What Is It NOW?

February 3, 2016

A student of mine let me know she has a potentially life-threatening diagnosis. I could feel the desperation flowing within her. She has a good life and a lovely family. I love her very much.


A lot of people are experiencing potentially traumatic and/or dramatic situations right now. There is, and will continue to be, an amazing expansion of energy that is flowing to and from the earth. Since we are part of all life, we are experiencing that energy as well. We are that energy and we have closed down a portion of our wholeness to be able to experience what it is like and what it feels like to be without it. As this expansion of energy reaches us, we have a choice – conscious or not – to allow it to flow or to resist it. When there is resistance, the energy builds up at the point of resistance until it can no longer be held back. Then people experience things that are potentially traumatic. This can happen in any area of life – health, emotions, relationships, finances, spirituality and/or your relationship with Source energy… anywhere there is resistance.

Right now, a lot of people are allowing their hearts to open to more possibilities than ever before. They are taking the time to meditate. They are taking classes to learn tools to help them continue to expand their understanding and their remembrance of who and what they really truly are as the wholeness of their Being. However, this can bring huge fear from the perspective of the ego. And, where there is fear, there will be resistance.

For some, it is a fear of their own power as part of the Divine energy of creation. For some, it is fear that if they explore that power, they will be forced to “leave” what they have worked for so hard here – finances, relationships, family, etc. Many feel that keeping their experience at the point of the fulcrum is what will keep them balanced and safe. So, they resist moving forward yet they are not happy with the status quo.

All this can easily relate to a seeming crisis in the life of the person no matter in what area of life. When in these situations, our conditioning typically throws us into old established patterns. We bemoan our fate. We feel like victims. We feel all those usual negative emotions – fear, desperation, hopelessness, etc. And, we fear the future. We become incapacitated, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or a combination of any or all of these.

And then, for some the expansion of the heart ignites a flame of desire – conscious or not – to go “home” – back to Source. Yet, these same people love their families and friends and know they would and do feel guilt – lots of it – at even the thought of “going home”. So, that desire then goes out to the Universe anyway and the Universe complies with an acceptable “excuse” to “go home”.

It could also be a combination of all this. Every person is an individual with unique multi-dimensional experiences all culminating in choices that may or may not seem in line with the person’s perceived truth.

So, then what to do… Of course, my first suggestion would be to ask Creator, Source energy, the energy of the Divine as all the energy of life combined as One. Then listen!!! If you are not practiced in this area, find someone who is or pray or ask for the help of the beautiful angels of healing and transformation. I am coming more and more to know that angels have areas of expertise. Angels of healing and transformation is the “title” I am receiving for those most typically called in for a healing “crisis”. Just be aware that the highest and best resolution may not be what you would consciously choose or think you would desire. Trust that all will be in Divine order, Divine timing, and with the best Divine resolution for where that person is and what they desire (as a culmination of all their experiences and learning and life plans).

Does that mean do nothing? Absolutely not. It means do what your heart leads you to do. Some rely on the established medical field. Some will combine that with wholistic practices, energy healers, faith healers, and others. Some will pray. Some will let it be. Whatever your heart of hearts leads you to do will benefit. Just remember to ask and then listen. If you don’t feel you are getting a response right away, watch for “signs” that will lead you. What gives you pause? What catches your attention? What gives you a “zing” internally? What shows up in your life after you have asked? All these things will be indicators for you if you do not have a practiced connection with Source. Trust and believe and ask and listen. You’ll be assisted. You are not alone nor have you every been – even if it has felt like it.


Would you like Creator’s highest and best truth on all this; changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have, know, BE, believe, and act from this truth; what it feels like in every way; how to trust it and allow it and what that feels like; for all times, versions, locations, aspects, layers and levels and expressions of you; only for your highest and best? If so, say “yes – truth” and allow the wisdom and truth and richness and fullness and power and glory and awesomeness of the Divine energy of all Creation to flow to and through and from you, igniting your own remembrance of this truth, and supporting and assisting and embracing you as you move forward – for yourself and/or for any other (including animals, plants, minerals, all life everywhere). For so it is if you allow it to be.

