The Big “R” Word

August 12, 2017

We have a lot of words that have dual meanings. Take, for instance, the word “Aloha”. It can mean “hello”, “goodbye”, and even other things. But, there is one word that may cause your internal belief regulator to go crazy. That word is “Responsible”. The big “R” word.


If I said “Wow, that’s really taking responsibility.” or “You took responsibility like a grown up.” we would all agree that the word had a positive meaning. But what if I said “ OMG you’re responsible for that!” can’t you feel your heart sink? Being responsible can mean you’ve done a really good thing by stepping up and owning your actions and the consequences. Or, it could mean you’ve really caused an issue and it is being judged harshly by others and they want you to own your actions and the consequences, where it appears you have not.

So, why is this a problem? In the big sense, it isn’t at all. However, depending on which version of the meaning of the word you give priority and preference, it can cause you a lot of confusion as you come to know that you create your life; you choose in every moment; and those choices are your responsibility. Those choices also impact all life in some capacity.

What if you, due to your prior experiences, give priority to the negative meaning of the word responsible. When you then come to know and then believe that you are responsible for every choice you make and all the consequences of that, it can feel like a terrible burden. Instead of being a joyful step in consciously creating your life, it can instead make you dread making a choice.

How many times have you been criticized for your choices? How many times have you been judged for a choice that you felt was appropriate and right for you but others didn’t think so? How many times have you been told “you are responsible for this!” and felt awful because the understanding was that you did something wrong? Can you imagine how that one word might cause a chain reaction of “fight or flight” responses within you? Can you imagine how, subconsciously, you may hold yourself back from truly embracing your Divine nature and your Divine ability to consciously create for fear of the consequences?

And what if, as you expanded spiritually and came to believe that you are part of all life, you also understood on some level of you that your choices then, impacted everything and all things. Are you willing to risk making a choice that might negatively impact another even if you didn’t do that consciously? That is a huge burden to shoulder. That’s especially so if you just want to choose for you and not have to be concerned with everyone else.

Even though this is all from the mind and not the heart, it can still have serious consequences for you until it all gets sorted out per your beliefs and the associated feelings. Why would you set yourself up to be judged by others and why would you risk choosing consciously if you felt that you might be responsible for the impact on everyone else as well as yourself? Fortunately, all this inner angst isn’t likely to come up until you are progressing nicely on your spiritual path and, by that time, once you recognize what is happening, you can change it easily.

When you free yourself from the burden of responsibility and, instead, embrace the joy of the gift of responsibility for all that you experience, your life will feel so much easier. Yes, the dual meaning of the word responsible will still exist and will still be used. But, you will no longer be tied to one negative version of the word and you can choose which version to accept in any given moment instead of having a negative version chosen by default. You can still overcome the default, but wouldn’t it be so much easier to have your default be the joyful version? Wouldn’t it be so nice to not subconsciously feel the weight and burden of feeling “responsible” for everything (since you create all you experience, both individually and collectively) and, hence (since you are tied to the negative version), feeling awful about anything that is perceived as negative in your own life and in the world? Imagine all that playing out internally and subconsciously. Imagine the conflict. Imagine how you might limit yourself to limit your “liability”. Whew!

Would you like the highest truth on this for you, changing your truth to that truth? Would you like to be freed in all times, versions, aspects, layers and levels of you from the tie to any perceived negative version of the word and concept of “responsible” (in all its forms) and have your default on that be the positive version, knowing that you can choose to experience the negative version at any time? Would you like to know what it feels like to be free of the weight and burden of “negative” responsibility and to truly be free? Would you like to understand the gift of responsibility and how to use it in the highest and best way?

If so, say “yes – responsible” and allow the Divine Energy of Creation to teach you and show you and fill your heart with the joy of it and the gift of it and the richness of it. Allow yourself to accept a more expanded version of life and what it means to consciously create your life in each moment. For so it is if you allow it to be.

And to go one step further, would you like the same for all the perceived negative understandings of all words? If so say “yes – let’s do it” and allow all the burdens and weights and limitations attached to all that to detach and clear and dissolve and allow the truth and understanding of the joy that will now be allowed to surface more fully to come to you in full measure. Allow the gift of life and the gift of being the Divine focused in the here and now and the gift of creating and co-creating moment-to-moment in the now flow to and through you in such great abundance that it also flows from you to others. For so it is if you allow it to be.

If you keep your focus on love and joy and living in that space and creating from that space, there will be no issue with words or understandings or feelings. However, for some, there is a learning curve with spiritual understanding, and living in the now of love and joy consistently and constantly is an uncertainty. Releasing conflicting beliefs helps you to feel comfortable and confident and competent creating in love and joy consciously and deliberately. It will help you get your sea legs so you can ride the waves of beautiful energy while loving every moment of it and allowing others to do the same. Holding yourself in love helps all others to either go more deeply into love or to step more fully and consciously into it. Now THAT is what I call being responsible and I love you for it and am in gratitude for it.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God) my friends.

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Do You Feel Guilty When Someone You Assist Doesn’t Resolve The Issue?

