Collective Consciousness Frequency Shift Part 2

May 3, 2019

Yesterday, I shared with you what I discovered about what was happening with odd occurrences (some very bizarre!) and with feelings of isolation, despair, hopelessness, and a less than stellar connection with Source energy.

Today, I’d like to expand on it and share “Part 2”. I touched on this yesterday but didn’t elaborate. The downloads yesterday addressed the release of your ties to any negative impact moving the radio dial towards a higher frequency would bring, related to the odd occurrences and the feelings listed above – especially as they relate to others and what they are experiencing and feeling.

But, there is another component part to this shifting of frequency to a higher resonance for all of us. I was shown this as the equivalent energy to a teenager learning how to drive a stick shift. The teen is all excited and ready to go and anticipating what driving the car will mean to his or her reputation and status and overall everything! And then the teen, going at a tidy clip, shifts into the wrong gear. OUCH! Screeching, grinding, and both exhilaration and fear all rolled into one explode. This is also a common energy during this time of change in collective consciousness. As One, as part of the whole and AS the whole, we are also in tune with that both in ourselves and in all others. Whew! Just understanding that feels tiresome to me!


Would you like to only feel and be positively impacted by the overall change in frequency, of both yourself and collective consciousness? Would you like to know that it is possible to choose this and it is possible for you to choose this? Would you like to not feel guilty when you are not experiencing it but you see others are? Would you like to know that you standing strongly in love and joy and peace is helping others greatly during these times of change? Would you like to have Creator’s truth that you doing that is enough (i.e. that you don’t have to struggle to do more for those who will not or cannot yet accept it)? Would you like to have truth on it being safe to bypass the potential trauma and drama and hurt and confusion and the like? And would you like a teaching on how to move forward with all this easily and effortlessly and with lots of joy and anticipation and excitement and the feeling of purpose? If so, say “yes I choose this!” and allow the fullness and richness and awesomeness of pure Divine energy to flow to and through and from you in joyful adoration of you (which includes the joyful adoration of all life since we are all part of the One). Breathe it in. Allow it to shift whatever within you needs to shift to make it happen, knowing you are safe, honored, respected, and infinitely and always dearly loved by the Divine Energy of Creation. And so it is if you allow it to be…

Mahalo y’all…Enjoy!

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