Displacement in Your Own Life

January 23, 2018

There seems to be a fair amount of discontent at the moment. People are feeling out of sorts and not quite right and not quite able to direct the flow of their lives as they want. So, what’s causing this?

People are feeling “displacement in their own lives”. Interestingly enough, when you go to find a precise definition of displacement, you will find many – each associated with a topic. In other words, displacement means one thing related to one topic and something else for another.

So, how do you know what is relevant here? Ask! It seems that the discontent is happening because people are being shifted “off track”. They had an established forward path and felt relatively comfortable with it, perhaps even complacent. However, for whatever reason, their position relative to that path has shifted and now they feel displaced in their own lives.

Typically when shifts happen and the reason is unknown, it is because a subconscious belief(s) is causing fear. Why would a belief displace a person? From a spiritual perspective, it is most likely because the forward progression on the path has sped up and there is fear that it is happening too fast. This often is accompanied by the need to control the direction of and speed with which forward movement on the path is going. So, you feel out of control but you don’t consciously recognize that – yet. This can cause immense discontent and a feeling that you don’t know how to proceed. It feels like the “old” isn’t working but there isn’t a “new” presenting itself.

So, breathe. If this is you right now, just pause and breathe. It’s all going to work out. First and foremost, is to re-align with your higher self and soul. Through just this one thing, you can begin to shift into either a better relationship with the path you had already chosen or you can shift into a path that better suits your expanding consciousness and understandings. Either can work. It’s a matter of whether you choose the path with the beautiful vistas along the way or a path that will “just get you there”. You get to choose – believe it or not. And some will choose to not sight-see along the way. That’s fine. It’s about you, not them. The more you can be consciously aligned with all of you, the better you can assist those who are important to you – just by living and enjoying your own extraordinary vibration.


Would you like to be re-aligned with your higher self and your soul, allowing the beautiful flow of energy and consciousness not only “to you” but “from you” to your most expanded version? Because… connection and alignment is not a one way street. It is an opening into more expansion and understanding of being part of and BEing Source energy – the Divine Energy of Creation. When you are out of alignment and balance and connection with those versions of you, you will feel discontent and discord. You can easily feel and be displaced in your own life. You shift to slow down or stop the connection. You shift out of fear in this case. What you are feeling is the desire to release the underlying fear and shift back into alignment.

So, say “yes-re-align” to allow that shift through all layers and levels and understandings and versions of you simultaneously. Intend for the underlying fear to instantaneously resolve and dissolve, being replaced with the energy of love and joy and peace. Hold the vision of full connection and alignment with your soul. See yourself as One energy, not separate. Know yourself as such. Feel it. Touch it. Rejoice in it. For so it is if you allow it to be… Thank you Creator!

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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