Feather Ruffling

October 17, 2017

Yesterday my blog post about the energy of fight seemed to ruffle some feathers. It felt like it was about the sense of sending focused energy to a seemingly negative situation. The feeling was about concern that, in doing so, you manifested more of the same.


Well… let’s start by saying that, in my discussion, you would be sending focused energy and not thought. There is a HUGE difference in the process and the impact. With thought, you are attempting to control the situation. With energy, you have a desire and you send energy to support that desire – all the while with the intention that the result is only for the best of all. You focus the energy for a loving intention to create the recipe for change, and allow the Universe to do what it does in responding to the calls of all life and consciousness involved.

When you send prayers to help with a seemingly negative situation, you are expressing your thoughts and “asking” that a higher power fix it for you. You have the thoughts and then, presumably, you turn it over. There is nothing wrong with that. However, with prayer the outcome is statistically 50/50 in your favor. The prayer may always be answered but it may not be answered in your favor. If you are not sure your prayer will be answered, you are also offering doubt. If you are not willing to accept the result of your prayer if it doesn’t seem to go your way (even subconsciously), you are adding an element of energy that is not helpful. So, if prayer is your choice, think about that first.

With energy, you are addressing the situation from personal empowerment. It can be looked at as a type of prayer where you actively participate. You are recognizing yourself as part of and AS the Divine Energy of Creation. You are proactively focusing love and/or the expressions of love to help support the shifting of a lower vibration to a higher vibration (relatively speaking) so that a situation can change with harmony and balance and once again become whole. And yes, the energy may not be accepted, but that is not your concern. You do not have the right to force your desired outcome on others. However, you have every right to share the love that is flowing from and to you and to “increase” the focus of it to help others. When multiple people do the same, it is incredibly powerful. Yet it can be just as impactful through your effort(s) since you are part of and are of the One energy.

The same can be said of healing. Healing automatically implies that there is something wrong. Instead of having the focus of your attention be fixing something, explore looking at the situation as an indicator of something that would benefit from balance and harmony and becoming whole once again. See it as an opportunity to realign, shift internal priorities, and create anew. Explore it as a gift to see into the subconscious and to choose differently.

The bottom line is to be positive in whatever way you choose to assist others. Leave pity at the door. See every time as an opportunity to increase love in every way for all. See it as an opportunity to help someone whose plug has partially become pulled out from the socket. Plug them back in and voila. You can energetically have that effect on people, animals, nature, situations, and consciousness. As long as your intentions are pure and you release the “particulars” to the Divine (that has access to all at all times and in all ways), you can be of incredible benefit.

Now, just so you know, if two consenting life forms want to shift things specifically without harm to others, hooray. That is perfectly wonderful and can produce what some would call miracles. However, when you are dealing with situations and multiple people where you do not have consent, I would offer that it is best to allow the Divine Energy of Creation to choose and you participate as an empowered part by assisting to focus energy where you believe it is needed. In that situation, you are fine with the outcome because you know it is for the best of all and you know you have done the best you can with where you are on the continuum of truth in that moment and where you are in your acceptance of that truth.

This is my truth – for now. I hope I have helped make a somewhat complicated understanding a bit more accessible. We are all learning. We are all growing in understanding. Our interpretations of things are based on everything we have ever learned, ever experienced, our ancestral heritage, and our current connection to Source. So, we shift all the time. It’s fun. It’s interesting. And, it can really help others in such wonderful ways. We aren’t all in the same place and we don’t all understand things in the same way in the here and now and that’s just fine. Nothing says we have to. What we are called to do is to be tolerant and accepting and loving to others who are on the journey of life with us.

Hope this helps smooth those beautiful feathers… and help you understand my intent.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God) …Linda

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Choose Love

August 23, 2017

As you look around the world, you can easily see how collective consciousness is rapidly changing. You can also easily see how so many things are becoming polarized. This “in your face” polarity allows each of us to choose how we feel.


Each time we choose love, more and more opportunities to refine those choices show up. The opportunity is for you to uncover what love is to you, how you feel about it, and how it will or won’t guide your experiences as you move forward with your life.

If you find that in looking at a polarized situation you cannot or do not know how to choose love, begin to ask yourself questions. Why is that so? What is it about your experiences, beliefs, and feelings, that cause that to be so for you? Where did that originate for you?

As you explore why you feel the way you do, you may well discover that your beliefs and feelings are protective mechanisms. When you can uncover what you feel you need protection from, you can change that. ThetaHealing® is specifically designed to both uncover those beliefs and feelings, provide you with a conscious understanding of them, and allow you to change them in a way you feel comfortable with.

There are many avenues to understanding how and why you feel and believe as you do. You may have no desire to know the underpinnings of why you feel as you do about things. That’s just fine. There are energetic pathways that will allow you to resolve them without conscious knowledge if you desire to change.

My best offering is to seek to choose love in every situation to the maximum extent you are able. If you find this challenging or even impossible, ask yourself why. If you need assistance (we are very crafty at hiding ourselves from ourselves!), seek it out. If not, choose love.


Love, joy, and peace and choosing them will open you to more – more happiness, more wonderful abundance, more intuitive gifts, more health, more amazing relationships, more of all that will bring you just that… love, joy, and peace. It will show up no matter what is happening in the world. And through your acceptance of it, you contribute the same to those polarized points even if you are across the world from the flash point. Energy knows no boundaries other than those you impose upon yourself. Allow yourself to consider love as one of your contributions to a loving and harmonious and prosperous and generous world and consciousness.

For so it is if you desire and allow it to be… Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

PS Thanks to “teefury” for the polarity pic.

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