What Just Pinged Me?!

August 31, 2018

Pay attention. Be aware.

We all are continually learning and experiencing and discovering new things about ourselves. It’s part of what makes life fun. One way to access really hidden and unknown things about yourself is to be aware about how you feel as you experience life. If you notice that something catches your attention, or you feel something that you wouldn’t expect to feel, pay attention. Ask questions. Get to the bottom of the “why”.

I’ll give you a recent example. A while back, the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge decided to make changes to protect their brand and to keep the Theta Healing message consistent. We were given descriptive language to use, guidelines for teaching, and we were asked to not have the words “Theta Healing” in our business name.

After over seven years of building my “brand” – ThetaHealingConnect – and having it be identifiable and recognizable, I asked if I could be granted an exception. They had already considered those like me who were already established and generously grandfathered us in. And now we teach new students about the importance of a consistent message worldwide.


Recently, after a blog post, I received a public message on Facebook asking if I had permission to use ThetaHealing in my business name. I did not know the person asking. I checked to see if she worked for the Institute and she did not. But, I felt like it was a legitimate question even though it could have been phrased differently. And, that was the thing… because of the wording, it made me feel like my integrity was being questioned and it felt very uncomfortable. So, a simple question (seemingly) but an unexpected feeling – like someone felt they had caught me doing something wrong and they were going to make it right. Oh my.

What did I do? (And here is a great example of how using Theta on yourself can work…) I paused and then I asked. What was this about really? I understood that it was about being disturbed that someone (even someone who doesn’t know me) would question my integrity. But, again paying attention, it felt like more. So, I asked Creator to take me to the first time I ever noticed having my integrity questioned. Wow, was I taken by surprise!

I was taken to a time when I was a very little girl (probably under six). My mother was out with my brother, me, and my little sister. A woman stopped by and was gushing about how beautiful my little sister was. She had long blonde wavy ringlets, blue eyes, and a heart shaped face. She was adorable, no doubt. But, the lady never mentioned the other two children standing right there. I learned – even at that tender age – that people made judgments based solely on looks. I’m considering this and it didn’t make sense related to having my integrity seemingly challenged. That’s the awareness. So, I asked to go deeper. What was this about? And I was shown how it bothers me whenever anyone is judged by how they look and not by their character (in the news a lot these days, right?). I was shown a “What Would You Do?” type blip where a more average looking waitress was suspected of stealing tip money without a second look at the very pretty other waitress. I was quickly shown a few other examples. Still I was a bit puzzled.

It was made clear that we have a “primitive brain” or instinctual brain that we have used since at least cave man times. We had split seconds to determine the threat level of a person or situation so we could act appropriately in time to not be killed or eaten. We still have that DNA. We still have that area of the brain. And, we still use it though not in the same way exactly. It benefits us to make an instant evaluation of a person and the threat level that person may present. We know we can always adjust that evaluation if we are incorrect. And, the other person never need know, right? (Even though they do the same thing whether consciously or not.) It’s that “judgment” about someone based on instant impressions – even if that included intuition and energy assessment – that was coming to blows with my current spiritual beliefs.

It was a true gift to have all that brought to my conscious attention. I was able to resolve some unresolved feelings related to my sister. I was able to address the conflict in beliefs. I was able to understand with more clarity the “need” to evaluate/judge/assess someone on the basis of things other than who they really are and their character; and also how everyone can learn to do that “evaluation” intuitively, which will include character and the wholeness of the person and where they are in their connection to Source in the moment. It was rich with learning and wisdom and clarity and I am very grateful. And, look at the level of grace and ease used to bring it to my attention! I am in awe really. Pretty perfect other than it just dropping from the sky into my conscious awareness. I honestly don’t know how you would make that happen with all that was included.

So, the bottom line is pay attention and be aware of how you feel about all things. It’s important. And, it can show you so much about yourself that you have either hidden or just don’t know about. That’s a great thing to know when you are creating your life as you go. If you don’t know what you really think and feel, guess what?! You won’t allow your creation in and/or you will delay it until things resolve. While things are showing up so very fast now, I’d rather know ahead of time so I’m not wondering “where’s the beef” when I expect something to show up. Wouldn’t you?

And, it was also a good thing to look at my initial response to the situation. Intellectually, I knew the question was legitimate. The lady was being loyal and protective of a great meditative energy technique. She went to me first. All in all, no issue. Yet, it distressed me. The feeling I had instantly was almost like the reverse of what bothered me. Luckily, I paid attention in Theta class (hehehe), and did what I call “The ThetaHealing Mantra” – ask Creator. And, I did what I taught myself – pause. Take a moment to release from the energy and then ask what all of it is about. Don’t worry if you don’t feel experienced in receiving answers – yet. Expect that they will come. Look for clues all around you. Creator hears you and will respond in the best way for you in the moment of now – however you may know and believe it now. Perhaps a friend will say something out of the ordinary; perhaps the news will highlight a similar thing; perhaps something in a book catches your eye… it can be any number of ways. Don’t second guess it. Just expect and pay attention and be aware. Good things to do all the way around.

And, last but not least, love and gratitude to the lady who innocently brought me all this wealth of self-understanding. I am blessed.

Happy Holiday for many and Happy Every Day for all…

Mahalo… Linda

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