A Doggone Funny Tale

March 20, 2014

Subtitle:  Who Let The Dogs In – Theta Style

I had scheduled two separate sessions for two furry family members of the same household.  One is an older dog and one is a newcomer to the family.  I love doing pet sessions because the energy is so delightful.


About mid-afternoon, the older dog – who I will call Max – and I met energetically.  We did what we needed to do related to his physical needs and at the end of the session, I disconnected from his energy.  About two hours later, I began the session with the puppy – who I will call Bo – to address his past trauma as a rescue pup.

Bo and I had a spectacular session.  He was so grateful to have been rescued and he was SO very happy.  I would call the energy of the session “bouncy joyful” – so much joy he could hardly contain himself.  One thing I noted was that I received several messages about Max during the session and how Max was feeling about the new puppy.  I didn’t think much of it other than messages from Creator to relay to my client.  Bo and I finished our time, though I could have stayed with him much longer!  Our energies disconnected at the end of our time together.

Everything was good but I noticed my dog acting like she characteristically does when we have “visitors”.  She has a “set” of behaviors that she exhibits and it is crystal clear.  I didn’t think much about that either because the energy felt just fine, but since my dog was concerned, I asked what was going on.  It was especially interesting given how my “invitation” to “visitors” is set (a topic for another time).

Evidently, Max had decided to “piggyback” energetically when Bo and I had our session.  That’s why I was receiving all the messages about how he felt about Bo!  It’s one of those things that when you look back at it you go “Of course!”.  And, since Max had incredible energy as did Bo, the energy didn’t feel disruptive.  In fact, part of what I was guided to do was to clear anything between the two and to harmonize and balance their energies.  Of course!  When I realized what was happening, I disconnected from Max (his energy had stayed when I disconnected from Bo) and lovingly sent him home.

I’ve had piggybacking occur before related to beliefs from other timelines and beliefs of ancestors coming in as timelines merged – coming in undetected on that energy.  I became aware of it when I began having basic beliefs that we clear early on in Theta popping up.  Of course I noticed then!  Yet, I was confident that the beliefs had been successfully cleared and resolved earlier and that had been done at the most deep level.  So, what do you do?  You “Ask Creator!”!!!  And, hence, the mystery solved.

So, what now?  I asked if it was in my highest and best to keep this type of piggybacking from happening again.  For me it was – and so it is.  It might be worthwhile to ask this same question for yourself and then go with what you get.  (Also, remember that this can happen with people too – especially children of parents you are working with.) The other blessing (other than knowing about it) is that I am set to release and clear the trauma of three older rescue cats who were lovingly adopted into one family (bless them!).  I am seeing how doing one session for all three will have benefits that I don’t even know about yet.  Is this right for them?  Yes I get from Creator so “Woohoo!” this is going to be interesting!  We are shifting and remembering our power so quickly now that anything is possible and lots of fun is in store!  Are you with me?

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Namaste ya’ll… Linda

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Does Your Internal Infrastructure Need a Change?

January 17, 2014

With joy and excitement, I am noticing that more and more people are utilizing techniques to raise their vibration.  Doing so allows for more of a person’s Divine source energy to flow through the energy channels of the body.  However, so many people are putting focus on their spiritual growth that coupled with the very powerful energies available to those who have raised their vibration, it is time for an internal infrastructure change – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It’s like your home plumbing that is twenty years old and beginning to leak; like roads that crack over time with heavy loads; like an electrical grid that can no longer deal with spikes in requests for electricity; like long-term relationships that no longer bring you joy; like spiritual understandings that cause you to shift your structural beliefs about how the world works.  We have an internal infrastructure too.  And, for many, it is time for a change.

Aging InfrastructureAt first, we might tend to think that we should re-vamp and re-vitalize what has worked for lifetimes and lifetimes.  Doing that would help.  But, perhaps there is a better solution for those who choose to soar, to dream big, create their reality, and connect to the highest aspect of their own Divinity in full effect here and now.

What if you knew you were safe no matter what…yes, right here and now, not just in the eternal.  What if you knew that you were completely and absolutely worthy to be safe and to create your reality and that you knew how.  What if you knew – totally and completely – that you could release all types and manner of separation from others without losing yourself and while staying safe.  What if you knew that instead of boundaries, you could enhance your energy field and raise your vibration at will and accomplish the same thing.  If you knew these things, would you choose them as your default?  If you knew these things, can’t you imagine how peaceful but awesomely rich and amazing your life could and would be? Can you imagine the possibilities?

Many spiritually oriented people are having bits of trauma, drama, and/or dis-ease show up (even with purposeful intention and energetic pre-sets for none of it unless it is for the highest and best) to alert them to the internal infrastructure that no longer serves in the highest and best way.  We are allowing for such capacity of our Divinity, we are coming into such a remembrance of who and what we truly are, that our energetic pipes are not capable of handling it without a change.  But, that’s a good thing actually.  It means growth and progress and forward movement towards our full capacity as a Divine BEing in a human body.  And, as such, we can choose to either repair the infrastructure, enhance it, or release it all towards a new way of connecting to and receiving our Divine source energy in ever-increasing capacity.