Anything is possible if you believe it to be because limits are only of your choosing and the Divine energy of all Creation is everything, including the creation you seek. We tend to look at healing as having to fix or change something which implies that it is not a positive. It is something we lack. Instead, change your perspective to creating a new option, a new reality, a new experience instantly with your conscious intention and desire. What do you believe? Do you believe it is possible? Do you believe a potentially life threatening diagnosis is the end? Do you believe a “cure” is possible for you? Do you believe in miracles? To me, a miracle is “just” allowing a more full and wholistic flow of your own Divine energy – the energy of your soul which is fully a part of and embraced by and interwoven with the energy of all life everywhere. That then, means that as you clear these beliefs for yourself, you help pave the pathway for them to automatically clear for others – because we are all One and the same.

So, whether you are a person with something going on right now or a friend or family member who wants to help, allow your heart to show you where you don’t believe in miracles, where you believe in limits, where you don’t believe anything is possible. Then, intend to change those beliefs and feelings and do. You will help to accomplish what you desire if all desire the same thing (for everyone has choice and it doesn’t have to make sense to you). Just saying (with love and compassion)….

With many blessings of love and compassion and vision and clarity and Creator’s highest truth…

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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Healing Our Planet After A Disaster

March 16, 2011
Earth Reflected When an acute disaster event occurs, healers across the globe send love, light, and healing energy to the impacted area. This generous outpouring is needed and will be accepted by many in the disaster area.

Yet, there is more.  A disaster anywhere in the world has far-reaching implications.  It impacts mass consciousness, the environment worldwide, the global economy, individual lives in other countries, and more.  There is a role for healers to fill in this area too.  Doing world and humanity and earth healings during an acute disaster helps not only the entire planet but also the disaster zone.  By raising the vibration of the entire planet, we are attracting – en masse – a better outcome.

To help you understand this, think of a beautiful tapestry.  Imagine that an accident occurs and the fabric is ripped.  If the seamstress and weavers focus only on the tear, the overall vision of the tapestry may be altered and it may be distorted.  If the repairs do not take into account the entire view, at the point of the tear repair you may find half a horse or a lake that is not whole or even worse.  Can you visualize that?  If so, you will be able to understand the need to heal the entire piece – the entire planet – when an acute disaster event (or fabric tear) occurs.

Would you like a few downloads to help you make this connection in thinking?

  • I have Creator’s truth on the global nature of our world today.
  • I have Creator’s truth on how a single event can and does impact everyone and everything.
  • I have Creator’s truth on how an individual can impact healing and change.
  • I know how to impact healing and change on a global level.
  • I know what it feels like to impact healing and change on a global level.
  • I am worthy of being able to offer global healing and change.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change without being tied to the outcome.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change without being disappointed if the outcome I prefer is not immediately visible.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change even if I never see (or attach to it) the visible result.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change from a space of unconditional love and peace.
  • I know how to receive and accept the gift of unconditional love and peace.
  • I know how to be in a space of unconditional love and peace when I offer healing and change.
  • I know how to appreciate the gifts of being a healer.
  • I know how to use the gifts of being a healer for the highest and best.
  • I know what it feels like to know how to do all this.
  • I know it is safe for me to offer global healing.
  • I have all this in my life now with grace and ease and harmony and balance.

If you would like these gifts of Spirit, say “yes” now and allow the energy to flow to you and through you entering every cell of your body and flowing in-between.  Be thankful for this gift and know you have the capacity to offer the same through the Creator.

We are a global community.  We can and should help each other.  It brings so much peace and love back to you when you offer who and what you are to others.  You have so much to give.  Give from your heart and it will be accepted and appreciated and you will directly impact the healing of our world and any disaster area.

Thanks for listening.

In love and peace and with compassion for our Japanese friends,

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