The Rainbow Bridge

May 27, 2018


A few days ago I was leaving the vet office. In the parking lot was a young couple visibly distraught. They had with them a beautiful soul who had all the bones showing and was not about to “do business” though desperately trying.

I put my precious in my car and was compelled to walk over. I apologized for the intrusion and asked if I could offer them a hug. The lady collapsed into my embrace and we both cried together, though she much more than I. We hugged several times. The man had tears too but since he was in charge of the beautiful soul, I send him an etheric hug. You know, it wasn’t even anything I thought about. It just happened. I believe Spirit wanted them to know they were supported in their decision.

So many of us have been through that decision-making process – some multiple times. I know I have. I have more “tools” now than I had the first time. But, no matter what you believe and what tools you have, it’s challenging to know you will be saying goodbye to someone you love so much. It’s even more challenging to be making that decision for someone – family of any type. It’s even challenging if you are able to directly connect to their soul and ask them what they want. There is still doubt. There is still worry. There is still the nagging that perhaps you “didn’t get it right”. That was happening to this couple. They desperately wanted to be making the right decision. There wasn’t a nanosecond of doubt on my end. And, they obviously were already beginning to feel the sense of loss to come.

It reminded me of the time Spirit brought a human angel into my path to alert me to a fantastic poem called “The Rainbow Bridge”. He suggested that I not read it until the time came and went. I followed his suggestion. Though reading it brought so many tears, it was cathartic and healing and oh so treasured. I still send thanks to that beautiful stranger from long ago.

I was also reminded of how much of an emotional toll making such a decision can take. I had so much compassion for this lovely couple and the struggle they were obviously going through.


In their honor, I would like to offer a gift from Spirit to any who desire it. I am offering Creator’s truth, understanding, and clarity on the topic and access to the peace that comes from knowing that when you make such a decision in good faith and from your heart, wanting only the best for all involved, Spirit will embrace you and help you through it all.

If you would like this download, please type “yes” below and allow me to, with love and compassion, offer this beautiful gift from Spirit to you.


Sending love to any and all, past, present, and future who are tasked with making such a decision… may you be filled with peace knowing you did your best…and may you always know you can ask Spirit to help you.

rainbow dog

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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A Little Kindness and Compassion Goes a Long Way

August 30, 2017

Have you noticed how it has become socially desirable to be kind to others and to help your neighbor? We are seeing evidence of this more and more and more in many areas of life. Whether the acts of kindness and compassion are done altruistically or not, the acts themselves carry an energy that contributes to collective consciousness. Plus, certainly there are those who find that being kind and compassionate is really fun and rewarding. That energy is even lighter and more bright and it all flows into collective consciousness.

All that shifts collective consciousness and raises the vibration and frequency of it. As that happens, more and more people are able to easily tap into a higher vibration of living. As that happens, they begin to personally shift in positive ways whether consciously or not. And again, all that contributes to collective consciousness.

It’s fascinating to watch. With social media, it seems to have sped up exponentially. All this also opens the doors to helpful positive energy flowing and made available to all. The recipients of kindness and compassion also play their part with gratitude and, perhaps, a shift toward mirroring those traits in the future.

This is how a single simple seeming act of kindness and/or compassion can have the butterfly effect. Are you in?

Part two of this message is to start. If you don’t start, how can you finish? If you don’t start, how can you realize your desires? Start what? Anything. If whatever it is seems too big, too complicated, too overwhelming, start anyway. Take a piece of it and begin there. That forward momentum will help move energy to assist you. And, as you accomplish a small piece of whatever it is, it will feel less complicated and overwhelming and you will find the motivation to continue.

All this ties together because as you begin anything with an open heart and you feel the expansion of love as you do it, with the current energies you are not contributing to the butterfly effect… you are as if many butterflies are flapping their wings in unison and unity and it can be a beautiful thing.

Make a conscious effort to be kind and compassionate to all life. Feel the “lifeblood” of that. Feel the future potential in each act. And know that you matter. You, all by yourself, can change everything for the better. But, you must begin. In any way and at any level where you can do it with an open heart and joy (even if the joy is in getting the project done). Intend kindness through joy and love. Intend kindness every moment of every day. Because, guess what? You then attract kindness through joy and love right back to you. And, all that continues to feed collective consciousness in a desirable way with desirable results for all.

That’s worth doing. Get started today. You are supported by the Universe. You are not alone – far from it. So, go. Do something positive and kind today. I can feel those butterflies at the ready!

And so it is if you will take the first step and begin… Maholo… You are loved!


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