Beliefs and Disorders and Diseases

January 23, 2016

It is important as you progress in your understanding of the relationship between beliefs and disorders and diseases, that you remember that those identified relationships are guidelines only. Our beliefs are amazingly interconnected. They run throughout our entire lives and even encompass ancestral beliefs and other dimensions and times. The entire interconnection between beliefs and disorders and diseases can be as interwoven as the most exquisitely intricate tapestry design.


So, given all that, it is important that we don’t rush to conclusions – that, and the many other factors that could be impacting what is presenting. If someone presents with a disorder or disease, use the identified beliefs as guidelines (if you need that type of assistance) to figure out the best way to proceed. Just because someone presents with something doesn’t necessarily mean that it was caused by pre-identified beliefs, nor does it automatically mean it has anything to do with them.

We all have our own life plans. Unless we connect into the energy of Creation, the Divine energy of All There Is, we cannot possibly know all the intricacies of a person’s life plan and what they came here to do and experience… and their Divine Timing. That’s why it is critical to connect fully to the Divine energy of Creation when assisting someone with a disorder or a disease. You can change beliefs until the cows go home, but if they are not related to this particular person’s issue, the issue will – at best – change for a limited time. Most likely, it will not change at all.

Always ask first and then go from there. That’s the way to ensure that you are on the right track with the cause of any disorder or disease. Otherwise, you’re letting your mind decorate it with what you believe to be true. That may or may not be the truth of the matter.

The bottom line here, apart from the obvious, is to work on feeling comfortable connecting to the energy of the Divine and trusting what you receive. That’s the key. The more comfortable you feel with and the more you trust that connection, the more you will actually remember to connect first and form your opinion later. The energy of All There Is, is timeless and powerful and all-knowing. It is the energy of all life with all the experiences that each life has and will have. That is a wonderful place to begin your exploration of assisting someone.

You can do this. If you need practice, practice. If you need assistance with changing beliefs that keep you from believing that you can do this, get it. It will be so worth it! Just remember… not much here is as it seems. Why would the causes of disorders and diseases be any different? Granted, pre-identified beliefs are stellar in understanding a likely part of the issue. But, just remember that they may not be related in any way. Connect to Source and ask (with permission from the person, of course). It’s time for all of us to remember who and what we are. That also involves releasing our need to control by allowing the mind to decorate based on what we think we know or that others tell us is so. Just breathe. You can do this because it is who you already are.

Honoring all that is you and connecting in love and joy and peace…

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

PS Thanks to Beaded Tapestry Spiral by wolfepaw at DeviantArt.

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