You Can Shift a Paradigm. Are You Willing?

July 12, 2014

We are watching as the constriction of duality – that I am right and you are wrong energy – is once again coming to the surface to be healed.  We feel we have to change others to make them like us.  We feel we have to force conformity and a lower truth of unity in order for us all to get along.  Violence, when tracked back to its origin, is fear.  Fear that if others don’t think and feel as I do, then I am not safe.  So, we act in the way that we have come to know over eons – force.  But, force against force offers no permanent resolution.  The ego wants justice and it wants it now.  Retaliation.  Retribution.  Revenge.  It’s a cycle that, in the past, continues on.

It is time for us to shift from “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” into the understanding that we are all the same.  We all have needs and desires that can be fully realized without another experiencing less.  We are all safe.  We are all Divine in nature.  We can use our own unique Divine power to raise the vibration of all and to shift out of old paradigms for good without the “need” for violence or hate or feeling deprived in any way, including being deprived of the knowing of safety.

Those on the front line of these large paradigm shifts where we release our self-generated separations and boundaries, are confronting an amazing personal challenge.  How do you shift something so completely ingrained in the fabric of our BEing in this 3D life, in mass and collective consciousness?  They do it through love.  Unconditional love.  And, yes, on the front lines it can play out in self-sacrifice for the good of the whole.

At the heart of every human being is the soul essence of unconditional love.  It is that level of understanding of love that is Source energy – the energy of all life combined.  Within that energy, we recognize ourselves in others.  We recognize that there is nothing to fear.  Fear is non-existent.  When we glimpse what the highest truth of the Creator is at that Source level, we come to realize that we are all coming home.  We are all remembering and re-connecting to the highest versions of ourselves.  And, violence and hatred and all the other less than loving and joyful energy is no longer sustainable.

The pathway to achieving this is for us all to work together for peace.  BE that peace.  Radiate that peace.  Think that peace.  Know nothing but that peace.  As we work on our own beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, we more fully become that peace.

Would you like Creator’s truth on all this; how to see Source in every living thing; how to appreciate every life as if it were as precious as your own; how to see the soul essence within every life, how to acknowledge it, and how to embrace it no matter the outward display; how to treasure the life that is you and the life that resides in all others; changing your truth to Creator’s highest and best truth; how to have, know, BE, believe, and act from that truth in your life now; what that feels like in every way; for all times, versions, locations, and expressions of you; gently releasing all beliefs that would stand in your way of understanding all this, only for your highest and best, with grace and ease, and without trauma, drama, and/or dis-ease of any type and without the need to create and/or re-create situations to prove it to you; downloading you with whatever teachings and feelings you need related to this fully and completely; and releasing the anger, hate, hurt, fear, and other negative energies you hold related to this, again only for your highest and best and in the highest and best way?  If so, say “yes – peace” and allow Creator to work magic within you filling you with the beautiful sparkling joyful and peaceful love of the Source energy that is us all.

For those of you who are ThetaHealers®, would you like to know that you are completely capable of offering truth and downloads and clearings in the highest and best way now; that you know how to; that you know what it feels like to; that it is safe for you to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to now and that you do now? And would you like to have Creator’s truth on being ethical and respecting the rights and free will of others when you do this; changing your truth to Creator’s and giving you everything you need to be consciously ethical in all your dealings with self and others, with no exceptions?  If so, say “yes – capable” and allow Creator to offer that to you now, infusing every cell and all the space in-between with Creator’s truth and unconditional love and peace.

worldMahalo dear friends.  Let there be peace on earth and good will toward all life everywhere – NOW.  You, yes you, can make a difference no matter where you are, who you think you are, or how your life is playing out.  Ask for guidance from Source.  Listen for it.  Watch for it.  Then follow it.  It will work.  It already is.  Radiate love from your heart like the beautiful sun that you are.  Shine your Divine Light everywhere, no exceptions.  Become conscious of your Divine power and use it.  You are so much more than you know.  Trust.  Believe.  Radiate the love that is you.  Mahalo



From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours, Linda

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Light vs. Dark

April 30, 2013

There is so much to share with you these days, beautiful souls!

What if… What if there is no dark?  What if there never has been?  What if the concept of darkness is merely a construct of the lower dimensions to help the mind understand – behaviors, events, anything that does not fit the understood definition of God.

And, what if there was an easy and simple way to not only pull yourself out of the 3D thinking around it but to also manifest Light for yourself every day AND to help shift mass and collective consciousness out of the thinking of Light vs. dark, good vs. evil, us vs. them?  Would you do it?  Would you give yourself enough leeway to begin to actually believe it?

This is now my truth.  I have now passed beyond believing into knowing it as truth.  I didn’t come to this understanding from reading books or listening to others speak.  I came to this truth from listening to Creator and listening to my own inner heart wisdom.  And now, I am sharing what I know so that you can make choices about how you want to live and experience and learn and create and share and BE in the here and now.

So, are you ready?  Are you ready for the simple way to change your life for the better?  Of course you are or you wouldn’t be here reading this!  Here it is… Every morning and every evening say to yourself with as much conviction as you can muster “There is only Light.”  Feel that.  Believe that as best you can.  Then, step two is as you go about your day, every time there is something that happens that you consider good, attribute it to the Light and reaffirm “There is only Light.”  It’s that simple and easy.

What this does, my beautiful friends, is change your vibration.  It raises your vibration and it sends the new vibration out into the world.  You begin to tell the Universe “I desire and expect only Light.”  Through the Law of Attraction, that is then what sets up to flow to you.  Every thought you think goes into both mass and collective consciousness.  Imagine what shifts could happen if everyone (or even some) regularly sent affirmations to our group consciousness that “There is only Light.”!!!  At some point, that will shift the energy.  What a blessed day that will be!  And, you can impact and be a positive part of that by simply, but regularly, taking these two simple steps to freedom.  Freedom from the confines of the construct of “darkness”.  For that’s all it is… a confining, limiting, divisive, construct of the mind in an attempt to understand life and why it is the way it is.

It’s time for a change – a beautiful sparkling brilliant joyful amazing shift in understanding and consciousness.  Are you ready to be the change you want?  I AM!  Let’s just do it!

Would you like Creator’s truth on Light and on darkness, changing your truth to Creator’s and whatever else Creator knows you need related to this?  If so, say “yes! – Light”.  And would you like the same for the statement “I AM the Light.”?  If so, say “yes! – I AM”.  For so it is and so it has always been and will always be.  You are powerful and beautiful and amazing and brilliant and Light-filled beyond measure.  You only need to remember that.

Blessings of Light filled days filled with joy and amazing things…


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