April 6, 2016

First, let me say it’s all OK. It’s all perfect. Every person is responsible for their own resolutions and shifting into joy as a way of living and BEing. That part is not your responsibility as an energy facilitator. What is your responsibility? Does guilt serve you? Let’s take a look from a ThetaHealing® perspective.

There is a lot to be said for belief work, feeling work, and shifting things energetically. A lot! But, there is another component to resolution. That’s allowing. If the person (or yourself) doesn’t allow the shifts and changes, any resolution will be temporary at best.

And, this is where new healing practitioners can become disillusioned. As a new healer, you want to help; you want people to feel and be better; and you want to help facilitate that. Yet, if the person’s issue doesn’t resolve, you feel guilty. But, should you?

Well… let’s discuss that. Ultimately, the choice for resolution is the person’s with the issue. But why would a person refuse to resolve something they consciously want to change? It’s usually because it is serving them in some way to hang on to it. They may even allow partial resolution but not 100%. As the energy facilitator, it is your responsibility to connect to Source, to listen, to share, and to help the person find the bottom belief. The bottom belief usually offers insight into how the issue serves the person – but not always. Yet, if you ask the person how it serves them to hold onto the issue, they most always know and can come up with the answer – even if they tell you they don’t know at first. That’s where the good old “But what if you did know?” question is perfect!

Make sure that you discuss with the person desiring your services how the presenting issue serves them. Belief work, feeling work, and energetic shifting are all awesome, but if you don’t also give them conscious awareness of the value of holding onto the situation or issue, then there is a pretty good chance that the issue won’t resolve, won’t resolve completely, or will only temporarily resolve. The same is true if you don’t make it to the bottom or core belief upon which all the other related beliefs are based – which interestingly enough may be the “how it is serving piece” of the equation. The core belief, if not the cake (how it is serving) will be the icing (what is holding the ‘how it is serving’ in place).

Guilt is not a self-serving feeling for an energy facilitator. So, instead of wasting your time with that, look at how you might be able to be more effective, and if it would even be possible. Be aware that if a person finds the core belief to be too challenging to address or too fearful or too painful, he or she may well use distraction and other tactics to keep you from going there – even if he or she doesn’t have conscious awareness of that core. A part of them knows and that part of them will do whatever it takes to divert you from leading them there. And, sometimes, a person doesn’t want to give up how something is serving them. They just want to be heard. Yet, sometimes if you can help them consciously identify how they are being served and give them another way to address that, they will willingly release it all (and think you are a genius!).

There is a lot to be said for the understanding that there are no coincidences. If you encounter a situation where you are wondering if you did your best or if you did what you should have done for another, it’s showing you where you might want to look within and what learning you may need to further your own growth and capabilities. It may be “all them” and have nothing to do with you. It may also be that you will learn to remember to always search for those core beliefs and to look for how holding onto them has been serving the person. It may be, too, that your connection to Source might need tweaking. There are a lot of factors that could be at play. So, let’s just say that guilt is not productive nor helpful. However, looking at the possible reasons that a person may not be progressing might be. And, always keep in mind that the person doesn’t have to let go of anything. Even if they look you in the eye and tell you they desire to. They may not be ready and you may find it most productive to resolve to the level they will allow. Then, the next time, they will be starting from a better place and you will hopefully be able to get closer to the core.

Again, we circle back to ask – which happens every time! The ‘Creator of All There Is’ is doing this with you. You have certain responsibilities, such as establishing a clear connection to Source, listening, not “decorating” with your own thoughts and feelings, and following the truths you are shown. But if you’ve done your part, you’re good. Don’t allow yourself to second-guess what you know during that connection. And remember that the person was “led” to you for a reason. Perhaps you were the only one who they would confide in at this point in time. Perhaps you are the only one they would allow to penetrate ANY of their protective layers. Perhaps they even “owed” you a debt from another time and the repayment is to point out to you – in a kind and gentle way – how you can serve others better by changing what you do or remembering what you’ve been taught more thoroughly. It could be you remind them of a favorite Uncle or Aunt. It could be any number of things. All, though, gifts of one sort or another and never a cause for guilt or doubt or disillusionment. Let Source energy get you to the bottom of your own issue with the other person not getting to theirs. That is a beautiful gift.


Be aware of how life events are showing you about you. Don’t take on the burdens and responsibilities of others out of some sense of obligation or misguided understanding of what energy facilitation is all about. You are responsible for you. Each person is responsible for him or herself. You can assist others to find their resolutions. And they, in turn, can point out to you (consciously or not) where you have unfinished resolutions. That is a win-win. Look within if you begin to doubt your own effectiveness. You are “brought” those who are a good fit for you and you for them. Take advantage of every moment of that. Energy facilitation is not an egoic process. It’s not about you but, in a way, it is. It’s about becoming aware of you and how life is showing you the way to the highest and best expression of you. Be grateful to your clients, family, and friends who are helping to bring this gift directly to you. In turn, your efforts to assist them and others will flourish and bring you beautiful amazing “rewards” of Spirit.

Yea! It’s ALL good. Live in gratitude and love and joy with pure intention. That will do it!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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