Healing Our Planet After A Disaster

March 16, 2011
Earth Reflected When an acute disaster event occurs, healers across the globe send love, light, and healing energy to the impacted area. This generous outpouring is needed and will be accepted by many in the disaster area.

Yet, there is more.  A disaster anywhere in the world has far-reaching implications.  It impacts mass consciousness, the environment worldwide, the global economy, individual lives in other countries, and more.  There is a role for healers to fill in this area too.  Doing world and humanity and earth healings during an acute disaster helps not only the entire planet but also the disaster zone.  By raising the vibration of the entire planet, we are attracting – en masse – a better outcome.

To help you understand this, think of a beautiful tapestry.  Imagine that an accident occurs and the fabric is ripped.  If the seamstress and weavers focus only on the tear, the overall vision of the tapestry may be altered and it may be distorted.  If the repairs do not take into account the entire view, at the point of the tear repair you may find half a horse or a lake that is not whole or even worse.  Can you visualize that?  If so, you will be able to understand the need to heal the entire piece – the entire planet – when an acute disaster event (or fabric tear) occurs.

Would you like a few downloads to help you make this connection in thinking?

  • I have Creator’s truth on the global nature of our world today.
  • I have Creator’s truth on how a single event can and does impact everyone and everything.
  • I have Creator’s truth on how an individual can impact healing and change.
  • I know how to impact healing and change on a global level.
  • I know what it feels like to impact healing and change on a global level.
  • I am worthy of being able to offer global healing and change.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change without being tied to the outcome.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change without being disappointed if the outcome I prefer is not immediately visible.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change even if I never see (or attach to it) the visible result.
  • I know how to offer global healing and change from a space of unconditional love and peace.
  • I know how to receive and accept the gift of unconditional love and peace.
  • I know how to be in a space of unconditional love and peace when I offer healing and change.
  • I know how to appreciate the gifts of being a healer.
  • I know how to use the gifts of being a healer for the highest and best.
  • I know what it feels like to know how to do all this.
  • I know it is safe for me to offer global healing.
  • I have all this in my life now with grace and ease and harmony and balance.

If you would like these gifts of Spirit, say “yes” now and allow the energy to flow to you and through you entering every cell of your body and flowing in-between.  Be thankful for this gift and know you have the capacity to offer the same through the Creator.

We are a global community.  We can and should help each other.  It brings so much peace and love back to you when you offer who and what you are to others.  You have so much to give.  Give from your heart and it will be accepted and appreciated and you will directly impact the healing of our world and any disaster area.

Thanks for listening.

In love and peace and with compassion for our Japanese friends,

Theta Healing Connect
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Honoring Yourself to Help Others Using ThetaHealing

April 9, 2010

The theme for today seems squarely centered on honoring yourself.  As you clear your limiting beliefs, you free yourself to become the best you can be.  You become more attuned to yourself and to the energy of others.   As that happens, you begin to notice when a friend is in need – without them having to tell you.  You sense when the energy of a building or space needs to be cleared of negativity.  You become more a part of the flow of life around you.  For, you see, limiting beliefs shield you.  They protect you from what your built-in defense mechanisms sense as danger.  When you are under the influence of these beliefs, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It protects you as you deal with what you believe is true.  However, as you clear these beliefs, you become aware that it is to your benefit and the benefit of those around you to be able to connect to all that you experience. You begin to use all your senses to evaluate what happens in your life.  You begin to understand that there are alternative choices that can be made to deal with everyday situations.  You begin to live your life instead of letting life live you.

So, where do you start? My suggestion is to send unconditional love and healing to yourself. ThetaHealers® are taught how to send love and healing to themselves and others. If you are a ThetaHealer® feel that love and healing energy flow to every cell of your body and then watch it expand out. Feel the clearing and know the clearing is happening. Then, notice where there is tension or unrest or discord or anything less than perfect harmony in your life. Examine why that experience might be in your life.

What beliefs do you have that would cause the situation to upset or disturb you? That’s the next step. Find those beliefs and clear them. If that sounds difficult or uncertain to you, find a ThetaHealer® you trust and get to the bottom belief. When you do this, you are then better positioned to help others. You become attuned to life and all the love around you. You find that you want to send love and healing to others. You want to help. You want to see the light in every person shine as brightly as possible. And, you know you can make that difference in the world.

If that is what you are drawn to – wanting to help others – use ThetaHealing™ as a quick and effective method to clear your own energy of blocks and limiting beliefs so that you can shine your brightest.  Then expand that brightness to give others a helping hand.  It honors yourself and all others.

With gratitude for the beautiful light within each of us and within you,

Theta Healing Connect


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