Needing a Push to Move Forward?

April 15, 2018

Do you feel like you are ready to leap from the ledge and into your most wonderful life but you just can’t seem to do it? If so, you’re not alone! Many people are poised to step into their greatness but they feel like they are stuck in a never-ending inertia.

If this is you, I suggest that you take a look at what I call your “God beliefs”. It’s like you are saying to yourself (consciously or not), “Well, I’m doing the best I can and I still don’t have what I want so God must not be pleased with me.” Oh my! So, with this, you are attributing judgement to God. You are falling into an old version of Christian teachings where God is an older man sitting on a throne in the sky on a cloud, watching you, and deciding if you have been naughty or nice. Then, God decides what punishment fits the crime. OH MY!!

From there, you flow into victimhood. It’s like “Since I’m doing the best I can, it’s what life throws at me and what other’s bring to me that are the cause of how I feel. I have no control over my life.” From that vantage, it is easy to flow into the thinking that God abandoned you, doesn’t have your back, and must not love you. Whew! Talk about feeling insignificant and being a victim…!

So, where do you go from there? Nowhere – even if those beliefs and feelings are subconscious. The fear is that if you move from your current situation, you may make it worse. You may not choose correctly. And again, you are feeling judged and judged unfairly. And, you begin to wonder if maybe God is right and you are not worthy. You see other people having a life like you want but you just don’t understand why you can’t take the leap and move into your own greatness. But, somewhere in your thinking, the gears are turning behind the scene telling you that you don’t deserve greatness and your best life, and don’t risk messing things up more.

Now, these feelings could have originated from any time and from any situation. Your evaluation of that time might not have been accurate i.e. it may not have originated from God’s truth, but from your own understanding of how you thought the world worked at that time. And one inaccurate understanding can build upon itself until you are determined to sabotage any forward movement.

So look at those God beliefs. What do you believe about God and your relationship to God? Sometimes those beliefs can be opposites too. An example would be holding the belief “God loves me” AND “God hates me.” Kind of scary stuff there unless you know you can change those beliefs…

Take a bit of time and sit at a computer. Think of the many ways you have feelings and relationships with people. Then apply those to your relationship with God. Write them all down. Energy test to see if you hold those beliefs and be sure to include the associated feelings. In other words, if you hold the belief “God hates me.”, how does that make you feel? This will give you beautiful insight into why you have not been willing to leap forward. Then, change those beliefs and feelings.

Here are some examples to get you started:

God loves me.
God hates me.
God believes I am a good person.
God believes in me.
God abandoned me.
God has my back.
God wants the best for me.
God is fair.
God knows I am worthy.
God protects me.

These are just a few. The interesting thing is that, in having these beliefs, you are attributing value judgement to God – a very human attribute that the Divine Energy of Creation doesn’t possess. When you give your understanding of God human characteristics and attributes, you are limiting your understanding of the energy that created everything. You are attempting to mold God into something that makes sense to you. That’s very human. But, in doing so, you limit yourself.

Allow your understanding of the Divine Energy of Creation to open up and blossom. Allow for every possibility and all possibilities. Do your best to not define that energy but to allow it to show you and teach you and help you to fly from the ledge to your greatness and release the fear that you don’t know how to fly. You do. Already. Allow the remembrance to flow to you.


Would you like an understanding of all this – the most expanded version you are willing to allow? If so, say “Yes – I desire to understand.” and allow the truth of all this to flow to and through you helping you to remember your own Divinity and the truth that you deserve a wonderful life, stellar experiences, amazing relationships, good abundance without measure, and personal intimate loving relationships with the beautiful soul you are and the Divine Energy of Creation and all life. For so it is if you allow it to be…

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God) … Linda

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“God Beliefs” Revisited – A Shift in Perspective

March 30, 2014

I am continually amazed by what I learn – especially related to finding beliefs. It is such fun!

I have often talked about what I call “God beliefs”. These are the bottom beliefs that one holds about Creator/God/Buddha/Shiva/Allah/etc. It would be beliefs like: I am loved by God. I am worthy of God’s love. Typically, we identify these beliefs from our perspective in this reality and phrase them in first person.

But, try this. Look at it from the perspective of what you think God/Creator thinks of you. This goes back to many religious teachings. If you believe there is a God in the sky separate from you that judges and ranks and plays favorites, you probably have a number of beliefs related to how you perceive God views you. Yikes.

Energy test for these and ones like them: (the ones with “no” after are ones that you may test “no” for and probably do not serve you)

Creator/God/Buddha/Shiva/Allah/etc. plays favorites.
Creator is judgmental.
Creator will use his wrath.
Creator ranks people.
Creator is separate from me.
Creator sees me as worthy. no
Creator sees me as deserving. no
Creator believes in me. no
Creator trusts me. no
Creator has my back. no
Creator is always there for me. no
Creator supports me. no
Creator loves others more than me.
Creator helps others more than me.
Creator supports others more than me.
Creator is always watching to see when I fail.
Creator hates me.
Creator sees me as a failure.
Creator thinks I should do more.
Creator thinks I’m good enough. no
Creator wants me. no
Creator would call on me to help others. no
Creator would call on me to teach others. no
Creator feels I am worthy to help others. no
Creator feels I am deserving to help others. no
Creator feels I am worthy to teach others. no
Creator feels I am deserving to teach others. no
Creator feels I am capable. no
Creator is disappointed in me.
Creator feels that I am worthless.
Creator feels I deserve bad karma.
Creator feels I deserve to be here alone and unsupported.

So you see the difference in perspective. These type beliefs are what you think Creator believes/feels about you. The list could go on forever. Hopefully, you have already cleared many of these and others by getting to the “God beliefs” from the first person perspective. But, our minds are clever. If we have an issue with Creator and we want to hold onto it for whatever reason, our minds will use words and definitions to say “well, we’ll release it this way but keep it the other way”. Does that make sense to you? It’s like clearing the belief “I am worthy of Creator’s love.” -no but keeping the belief via wording “Creator believes I am worthy of Creator’s love.” -no It has a similar negative impact. On the one hand you believe you are worthy but on the other you believe Creator doesn’t think so. Good grief! But, you have to admit the genius of it!

So take some time and sit with this and continue the list for yourself. Then, please share so that we can all benefit.

Would you like Creator’s truth on all these (note I am not having Creator change them outright because your mind would – somewhere, somehow – think something like who is she to know how Creator thinks!); changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have, know, believe and act from this truth; what it feels like; that it is safe for you to have this truth now; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to; for all times, versions, expressions, locations of you and your twin if you have one; in all languages and ways; and anything else Creator chooses for you that is related; only for your highest and best, with grace and ease; without trauma, drama, and/or illness and/or dis-ease of any type? If so, say “yes – thank you Creator” and allow the beautiful Light and love and truth of Creator to fill every cell in your body, in-between the cells, all layers and levels of you, and allowing you to embrace Creator’s truth as yours in every way.

This is an extraordinarily powerful clearing/healing/resolution/transformative change. See if you don’t agree.

worldAnd, since I believe anything is possible through Creator, would you like the exact same truth on any similar posted beliefs (either here on the blog or on Facebook where I will link this post) by others? If so, say “yes – thank you Creator” for each one and so it will be. Please share what you find. We are so incredibly blessed to be able to have this cleared for us in this beautiful soft gentle sparkly way!!!!! I am in wonder and awe all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you Creator for such a beautiful amazing gift! I love being a co-creator with you all.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… I love you! Linda



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