Creating, Perspective, and Divine Timing

June 13, 2018

Hello dear friends. How has everyone been? Things are moving along quite actively these days. I hope that you have mastered getting your thoughts under control so random ones aren’t interfering with your creations. That can be quite disappointing. It’s more important than ever because the time between the desire and the manifestation is either instantaneous or very short – usually! (note: that includes creating health and well-being!)

And that brings up another point to remember… Divine Timing. For a long time I had a “negative” bias against Divine Timing (I know. Crazy, right?). I had this sense that it limited the manifestation of my creations. If I am a Creator/co-Creator, then I should have full “control”. However, the caveat here is that most creations involve others, even if tangentially. Therefore, your manifestation is coordinated from the beginning of everyone and everything involved. That can be a lot of coordination! And, sometimes, what you desire will be better heard, better recognized, better accepted, better anything if it happens when other things are in play – and that is what Divine Timing is all about. So, if your creation doesn’t manifest right away, check to see if Divine Timing is a factor. I believe you can change Divine Timing. But, delve carefully because you may not know all the factors and implications to achieve the very best (which is presumable what you want).

Perspective is also another key point to consider these days. Perspective always makes me smile because I remember the parable that, summarized, says that if you take a number of blind folks and position them around an elephant (each with no prior knowledge of elephants) and ask each to describe it, imagine what you would hear! Perspective. If you are contemplating adjustments to Divine Timing, explore all perspectives first (note: and do you know you have covered them all?). A key tenet is “do no harm”. Be aware that, inadvertently, you may cause harm if everything isn’t considered and if you don’t get “confirmation” first. Just saying…

So, if you are discouraged about your creations not showing up and/or not showing up in a timely manner, there are some steps you can take. Ask: “Am I allowing my creation now?” If the answer is no, explore why that is the case. Ask: “Is my creation aligned with my Divine Timing?” If the answer is no, explore the time frame within which it would be aligned and any other reasons it might not be aligned. Don’t ask “Am I doing this right?” because, from Source perspective, there is no wrong. But, if you are concerned about your understanding of creating what you desire, you might ask “Am I creating from love? Am I creating in the way that is best for me at this time? Am I fully and consciously connected to the Divine Energy of Creation/Creator/God/Source/etc. when I send my desire forward? (note: for some of you, there is no need to “send your desire forward” because your intention and expectation is that it automatically happens BECAUSE you desire it; but that is a function of what beliefs you hold about it)”. Explore any no responses to find out what is at the core of the issue.


It’s very exciting to know that you have the capability to, the right to, and you deserve to be able to create your reality consciously and quickly. So, if things aren’t happening as you believe they should, check into it a bit. It may just be that a little patience puts everything exactly perfectly positioned to provide you with the best experience. Or, you may find a touch of belief work will do the trick. The big take-away is to not give up or become discouraged. Remember who you are and where you came from and what you are capable of as such. Tapping into and allowing your own Divinity begins the process. Being in each moment and being aware brings that energy into focus. Focusing that energy manifests what you create. Are you ready for it???!!! I bet you are! Because, you rock! You are amazing. You are unique. And you are simply and Divinely you. Believe in you. I do!

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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Divine Timing #2

October 20, 2017

Well, Divine Timing is certainly resonating with many right now – so much so that I would like to offer some additional beliefs and downloads about it. And, if you care to share your non-serving beliefs about it, I will also shift those for you. My Facebook page is an easy place to do this.

I’m seeing Divine Timing right now as a part of our collective puzzle. All the parts are scattered. But, pieces are being pulled toward their place and are being “locked in”. And therein lies an issue for some. In that feeling of being locked in, are fears of being limited and controlled. Some of that was addressed in my recent Divine Timing post. But, evidently, there is even more. The puzzle of Divine Timing is coming together quickly now and individuals are being energetically encouraged to pay attention in life and follow guidance and intuition. When the puzzle is complete, our group consciousness is in for a huge shift in understanding and perception. As pieces of the puzzle click into place, you can already see the shift in what is acceptable and what is not. You can also clearly see the group resistance to change. Whatever you can do to embrace and resonate with your own Divine Timing will exponentially help the whole.


