Operation? Medication? Procedure? What’s Underneath?

October 26, 2018

I know many of us continue to talk about things changing so rapidly. But, it’s been happening for a good while and it continues. Look at all the things that have changed in the last fifty years. Sometimes the process seems slow, but we really are taking giant leaps.

As part of the changing energy, parts of your own energy that are in conflict tend to be amplified. That, then, brings that conflict into your awareness often in the form of physical, emotional, financial, or relationship issues. It’s to help you become aware of what would change that conflict into harmony and balance and flow.

Let’s take the physical as an example. You feel bad. You go to a doctor. The doctor does tests. The tests indicate a serious medical issue. Oh my. It’s so easy at that point to welcome in the fear. We become desperate to fix the problem. Yet, in the energy of fear, the solution will be held at bay. That’s because your immediate present energy does not match the energy of the solution. We pray. We see energy healers. We take medications. We do all kinds of things. But, underlying all we do is the energy of fear. When change doesn’t happen, we begin to doubt. We doubt all kinds of things. We feel lost and adrift – apart from our spiritual desires.

What would happen if – instead – you decided that no matter what, you were going to look at this challenge as a gift – a spiritual gift of insight into something you didn’t recognize about yourself? You were going to step out of the cultural default to feel like you have to fight disease and fight a diagnosis – even a terminal one. Instead, with everything you do and every thought you think and every breath you take, you were in a state of gratitude and you embraced the love from which everything is generated and you saw yourself as part (a very important part!) of a larger whole. You lived that. You breathed that. You believed that in every way. You allowed that to infuse your energy.

Empowered Woman

I can tell you what would happen. Things would shift automatically without you having to micro manage them. Re-creation. Rejuvenation. Restoration. You would go back for further evaluation and tests and it would be proclaimed a miracle! The doctors would be amazed. And, your attitude of gratitude would explode in the best way. You would also become even more dedicated to connecting fully with your soul and with the Divine Energy of Creation to consciously create the life you want now. That’s what I see happening.

There are a lot of beliefs on many levels that are contrary to this view. Yet, when you allow gratitude and love and your belief that you are Divine no matter what the outcome to consume you, all those beliefs will fall like cards in the wind. But, you have to choose to embrace. You have to choose to allow. You have to choose to know that anything and everything is possible for you here and now – even changing a terminal diagnosis.

Just a note here for clarity… I am not a doctor. I am not a health care practitioner of any type. I am not suggesting that you forgo conventional or alternative treatment of any type. That is between you and them. I am merely offering you another perspective for positive change. It is not either or. It is embracing everything in wholeness and then choosing from the buffet what you feel is appropriate and what would get you the best result for you now.

We’ve already discussed that you don’t want the underlying motive to be fear when you choose to have an operation. Instead, if you choose to have one, see it as a wonderful helpful intervention for positive change. Check your beliefs. On some level of you, you know love is all that is needed to shift anything. So when you agree to allow a surgeon to cut you open, there is a subconscious belief that you are causing harm to you. Align those beliefs before surgery.

It’s the same with medications. We tend to view them as something you take when things go wrong. On some level of you, you understand that only love is needed to obtain the result you desire. So, that then conflicts with the taking of medication – unless you change that thinking and the associated beliefs. See the medications as helpers and not being there to cause harm. Yet, that too, has some beliefs that can hinder progress. Some drugs are designed to go inside the body and “kill” other cells. This can create inner conflict of beliefs when you believe all your cells have a right to life and/or that you are actually harming yourself when you kill your own cells. I’m not saying to forgo prescribed medications or even herbal ones. Just make sure that your beliefs are in line with what you are choosing to do so there isn’t inner conflict. I have had great success with seeing the medications as shifting the cells causing the concern into cells that are helpful and positive for the body. Remember, though, to ask first both the Creator and the cells. In your mind’s eye as you meditate, have these discussions. Do you believe that is possible?

We are incredible. We are amazing. Our bodies are fantastic. Perhaps your soul plan is to experience a body that doesn’t seem fantastic. Perhaps your soul plan is to experience a body in decline. Or perhaps your soul plan is to learn that you can step out of preconceived patterns of how things have to play out. Perhaps it is to learn that you are worthy and deserving of and have the skill set to create your life anew as you go. Whatever it is, do you believe you can change your soul plan? Do you believe you can create your future? If so, do you then believe you can change issues with the physical, the emotional, financial, and relationships or anything else?

Your beliefs are important. Get in touch with what you truly believe – not what someone else has told you has to be – no matter how much you admire them. What do you believe? What do you want? Are you willing to embrace love as the final remedy you will ever need? Explore what you believe around this and then act on it. I just saw a friend do it and shift a potentially devastating diagnosis. All she did was accept the energies of love, support, and embrace. That gave her the jump-start she needed to re-connect to her own spirit and desires outside of fear. Easy. Truly.

No one knows you better than you. Only you can decide if this approach is a good fit for you now. If not now, perhaps later. No matter what you decide, do whatever you can to release the associated fear(s). Accept what you truly know about you and how you feel and what you believe (rather than hiding it or pushing it away) and if you don’t like it, change it. You are the creator of you! What do you believe?

Sending you LOTS of sparkly love and the energies of support and embrace to help you on your journey… You are so loved.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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Is This Holding You Back?

September 24, 2018

As souls, there are things we want to accomplish. The view from the soul’s vantage is likely quite impressive. And, the goals may be as well.

So, what happens when you are looking at your 3D life to be, and you wonder if you will become so immersed in the play of 3D life and experiences that you will lose sight of the “big” goal – of which 3D life is only a part? Well, you might instill within your DNA a roadmap that would keep you from enjoying the experience so much that you just weren’t willing to “keep on track” as you intended before you came. Ah…..

Are you experiencing issues with relationships, money, health, or anything that just won’t completely resolve no matter what you try and what you clear? If so, check to see if you have a program/belief/obligation/etc. that would “limit” you via the issue to ensure that you didn’t fully embrace life at it’s very best so that you could/would complete your agreed upon life plan.

This may not be your remedy – but it might be. If you find that you do have such a limit(s), resolve them throughout all layers and levels and times, including your DNA. Then, be sure to download yourself with a teaching on how to fully embrace and enjoy life here and now with no limitations, yet still also keep your focus on your life plan and the “big picture” that your soul holds and what that feels like. If you clear the limit but don’t do the download, you may find yourself feeling spiritually disconnected or “adrift” and without clear direction. If you feel resistance related to resolving such limits, investigate the fear. What is it you fear if you do? You may have a variation of the belief(s) that is better suited to your situation.

See if this resonates. It might make all the difference for you.

Mahalo… Linda


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