Creating, Perspective, and Divine Timing

June 13, 2018

Hello dear friends. How has everyone been? Things are moving along quite actively these days. I hope that you have mastered getting your thoughts under control so random ones aren’t interfering with your creations. That can be quite disappointing. It’s more important than ever because the time between the desire and the manifestation is either instantaneous or very short – usually! (note: that includes creating health and well-being!)

And that brings up another point to remember… Divine Timing. For a long time I had a “negative” bias against Divine Timing (I know. Crazy, right?). I had this sense that it limited the manifestation of my creations. If I am a Creator/co-Creator, then I should have full “control”. However, the caveat here is that most creations involve others, even if tangentially. Therefore, your manifestation is coordinated from the beginning of everyone and everything involved. That can be a lot of coordination! And, sometimes, what you desire will be better heard, better recognized, better accepted, better anything if it happens when other things are in play – and that is what Divine Timing is all about. So, if your creation doesn’t manifest right away, check to see if Divine Timing is a factor. I believe you can change Divine Timing. But, delve carefully because you may not know all the factors and implications to achieve the very best (which is presumable what you want).

Perspective is also another key point to consider these days. Perspective always makes me smile because I remember the parable that, summarized, says that if you take a number of blind folks and position them around an elephant (each with no prior knowledge of elephants) and ask each to describe it, imagine what you would hear! Perspective. If you are contemplating adjustments to Divine Timing, explore all perspectives first (note: and do you know you have covered them all?). A key tenet is “do no harm”. Be aware that, inadvertently, you may cause harm if everything isn’t considered and if you don’t get “confirmation” first. Just saying…

So, if you are discouraged about your creations not showing up and/or not showing up in a timely manner, there are some steps you can take. Ask: “Am I allowing my creation now?” If the answer is no, explore why that is the case. Ask: “Is my creation aligned with my Divine Timing?” If the answer is no, explore the time frame within which it would be aligned and any other reasons it might not be aligned. Don’t ask “Am I doing this right?” because, from Source perspective, there is no wrong. But, if you are concerned about your understanding of creating what you desire, you might ask “Am I creating from love? Am I creating in the way that is best for me at this time? Am I fully and consciously connected to the Divine Energy of Creation/Creator/God/Source/etc. when I send my desire forward? (note: for some of you, there is no need to “send your desire forward” because your intention and expectation is that it automatically happens BECAUSE you desire it; but that is a function of what beliefs you hold about it)”. Explore any no responses to find out what is at the core of the issue.


It’s very exciting to know that you have the capability to, the right to, and you deserve to be able to create your reality consciously and quickly. So, if things aren’t happening as you believe they should, check into it a bit. It may just be that a little patience puts everything exactly perfectly positioned to provide you with the best experience. Or, you may find a touch of belief work will do the trick. The big take-away is to not give up or become discouraged. Remember who you are and where you came from and what you are capable of as such. Tapping into and allowing your own Divinity begins the process. Being in each moment and being aware brings that energy into focus. Focusing that energy manifests what you create. Are you ready for it???!!! I bet you are! Because, you rock! You are amazing. You are unique. And you are simply and Divinely you. Believe in you. I do!

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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Is Wonky in Your Life?

May 5, 2018

When I took my first ThetaHealing® class, we were alerted to the fact that as we went home our energies might be of a much higher vibration than usual and that it could cause havoc with things that are electrical and mechanical. Well… as I was driving home, my vehicle stalled in a busy intersection. Instead of panic or beginning the long list of things to do to try to not get hit by another vehicle, I just paused and used my new Theta training to harmonize and balance my vehicle with my energy. Voila! It worked! Instantly! When I got home, I had to do the same with multiple appliances.

Well, guess what… over the last few days, almost every device I have has been acting up. I harmonize and balance and it clears up and then it does it again. For instance, my phone tells me I’m not connected to the Internet, yet in settings it says all is just fine. But, no Internet service happens. I have an automatic harmonization and balance in place for when my energy shifts in vibration. But, this was overriding or bypassing that. So, I “re-booted” my automatic setting and things have settled down.

What this tells me is that my energy is automatically having huge shifts. And, that’s wonderful. Yet, it’s something that is good to be aware of. As those big shifts happen, other things respond. It is also good to look at what in the here and now showed up to alert me.

Take, for example, the lack of Internet service. So, the phone settings think service is up and running but the actual result is nothing. The cable TV channel lineup was also crazy. It said it was unavailable. So, you couldn’t see ahead of time what was going to be on a channel. As I look at all this, I was in need of an entire re-boot in my thinking to align with my new frequency. I was thinking that everything was set to send and receive and I could know in advance how things would play out. But, that no longer was working even though I hadn’t noticed. Now, all that has been addressed and things are flowing nicely. So nicely that I want to offer you something to ponder…

What if, for every moment in your life, there are infinite options actually playing out simultaneously. And, what if, as your vibration and frequency change, your focus can shift from one (the here and now you are focused on) to another that has a more desired outcome. Interesting, right? Especially if it happens automatically…

All that may be true. Or, it could just be that creation and manifestation is just happening instantaneously without conscious effort or thought. Your soul knows what you want without you having to think it. What if you become so connected that shifts occur automatically to address your desires… It becomes even more critical to notice your thoughts and to know your beliefs!

One of my favorite examples happened just a few days ago. I was trying on clothes. I had on a pair of stud earrings with a small back. As I took a shirt off over my head, one of my earrings went flying and landed on the floor – without the back. I searched and searched as did someone else. Nothing. I wear this pair of studs more than any other. I had resigned myself to having to “borrow” a back from another pair. It wasn’t a bad feeling… just a “that’s how it is” feeling. So, I wanted to wear the pair again and pulled them out. OMG and YEA! Both studs had their backs.

Now, you might think that I found the back and just forgot I put it on the earring. But, there was another person involved. It didn’t happen. I either spontaneously created and manifested the back or I shifted into another “option” for that event that resulted in the earring being intact. Either way, I’m a happy camper. Which do you think it was?


This has been happening for quite a while but it is a regular occurrence now. Yet, I still get just as excited as the first time! And, I believe that helps keep the magic coming.

So, think about your own experiences right now. If these automatic energy updates are happening to me, they are happening to you. Are you allowing them? Have you noticed them? Are you keeping your energy harmonized and balanced as things shift? If not, wonky things may be showing up. It’s an easy change when you know what is happening.

What a magical time! Well, actually, it’s really only an indication of a more open flow of energy to the Divine that is you. But, I’m going to call it magical because I can and I desire to. I know it just is and, in the space of the Divine Energy of Creation, it’s no biggie. But, here and now (in whatever option), it’s fun! And fun brings joy. And joy brings an even more open conduit of connection. So bring on the magic! Let’s have more fun! Are you with me?!

We are one beautiful loving energy, focused as individual expressions. You are me and I am you. We share this life. We share it all. Let’s make the most of it and enjoy it. Let’s create as much joy as we possibly can. And, let’s acknowledge that as we do, we are helping others do the same. For so it is if we create and allow it to be.

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)

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