The Rainbow Bridge

May 27, 2018


A few days ago I was leaving the vet office. In the parking lot was a young couple visibly distraught. They had with them a beautiful soul who had all the bones showing and was not about to “do business” though desperately trying.

I put my precious in my car and was compelled to walk over. I apologized for the intrusion and asked if I could offer them a hug. The lady collapsed into my embrace and we both cried together, though she much more than I. We hugged several times. The man had tears too but since he was in charge of the beautiful soul, I send him an etheric hug. You know, it wasn’t even anything I thought about. It just happened. I believe Spirit wanted them to know they were supported in their decision.

So many of us have been through that decision-making process – some multiple times. I know I have. I have more “tools” now than I had the first time. But, no matter what you believe and what tools you have, it’s challenging to know you will be saying goodbye to someone you love so much. It’s even more challenging to be making that decision for someone – family of any type. It’s even challenging if you are able to directly connect to their soul and ask them what they want. There is still doubt. There is still worry. There is still the nagging that perhaps you “didn’t get it right”. That was happening to this couple. They desperately wanted to be making the right decision. There wasn’t a nanosecond of doubt on my end. And, they obviously were already beginning to feel the sense of loss to come.

It reminded me of the time Spirit brought a human angel into my path to alert me to a fantastic poem called “The Rainbow Bridge”. He suggested that I not read it until the time came and went. I followed his suggestion. Though reading it brought so many tears, it was cathartic and healing and oh so treasured. I still send thanks to that beautiful stranger from long ago.

I was also reminded of how much of an emotional toll making such a decision can take. I had so much compassion for this lovely couple and the struggle they were obviously going through.


In their honor, I would like to offer a gift from Spirit to any who desire it. I am offering Creator’s truth, understanding, and clarity on the topic and access to the peace that comes from knowing that when you make such a decision in good faith and from your heart, wanting only the best for all involved, Spirit will embrace you and help you through it all.

If you would like this download, please type “yes” below and allow me to, with love and compassion, offer this beautiful gift from Spirit to you.


Sending love to any and all, past, present, and future who are tasked with making such a decision… may you be filled with peace knowing you did your best…and may you always know you can ask Spirit to help you.

rainbow dog

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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Relationship Belief Transfer

February 10, 2017

We are approaching a day when many celebrate love and romantic relationships. Interestingly enough, relationship issues are surfacing with many people right now.


One thing to be aware of is that the beliefs you take on related to one or one type of relationship frequently transfer to other relationships and/or types of relationships. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say one of your immediate birth family members does something that you feel is dishonest or where you felt betrayed by that person. Your birth family is supposed to be your “fall back” family, right? Your birth family is supposed to be the one you can trust without question. But what happens when something occurs and you feel that trust can no longer be automatic and unquestioned? You might take on the belief that family has to demonstrate that they are trustworthy before you will again trust.

Well, what if that then transferred to your work relationships? What if it transferred to your spiritual community relationships? What if it even transferred to your view and trust of yourself?! In other words, you develop the belief from the transfer that “I have to prove my trustworthiness to myself before I will believe in myself.” Yikes! So what happens? You begin to create and attract multiple situations so you can prove your trustworthiness and so that everyone else can too! Oh my! That just doesn’t sound like fun to me.

And then…. what if that also transferred to your higher self, your soul self, your soul family, and to the Creator of All There Is? Whew! Then you set yourself up for having the Creator/God/Divine Consciousness to have to prove to you that that energy is trustworthy. Can you imagine the scenarios that you would subconsciously create and attract for that to happen? It would also “put you at odds” with your higher self and soul self until the issue was resolved and completed. Again, whew!

So, what can you do? First, look at any areas where you are not 100% happy with any relationship. What is it about that relationship that is causing you concern? What do you believe about it? Is the belief one that serves you well? Is it (them) one you would want to transfer to other types of relationships? How you react to the world will tell you a lot about that is going on behind the scenes within you. Life is designed to offer you infinite opportunities to experience and BE and create joy. If that’s not your experience, you can change it. Look at your beliefs. Look at your feelings. Choose thoughts and feelings that open the pathway directly to joy.

Would you like the Divine Energy of Creation’s truth on all this, changing your truth to that truth? Would you like to know how to use relationships to spread and foster joy and harmony and love and what it feels like to do that? Would you like to easily identify non-serving beliefs related to relationships and to be able to quickly and easily change them per your conscious intention and connection to the Divine? Would you like to be able to look at all this without the feeling of overwhelm and instead choose the energy of anticipation of how life can be through conscious creation and what that means and looks like? If so, say “yes – relationships” and allow the core essence of you combined with the energy of all life to merge this understanding into your conscious awareness, allowing you to access your innate knowledge of Divine truth and your beautiful Divine gifts of Spirit. Allow yourself to accept this energy and to allow it to flow through and within and from you in joyful anticipation and truth. For so it is if you allow it to be…

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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