The mind, perhaps for many, may balk at releasing all separation and all boundaries.  “OH NO how will I be safe!”  We’ve been taught for so long, as we have explored our energetic nature, that boundaries are a necessity.  We have experienced the effect of not having boundaries as our Light has brightened and thus has attracted those who feel the desire to feed off the Light of others.  Yet, as we expand our understanding and truth to a higher more in-depth perspective, we come to understand that our Light is all-powerful.  Our Light is our conscious understanding of our connection to the Divine, to God, to the Creator of All There Is, to the Universal Energy that flows through all life, to ourselves as a partner in that.  As such, shouldn’t it be capable of handling energies of lesser vibration?  Putting up a barrier, a boundary, a separation between you and any other energy doesn’t feel like moving into Oneness to me.  However, raising our own vibration and hence brightening our own inner Light does.  We are energetic BEings.  We vibrate.  We have Light – literally – within each and every cell of our body.  This Light has been scientifically shown to diminish when we are sick or when we are set to leave this existence.  Light of a lesser vibration than yours must either raise to meet yours (transform), or leave.

But why, you say, have we ever needed protection then?  Because we didn’t remember this and didn’t believe it so we didn’t allow it to function as intended.  We allowed energy of less vibration than ours to take our energy either consciously or subconsciously. So, “protection” was a good thing and may still be for many.  However, for those ready to jump into a higher vibrational frequency of living and BEing, training your brain to remember to brighten the Light that is you so that your own Divinity and power allow you to remember that safety is an egoic concept and that you as the Divine can have that concept in effect here and now at whim, is the way things are moving.  (Note: Words are becoming more and more limiting for expressing understandings!)  You may say “Oh, I’m not close to that yet!”.  Well, maybe you are.  Have you tried it?

The next time you have a situation that you view as less than optimal, try turning up your own inner Divinity (your own Light) from the inside out.  Begin in your heart.  And expand, expand, expand to encompass the entire situation and all those involved (remember, they have free will to accept or decline it and you are “only” sending the energy of love which is the highest vibration and expression of the Divine).  Don’t attach outcome expectations.  Just trust that the highest and best will unfold for you.  Then forget about it and trust that the highest and best is on its way.  Until you feel confident, you may want to do this regularly but forget about it in-between.  As you have success with this, you will begin to trust it more and more and eventually you will begin to live within a higher frequency vibration.  When that happens, you will cease to attract those learning opportunities to you and your life will become more joyful.  (Both ThetaHealing® and Trinity Energy Progression offer versions of this type of energetic resolution.  I offer both as part of my practice.)

So back to the internal infrastructure…

Old Leaking Pipe

Would you like the highest truth for you right now from the Creator of All There Is about being safe in this world right here and now, not just in the eternal; that you are completely and absolutely worthy to be safe and to create your reality and that you knew how and what it feels like here and now; truth on knowing – totally and completely – that you can release all types and manner of separation from others without losing yourself and while staying safe; on releasing boundaries and, instead, enhance your energy field and raise your vibration at will and accomplish the same thing along with how to do that and when to and what it feels like; on energetic separation and boundaries and how they impact our forward expansion and growth toward the return to Oneness; on the possibilities for you of releasing them while being perfectly safe; on your “internal infrastructure” – what it is, how it has served, truth on it being time for a change; healing and creating from the heart; changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have and believe and act from that truth; what it feels like; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to do so; that it is safe for you to; all for your highest and best, with grace and ease; without trauma, drama, and/or illness and/or dis-ease; for all times, versions, locations, expressions of you and you twin if you have one; and anything else Creator/your soul/your higher self would like for you to have/know to understand and process and trust all this?

If so, say “yes – infrastructure” and allow the truth of the Divine – your highest inner truth – to flow to and through you infusing every cell, filling the space in-between, and teaching all parts of you how to exist in the coming days, weeks, years, expanding your understanding of your capacity to limitlessness.

Now are you ready and willing to change your internal infrastructure in the highest and best way for it to serve you right here and now in this 3D reality?  If so, say “yes – change” and allow your Divine nature, the Creator of All There Is to change that for you with grace and ease.  If you would like it to automatically shift for you as you shift and change, say “yes – shift”.

This could be seen as a big step but, if you are ready, you’ll know.  Work on your beliefs around it being possible for you to live in this way, allowing the full flow of your Divinity into the here and now and being able to still manage every day tasks successfully and efficiently.  We have been conditioned to believe that we have to meditate 24/7 on a mountain top to be able to even dream of accomplishing this.  But, things change.  Understandings change.  Life changes.  And so can your trust and faith in what is possible for you here and now.  Are you ready?  Let’s fly!

Namaste.  From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours, we are One (already!)…  Linda


PS Many thanks to the artist of this picture.  It is beautiful!

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