Update on Clearing and Healing Around the Roles of Men and Women Throughout Time and the Associated Spontaneous Releasing of Related Beliefs and Feelings

February 27, 2018

Hi everyone. The clearing and healing we facilitated was very deep and went way back in time. Many ancestors showed up to receive and to comfort. There was a lot of guilt with some of them related to the passing on of burdens and suppressive patterns.

As I had mentioned, there was/is a lot of fear based resistance to establishing new male/female roles and patterns of behavior/expectations. What we also found was a lot of resistance to forgiveness. It was the feeling that forgiveness wasn’t deserved and, thus, wasn’t to be offered. So, there was a lot of “reconciliation” around all that, including expanded truths and definitions.

Teachings were offered on how to live in and BE and thrive within the new energies and roles. Men, in particular, were offered teachings on how to continue to feel valued and desired within equal partnerships. Everyone was given new ways to see, smell, hear, taste, feel, and BE. Each of you was shown how to be centered, aligned, and balanced within the whole of you. And you were assisted to “re-write” the tapestry that is you and it was interwoven with all the other beautiful works of art in and as life.

All this was set such that if you chose not to release and clear, the healing is still waiting for you. As you do accept, the healing will simply flow to you.

For those of you who were not able to accept just yet, you may be experiencing enhanced emotions related to male/female relationships of various types. If you believe that you have to have a “process” to release or an “integration period” to accept, you may be experiencing detox symptoms of various types. And, for those who weren’t sure whether to accept new patterns and new neural pathways, you may be experiencing something like a “void” where the old is no longer but the new isn’t clear. All that is ok. Sometimes people have to resolve one thing before they are willing to accept another. It’s like pulling a band-aid off slowly vs. ripping it off.

Everyone was offered clearing and healing around self-love and self-empowerment and self-worthiness at the very beginning to assist you in being willing to accept the rest.

Right now is a time of great change in many areas. The collective energy is supporting you in many. Beliefs and feelings are emerging from the shadows to release. Some are ready to simply allow it to happen. Others, even though the mind says release, the resistance says no. The clearing and healing was all to support your choices and to facilitate the easy and spontaneous release of beliefs that no longer serve you in the best way, especially as they relate to your understanding of you as a male or female.

I have set up a “supplement” energy download for those who are having any trouble letting go and allowing the full expanded clearing and healing. It is to help you raise your vibration and comfort you through your decision-making as you choose to allow fully and completely. To receive say “yes-now” and be willing to take a leap of faith back into the arms of your soul, allowing the most expanded part of you to show you, teach you, and help you feel and know the expanse of love that always surrounds you and is available to you. And so it is if you allow it to be… Mahalo


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Spontaneous Release of Beliefs and Feelings

February 24, 2018

I’m guessing that you’ve noticed the monumental changes that have been happening on multiple fronts. If you haven’t, take a look around. It is fascinating!

One of the most prominent right now is the “Me Too” movement. It’s about women being heard; women being seen; women being recognized; women being believed; women becoming empowered. You could probably add additional compliments to the movement. As more and more women and men are acknowledging the value in the shift and the desire for the shift, their individual and collective vibrations are changing to a higher frequency. All this impacts the frequency and vibration of collective consciousness.

Herein lies a fascinating occurrence. A lot of women have changed their limiting beliefs about themselves. Beliefs such as “I am worthy.” “I am valuable.” “I deserve the best in life.” “I am loved and lovable.” and the list goes on. However, for many, those beliefs still don’t align with what their experiences are in the world. Hence, there is inner conflict.

Women have lived in male dominated cultures for many years. From ancestors, from parental teachings, from their culture, from peers, from teachers, and from their own experiences, women came to an understanding of what it meant to be a woman, how women were treated, and what to expect in a variety of relationships based on those understandings. It has become woven into the fabric of who we believe ourselves to be and how we expect to be treated. These beliefs and feelings are part of the fabric of who we believe we are and, thus, are often challenging to uncover.

So, let’s say you have uncovered and changed the surface beliefs and know yourself to be a Divine spiritual BEing at your core. Yea! And what if you have also gone deeper and released yourself from the cords of attachment to your ancestors and their burdens. Double yea! Yet, that woven understanding and the daily view of the inequities and realities are always present. How does that reconcile?

Well, for who knows how many right now, it is spontaneously releasing supported by the shift in collective consciousness related to the topic. When this happens, the person may be unaware of what it happening. It shows as pain and discomfort in the belly (the seat of power and sexuality) and may show in nerves not firing properly (on my last nerve kind of thing and all the parts of you not working together to make the body respond as intended). It may also show up as becoming despondent and discouraged and just disconnected from life. Why? Because there is resistance to allowing it to release, even though it is doing it anyway. The fear is that you need that past understanding of how things are to keep safe. The fear is that you won’t know how to “BE” in the world. The fear is that you won’t be able to relate and, hence, you will not be loved. You can probably add many more here.

In a way, this is fabulous! It is allowing women to become whole and independent and self-sufficient and self-motivated and to love themselves in that fullness and wholeness. It is allowing women to be beautiful role models for girls so they can thrive and enjoy the process of “BEcoming”.

Yet, if you are unaware of the extent of what is happening, the huge physical impact (to get your attention no matter what!) is very challenging. All of it can be addressed if you are aware of the magnitude of this gift of clearing and release and resolution. This is lifetimes of immersion in this energy of suppression and lack of power and hopelessness and helplessness. So, it’s a great thing to be resolving! It is truly a gift that the collective energy is supporting for you! Yea!

And, I’m not leaving men out of this. Men may have their own set of spontaneous releases related to how to be a man in this new energy; loss of perceived power; feeling impotent; feeling confusion; feeling that the rug has been pulled out from under them. Of course, add more here if you think of them. It will be unique for each person but with an underlying weave of common beliefs and feelings.

On Sunday, I will be offering a gift healing and clearing and resolution for both men and women on this issue. If you would like to be included, please just note it below (on either Facebook or the blog). Please share if you feel like you know of people who may benefit. Nothing is required of you other than to note it. You can be at home or work or grocery shopping. However, I will post before I begin in case you are able and desire to take some time to tap into the energy. My default is that nothing will happen that you, on some level, do not allow. Period. The energy is offered and it is your choice as to how much or whether you allow it. No exceptions.


This is an important time in our culture as humans. The more we can allow the positive aspects of change and support each other in love, the more positive and joyful and abundant all our lives will be. And, we are setting the stage for our children to do great things and thrive in ways we may have never imagined. This, of course, also expands to all the animals, plants, and the Earth. Our shifts in energy impact them. Let’s make it all joyful and amazing and awesome!

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Mahalo always my friends…

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