So, here are a few more beliefs.

DT is scary.
DT feels scary.
If I accept my DT, I will submit to being controlled.
If I accept my DT, I will be locked in and can never get out.
If I accept my DT, I will be at the will of the group.
If I accept my DT, I will no longer have individual choice.
If I accept my DT, my desires will no longer count.
If I accept my DT, my voice will no longer be heard.
If I accept my DT, my life will change and I will not be safe.
If I accept my DT, I become a pawn.
If I accept my DT, I might as well be dead.
DT is my friend. – no


Beliefs are beliefs and feelings are feelings and nothing more. All can be changed. However, sometimes beliefs are tied in to other beliefs as tangents. Sometimes beliefs come from a seemingly unrelated source. And yet, they are related. That’s why (among other potential factors) sometimes when you clear the obvious beliefs, the issue doesn’t completely resolve.

Feelings of fear of being controlled and locked in and not having choice and not being heard and not being safe and being a pawn in a larger scenario could come from an infinite array of experiences, both personal and observed. So, the beliefs can be cleared but if you have some of these, please take the time to investigate the original origin. I will offer a clearing that has the potential to resolve the origin for you but you may not accept it because you feel that, somehow, it is keeping you safe. After the clearings and downloads, ask if there is more for you. Ask if you are willing to allow a shift of the core issue. If you get “no”, go through the beliefs and ask for each one, including the beliefs in the recent Divine Timing blog. You will then know where you might want to focus your efforts.

Accepting your Divine Timing will happen because you chose and designed for it to. How it happens and the ease with which it happens is up to you. You have already accepted your Divine Timing multiple times and survived! Think back to big events, big choices, times when you felt compelled to do or be or say something… Those times were you interfacing with your Divine Timing. And, you made it!

I keep being shown the importance of Divine Timing for each of us. Many are being moved, willing or not so much, toward another key part of what they chose to do or be or facilitate in some way. Being a part of a beautiful puzzle is not different from being part of the beautiful tapestry of life, the beautiful symphony of life, the collective expression of life. Why not choose to consciously embrace the love and gift of Spirit that is being presented to you per your own choice before you came into this life. It’s up to you. You always have choice even if the choice is in how you perceive what is happening.


Would you like Creator’s truth on all this once again; that you are always safe; that you are infinitely supported; that you are incredibly loved; that you are always have assistance available but for the desire for it; that you are ready for your DT; that you are worthy and deserving to experience it in the most wonderful way and with ease and flow; that it is possible for you to; that it is safe for you to; changing your truth to Creator’s truth on all this? Would you like the beliefs listed above changed to “I AM Divine love”?

Would you like to be aligned, harmonized and balanced with your Divine Timing now for all times, versions, aspects, expressions, locations, layers and levels of you and in all understandings? Would you like to be shown how to embrace your DT timing with joy and exuberance? Would you like Creator’s truth on what DT really is vs. what you think it is, changing your truth to Creator’s? Would you like to know how to have, know, believe, BE, and act from these truths and that it is safe to in every way?

And will you allow the energy of the Divine to go to the core beliefs and shift and change those for your highest and best here and now?

If others post their non-serving beliefs on Divine Timing, would you also like those shifted to “I AM Divine love” only if it is best for you?

If so, say “yes – Divine timing!” and allow yourself to experience the flow and generation of Divine love within and to and from you.

Sometimes we believe and feel we are disconnected from that flow and generation and focus of Divine love, but that is not true. When we can move past our fear and allow and trust that flow to serve us, to embrace us, to guide us, to renew us… we can then offer a more connected and brilliant expression of Divine love to others. It is amazing. It is beautiful. It is yours. It is mine. And, together, we can shift out of allowance of anything other than expressions of Divine love. Are you in?

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God) …Linda

PS Thanks to Scary Mommy for the pic.

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