Making Lemonade Without Sugar

July 7, 2015

Sometimes there just isn’t enough sugar in the world to make lemonade. It’s those times that can really teach you a lot (See? I just made more sugar!). When your heart feels like it is being crushed and you just cannot fathom how there is good in a situation, there always is somewhere. It may take you a bit of time and reflection and contemplation to uncover it, but it just is. Sometimes you may have to take the focus way in. Other times you may have to take in the biggest picture. And, it may take time. All that is OK. Just do the best you can until you are ready to take a look.

In loving memory and with heartfelt gratitude from every part of me to our beautiful gift of spirit, Molly. I called her my “angel dog” for a reason. Her spirit is so sweet it can overpower even the largest pile of lemons. And, maybe that’s my answer – to learn from her beautiful spirit how to just BE that sweetness, that gentleness, that amazing sparkling burst of joy that sustains always. Sweet travels dear Molly. Be sure to visit often. We adore you always and forever and completely. Thank you for choosing us.

Adjusting to a new and very different reality…


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What Do You Believe is Inevitable? Why Should You Care?

June 8, 2011

As you learn about manifesting and having lots of good abundance in your life, you begin to clear out the absolutes.  Absolutes? The “I must _____.” or “I have to _____.”  beliefs. Typically, these are in place due to cultural mores, parental teachings, religious tenets, and other like sources.  We grow up with them and they have become the norm.  We don’t even question them.  Yet what do they do?  They take away choice.  They limit you.  As you come to believe your co-creative status as a spark of the Divine in the here and now, you also come to believe that you have choice and you are limited only by your own beliefs.

Look at absolutes like boxes within which you must function.  For example, take the absolute “I must get older.”  If you “play” nice and think and stay within that box, you will indeed age as will everyone you know.  But, consider the possibilities of making choices outside the box.  If you look at all the great thinkers and inventors, what do they have in common?  They dared to think outside the box.  And the result? A wonderful invention, an amazing cure, insight to help us understand our true nature and who we truly are as humans…

As a ThetaHealing® teacher and as a student of ThetaHealing®, I have spent a lot of time working on myself and really looking at what is taught in the advanced Theta classes.  Absolutes are one of those things that students are encouraged to find and clear.  So, I had done a lot of Theta for myself to do just that.  Then Spirit steps in and says “What is inevitable?  Look at what you believe is inevitable.”  At first glance, it seems to be the same as an absolute.  But, there are differences.

For me, the bottom line is that absolutes tend to be geared toward what the individual thinks.  Inevitabilities tend to be geared toward mass consciousness thinking that are also individual beliefs.  So, I began to make my list of inevitabilities.   There were lots of them!  For example: “_______ is inevitable.”  – aging, chaos, war, betrayal, confusion, manipulation, etc. etc.  etc.  Whew. And all negative… (at least on my emerging list).

I did not want to give energetic power to all the negative aspects I was uncovering.  So, I asked Creator if these could be cleared as a group and got “yes”.  I asked to be shown how to do that. And, I would like to share that with you.

Would you like to …

  • know Creator’s truth on inevitability?
  • change your truth to Creator’s truth?
  • know what it feels like to believe and act from Creator’s truth?
  • know how to act from Creator’s truth?
  • that it is safe to act from Creator’s truth?
  • that you are ready, willing, and able to act from Creator’s truth?
  • that you are worthy and deserving to act from Creator’s truth?
  • that it is possible for you to act from Creator’s truth?
  • and that you have all this in your life right now?

If you would like these gifts, say “yes- show me” to allow the flow of Creator’s truth and love to come to you for your highest and best and with grace and ease, harmony and balance, and surrounded in joy, Light, love, and clarity.

Would you like …

  • to have Creator’s truth on inevitability applied to all instances, whether known or not, of “______ is inevitable.” in your life?
  • to have proper discernment about each instance of possible inevitability? (so that if it is best for you to have it, you will)
  • this application to be permanent until changed?
  • to know how to live without inevitability?
  • to know what it feels like to live without inevitability?
  • how to live without inevitability?
  • the possibilities of living without inevitability?
  • that (for those of you who think you need it) that you have permission to live without inevitability?
  • that it is safe to live without inevitability?
  • that you are worthy and deserving of living without inevitability?
  • that you are ready, willing, and able to live without inevitability?
  • that it is time to live without inevitability?
  • Creator’s truth, perspective, and understanding on all this?
  • to have conscious awareness of how this has served you in the past?

All this for all versions of you, in all times, all languages, expressions… with grace and ease, harmony and balance, without trauma, drama, or illness…

If you would like these, again say “yes-show me” and open your heart to these gifts of Spirit.

Would you like …

  • the energy and feelings of limits, suppression, being held back, hopelessness, victimhood, martyrdom, and being “less than” pulled from your cells; replaced with Creator’s Light, love, self-empowerment, self-realization, self-forgiveness, co-creative potential, and joy?

If so again say “yes-show me” to receive this gift of Spirit.

It is important to also look at where you might need to forgive related to absolutes and inevitables.  If you feel resentment at “time lost” by having these beliefs or of anger at cultural mores and expectations, ask Creator to change this for you now.

The release of inevitables feels very important for our rapidly changing times.  Use this gift of Spirit to clear that which holds you from your highest and best potential.  You are a shining star.  You are a part of the Divine.  Isn’t it time you owned it?  Aren’t you glad you know that you can?  I am.  And, I am very grateful.  Let it change your life for the better and expand your vision of what can be and what you can do for yourself and others.  It is such a gift!  I feel very blessed.

Yours in expanding consciousness and joyful abundance of the good life has to offer,

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