Tragedy and Consciousness

October 3, 2017

Yesterday proved to be a great reminder. I noticed that I was quite jumpy. I even noticed a moment of panic when something startled me. It seemed like every noise was heightening what I was feeling. Thank goodness this is not my normal state of BEing! So, I paused a moment to check in and see what was going on.

Like everyone else, I had heard about what had happened the night before in Las Vegas. I was fully plugged into collective consciousness. There are many people who feel uncertain right now. It’s not even waiting for the “other shoe” to drop. It’s more like waiting for the heavy-duty work boot to be thrown right at you. I was picking up on those feelings and it was impacting my own feelings in a negative way.

So, there are several things to notice out of this. First is to be aware of you. Be aware of how you are feeling moment to moment. This is so important. First, it can indicate if you are allowing your energy to be negatively impacted by others, including collective consciousness. Second, thoughts and feelings are intertwined and energy follows thought. So, you are creating as you go whether you realize it or not. If your thoughts are negative, that’s where your focus is – and guess what it likely to show up for you. When you are consciously aware of how you are feeling, even if you aren’t consciously attributing a thought to it, you can change things in that moment and disrupt the creation process.


Another thing to know and consider is that you are connected to collective consciousness. It can impact you without you even realizing it. Do you know you can partially disconnect? I say partially because what you are really doing is disconnecting from any negative impact. Having a feel for collective consciousness can be very useful. And, you can have a positive impact on it if you are aware. Plus, you are a contributor moment to moment. However, you do not have to have your energy be hijacked, so to speak. You have the ability to control your own thoughts and feelings. But, you have to be aware of them first. You can decide to not be negatively impacted by collective consciousness yet still have an understanding of how it is flowing. Today, there is sadness but it is tempered with a resoluteness by many to not live in fear (at least from my perspective this is the trend for today). As you can see, when you aren’t plugged into the negative feelings but you can get a feel for the group, you can then decide how you want to play. My choice is to send love and the energy of living life to the fullest measure possible. This supports those who are determined to continue to move forward despite the actions of others. And, it helps me. It gives me satisfaction to know that I can help in this way and that it can be such a powerful and impactful way.

Would you like to have Creator’s truth on all this and change your truth to Creator’s? Would you like to know how to be aware of yourself? Would you like to intuitively know the best way to positively impact collective consciousness at any given time? Would you like to know when and whether it is for your best to “partially” disconnect and what that really means? Would you like to feel like you can really believe you can make a difference “just” by opening your heart to love and sharing, and what that means and how to do it? And would you like to know how to live and that it is possible to live without waiting for the heavy-duty work boot to drop and/or be thrown at you? If so, beautiful ones, just accept these wonderful gifts of Spirit and allow them to flow within you, connecting you more fully with your soul essence. Feel it. Believe it. Know it. BE it. For so it is if you allow it to be.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God) …Linda

P.S. Thanks to laurengary for the gorgeous pic.

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A Prayer for Unity Within Diversity (Or Help a Fire or Hurricane is Coming!)

September 5, 2017

Interestingly enough, the current U.S. weather is showing us an area where we still have work to do. We have wildfires in the west and dangerous hurricanes in the mid-west and east. Polarity is taking the front seat yet again – just in a different form. And, it will continue to do so until we recognize and come to believe that the polarity we are seeing is a reflection of the polarity we continue to hold within.


Instead of reacting in fear, and in addition to sending heart based energy to shift the events, why not look within. Look within to see where you are still holding onto concepts of polarity. Look at how you can come to accept all extremes as choices, even if they are not yours. Look at how you can do what you feel is right without condemning others or fearing them or being angry. What do you need to do to be able to hold the energy of love no matter what? And, just so you know, this doesn’t mean not protecting yourself. It means do what you need to do and recognize, as well, that you don’t know everything there is to know about why someone is the way they are or why they have done what they have done. How can you get to a space where you recognize that every person is doing the best they can with where they are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in any given moment – even if you don’t agree with it and even if you have to protect yourself from the actions of another. If you can hold that space, you can allow the energy of polarity to release. In those situations, love is the primary energy, followed by compassion. When you consistently can hold that energy and thinking, you will find that situations mirroring polarity no longer negatively impact you. And, you help shift collective consciousness which is also watching these polarity duels.

Think it doesn’t work? Just look to what has happened after Hurricane Harvey. It’s not just Texans wanting to help. It’s everyone. We as humans are shifting toward love and compassion. As we see events not in line with that, we are being shown there is still more to do.

I have written a prayer to help you if you choose to use it. With some energy techniques, you could also use it as a guideline for creation/co-creation.

Dear Creator, thank you for life. Thank you for love. Thank you for kindness and compassion. Thank you for diversity. Thank you that there is something just perfect for everyone on the planet.

As we look at the contrasts of life, help us to understand that what we see is a reflection of what is within.  Show us where within ourselves we still hold onto polarity and the feelings of “us vs. them” – down to a basic level. Show us how to come together in unity through kindness and compassion, within all types of diversity. Give us the vision to see our world with diversity, but without the fear that often accompanies it. Teach us how to live successfully and joyfully in that world. Show us the pathway within to reflect the vision without. Give us strength and courage and self-empowerment to follow the shown pathway to its conclusion of unity and unconditional love.

Thank you Creator for the opportunity to learn and create anew. Thank you for hope in the future, which can be now if we allow it to be. Guide us through grace and the expansion of the truth that we are all One.

And so it is…
Namaste, Amen, Aho
With lots of love, Linda

P.S. Thanks to for the gorgeous pic.

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