Classes With Me

Please visit my “Classes” page on Theta Healing Connect to see what classes are currently offered or to request a class in your area.

After you graduate from the Basic class, you will be a certified ThetaHealer®!

Come join others as we explore what is possible…


You can make a difference.  You can learn to heal yourself and others.  You can learn how to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  You can learn to heal on the core, genetic, history and soul levels. You can learn to do ThetaHealing® in a weekend.  Everyone is welcome and everyone can do ThetaHealing®.  It is not a religion, it has no dogmas, it is flexible, and it is fun.  I would be honored to share what I know with you in love and light and the energy of the Divine that is within all life.

Come join us on this adventure! Are you ready?  Let’s play!

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