Are You A Healer?

November 22, 2013

There are so many many types of healing.  You don’t have to know a “technique” to heal others.  BEing you in the highest and best way you can is healing.  And the Mom who can make any kid stop crying in an instant… And the person who can calm a shivering frightened dog… And the teen who inspires other teens to share and give of themselves through the heart space… And those who share beautiful photos of their travels… And the person who helps a frail older person with a heavy package… And the co-workers who rally around a peer diagnosed with a serious illness… And the person who smiles with abandon to anyone and everyone… And the person who sings in a band…  And, and, and… Happy Group of People

What type of healer are you?  I would wager an AWESOME one!  Everyone, without exception, has something wonderful to offer.  It’s your choice whether you do or not; and if you value what it is you have to give.  It’s not about comparing yourself to others.  It’s about sharing the essence of you – who you really are – with others.  When you are in that space of pure joy, you are healing yourself and others, automatically.  Everyone has a healer within.  It’s only about whether or not you let that inner joy of you to come out and play.  Are you ready to claim your title as healer?  Are you ready to share the joy and wisdom that is you?  Are you ready to dance with abandon?  Are you ready to sing your heart out?  Are you ready to shine your pearly whites?  Are you there yet?  I see you and I acknowledge you and I love that you are you BEing you and that it is making a difference for us all.  You rock!

Would you like Creator’s truth on all this, changing your truth to Creator’s with anything else related that Creator chooses for you?  If so, say “yes – healer” to accept this beautiful gift of Spirit into your conscious awareness.

In joy and healing awesomeness of ALL kinds, Linda

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Awakening Your Intuitive Abilities and the Healer Within

January 28, 2011

As you are awakening your intuitive abilities, do you trust enough to allow them in?  ThetaHealing® is but one of many energetic healing modalities that will clear your energy pathways and open the door for your intuitive awakening.  However, if you will not allow yourself to trust what you receive, the pathways will most likely shut down over time.

There are various ways to receive intuitive information.

  • empathy – you feel what they feel
  • clairvoyance – you see things in your mind
  • clairaudience – you hear things in your mind
  • clairsentience – you just know without a doubt
  • precognition – you have information of events before they happen
  • telekinesis – you can move inanimate objects with your thought
  • telepathy – you hear the thoughts of others
  • feeling within your body – you feel energy within your body, most dominant in your chakras
  • prophecy – you receive a combination of the above

At first, it may seem like what you sense and receive is all in your imagination.  You may not be able to distinguish what is imagination and what is the awakening of your intuitive abilities.  This is a time when connecting with a spiritual mentor is extraordinarily helpful.  Taking classes in various forms of energy medicine and energetic healing would also be helpful.  Talking to others about their experiences can really help give you perspective and help you to trust.

As you practice – and yes, there are ways to practice – you will find that the connection becomes stronger and that your abilities increase, as with any other discipline you might choose.  Meditation is a great first step.  Yoga helps support the body.  Good nutrition also supports the body as it allows for the changes that the clear flow of the energy pathways provides.

ThetaHealing® classes will help.  In class, you will learn about how intuition and healing combine to allow a healer to go from being a good healer to an awesome healer.  You will learn how to unblock beliefs that you hold related to accepting your natural Spirit-given abilities and being worthy of having them.  You will learn how to believe in yourself and to trust your connection to the Source energy that runs through all life.

Now is an exciting time.  The energy of life is strong.  People are beginning to awaken to the power within themselves.  People are learning the impact they have over their own life and their own experiences.  Exploring this area of life and truth is becoming mainstream.  Nurses are now encouraged to train in energy medicine techniques.  Ministers and lay persons are checking it out.  Celebrities and others are seeing the benefits and are sharing their successes and experiences.  So, what about you?  Is it your time?  If you are reading this, it is.

Come join me on this adventure.  Design your life.  Strengthen your connection.  Take control.  You can do it!  Just give yourself the chance.

Wishing for you the awakening of the power and joy within,

Theta Healing Connect
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