her. She was thrilled. She said she was able to get multiple meals from it with very little effort and it meant so much to her. It gave her some respite on her terms. That made me happy. I love to cook. I love to share what I cook. It made me feel that I made a difference in their lives for that time on that day. That’s not a huge thing from my perspective, but from my neighbor’s perspective, it was huge. A small act of kindness where everyone wins…

A friend of mine responded to the call for blood after the recent Florida shooting. She would never know the end result of that response other than a person in need might be helped. Again, a “small” gesture with potentially huge implications. If it had all worked out (there was a scheduling issue), the person helped could have gone on to find a cure for cancer or develop new technology to help the disabled. Maybe the person would be a nurse or a person who transports food to your grocery store or…or…or… The point is that every person matters. You just don’t know what any given person is capable of or will choose to do and/or accomplish. So, any and every act of kindness and compassion – no matter the seeming size or impact – is important to us all. Now that is really important wouldn’t you say?!

I encourage you to not get discouraged. I encourage you to look at your life as a moment-by-moment opportunity to choose love – to choose joy and kindness and compassion. I encourage you to find things to share that bring you satisfaction and happiness instead of ones that feel like work or feel unfair or feel like it just doesn’t matter. I encourage you to look at yourself and give yourself a “high five” and a “thumbs up”. You are right where you need to be. If you’re not feeling it, how can you change that so it feels that way? You have the power. You hold the love. You have the choice.

Many thanks to my beautiful sister/friend/mentor/teacher/angel. You shifted me out of feeling discouragement and lack of enthusiasm and back into the energy that I truly believe – we are all in this together; each of us is needed to complete this beautiful picture of life; and it’s all OK…in fact, it’s awesome!

Now, look around and find an act of kindness you can do. Share if you’d like. We all learn from each other. We are all teachers and we are all students. When we work together in love, we rock the world! Mahalo…

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Your New Jet!

January 24, 2018

psychedelic-rocket-launch-wallpaper (2)

What if you woke up one morning and you found a jet airplane in your driveway instead of your car? Your first reaction might be to do a happy dance! But, on more reflective thought, you then would have to either know how to fly the jet, learn how to fly the jet, or find alternate transportation. Depending on where you fit, you might find yourself grumbling about your situation and/or ignoring the “jet in the room”. As your discontent grows, you find more and more ways to avoid even looking at it or acknowledging it as even being there.

What if that is an analogy for what is happening to many people currently exploring their spiritual nature? What if, through your efforts and the combined efforts of all, jet availability was a reality? At first, that would be awesome, right? But, if you didn’t know how to fly it, you might get in the cockpit and literally freak. Or, you might just look at the size and potential speed of it and decide you weren’t up to the task of the learning what you perceive you would need to operate it. Some might even pull out the second car or a moped to go about their business as if nothing had changed.

Well, that is like what is happening now. Many are being energetically offered the opportunity to change things up in a big and fun and fast way. And, on a subconscious level, it is freaky! All the fears that say “I can’t. I’m not ready. I’m not worthy. I’m clueless.” immediately surface and you back away. This equates to feeling like you are no longer connected to Source as you used to be. You no longer feel like things are falling into place. You feel disconnected and not quite “all there”. You aren’t sure whether to trust your spiritual gifts. You feel like you may have let the genie out of the lamp and he/she has gone wild. You back away. You retreat. And you are left with the feeling of “what happened?!”. Everything was going along just fine and then “wham!”.

You are being shown that, with:

  • re-alignment with Source,
  • trust,
  • and the desire to live in joy and good abundance and peace all infused within love

you can fly. You can soar. You can dream. You can make it happen. You are also being shown that the current highway system will no longer be maintained. It is available for use until it isn’t. You can choose either way to navigate.

Some of you will rightly say that you don’t have the experience. Well, who does? Source does. And, you are part of and you ARE the Divine Energy of Creation, as I like to call it. Trust. It’s about using your mind but in connection with your heart. It’s about letting your heart lead the way. Your mind is incredible. You heart even more so. The two working together are a dynamic duo!

How do you do that? Ask yourself in every instance “Is this based in love? Will this bring me joy? Does this ring of truth?” and base your decision on your answers. Go with love. Go with joy. Go with truth (if unsure, check in with your feelings – how does your projected decision make you feel right now?).

You are ready to fly baby! You have been given the keys! Are you ready to start the engine and fly?! What’s the worst that could happen? You could crash and burn? Don’t you kinda feel like that already? Don’t you feel like things aren’t as they should and could be? Aren’t you ready for a soaring change? Your choice. Just know that the infrastructure that you have known is being phased out. The more quickly you embrace change and learn to use it instead of being used by it, the more quickly you will be happy dancing and shouting WOOHOO from the sky! Are you in?

Thank you Divine Energy of Creation/Creator/Source/God for this wonderful opportunity to soar, to fly, to know, to experience, to BE. (Wow, just writing that beings tears to my eyes. I hope you’re feeling it too.)

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

PS Thanks to 4KWallpaper for the pic.

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