Helping Patterns and Systems Serve in the Highest and Best Way For All

June 2, 2015

Many of you are taking your time to connect deeply with Source and to then share that level of vibration and love and peace with others. I like to facilitate the remembrance of this connection to Source energy to “all life everywhere”, independent of ego, independent of look, independent of any presentation of that life. Just love and soul connection from One to One.

This brings me to something I am guided to share. For those of you who do this, there is another facet of this that would really like some polishing. Patterns. Systems. There are many pattern and systems that are in play. Some are in the background; some not. Many of these are no longer serving us in the highest and best way as we progress spiritually and as we collectively raise our vibration. These patterns and systems can benefit from the same love and Source connection as many of you are already sharing.

So what is a pattern or a system? A pattern might be the way a culture or a religion has “always done things”. A system might be how a government operates or how one environment fosters one way of doing things vs. another. There are many of both.

For those of you with whom this resonates, take a moment to connect fully and lovingly and completely with Source. Feel it. Know it. Remember it. BE it. Now expand that BEingness and knowingness and feeling and energy outward in every direction to infinity with the intention that it include patterns and systems. Nothing else is needed – no parameters, no borders, no limits, no expectations. Just a trust that Source will work with all in the highest and best way, and that by raising your own vibration with the intention to share, as desired and needed, you are helping all that would accept to do so.


This is a wonderful easy rewarding awesome way to help others. You can do it anytime, anyplace, and in a variety of ways (through connection to nature or animals or art or body movement with the intention to share that joy and love and connection with patterns and systems). And, the impact is the same.

Mahalo and keep shining your beautiful Light. I see you and you are AMAZINGLY beautiful and awesome and powerful and generous and loving. Keep it up. It suits you!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours…

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Healing Mass and Collective Consciousness

November 2, 2012

As the world rapidly shifts and changes, many people find they have a difficult time adjusting.  Thoughts go to doom and gloom and despair.  All those thoughts draw together to form what has been called mass consciousness, which is part of collective consciousness.  Mass and collective consciousness impact the energy of humanity, the earth, and all that is of the earth – both positively and negatively.

It is possible to energetically clear and heal mass and collective consciousness just as you are able to facilitate healings with individuals.

I have a beautiful meditation that will help you to send healing light and love for this purpose.

Meditation to Heal Mass and Collective Consciousness©

Take a few deep breaths and relax the body and mind.  Focus your attention on your heart.  Watch as your heart becomes a beautiful ball of sparkling golden white Light.  Feel it.  Know it.  Be thankful for it.  And now, begin to expand that Light – filling your body, and beginning to extend from your body.  See it go to every cell of your body, cleansing and energizing every cell.  See the Light in every cell begin to brighten.  See the space between the cells filled with this beautiful Light.  Know in every way that this is the Light and love of your Divine self.  Know that this part of you is the part of you connected to and part of the Creator of All There Is.  Feel the power of that.  Feel the awesomeness of that.

Now, visualize mass/collective consciousness as a large brooding cloud.  See lightning bolts emerge from it if that helps you.  Watch as the beautiful Light of creation, the Light of God flows and expands from your heart.  Watch as this unlimited flow of healing Light flows from your heart to the cloud of mass and collective consciousness.  See it go to the very center of the cloud.  Watch that tiny spark of Divine Light grow and brighten from within until it is so bright the radiant sun emerges from the center, dissipating all the darkness and replacing it with the radiance and love of God.  Watch as that cloud, your energy, and the universal life energy all become One in wholeness and love – brilliant and bright and clear. Know and understand that you are watching mass and collective consciousness be cleared of all your contributions that are anything less than love.  Know and understand that any contributions of that type are being cleared, healed, resolved, and transformed to Unity Consciousness within the energy of unconditional love.  Know that the clearing of your contributions, along with others who clear their contributions, will help heal the entirety of mass and collective consciousness and positively impact the energy of the planet and humanity.  Know it.  Feel it.  See it.  Hear the sweet song of success and joyful celebration.  Offer the same clearing, healing, resolution, and transformation to any and all who would accept it… Watch it happen.  Know it happened.  Feel it happen.  And rejoice.

Then when you are ready, see your conscious awareness showered in a cascade of sparkling rainbow-colored clearing water.  Bring it back into your body, to your heart.  See it reach to the center of the earth to connect to the grounding energy.  Watch as it comes back up to rest as a ball of glowing light just above your crown chakra.  And, give thanks…

You have now helped heal mass and collective consciousness, the earth, all that is of the earth, and all humanity by that one action.  Don’t ever doubt that it is possible.  Believe that you – yes you, one individual – can make a profound difference for all.  For, it is true.

I hope you enjoy this meditation and will use it regularly.  Just remember to have clear and loving intent throughout the entire process.  Have your intent be that any meditations and healing energy you send be for the highest and best good.  Know that not everyone wants to be healed or helped.  But know that those who do will be…

Believe, my friends.  It all works.  It’s all a wonderful gift.  And each and every one of us is capable – right now – of doing this successfully and with real tangible results.  We’re all in this together.

Blessings of peace and peacefulness to each of you,

(updated re-post from 3/2010)

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