Layers of Truth and Intuition

November 6, 2017

When people begin to open to their intuitive abilities, they get excited – and rightfully so. It’s when they also want to use those gifts to help others that a caveat is in order.

I’ve written multiple times about truth being on a continuum for us here in the now. Where you “plug in” to truth makes a difference. That connection is a result of your current frequency and vibration. That truth may change at any time given your own circumstances, and multiple truths can be valid simultaneously. That’s why judging people based on their current understanding of truth is not valid or helpful.


All that said, when you begin to open to your intuitive gifts and you begin to share what you know with others, it is important to know that what you receive may be a “layer of truth” and not necessarily the core truth. This leads me to again offer my ThetaHealing mantra – “Ask Creator!”.

When you are looking at an issue and you desire truth and clarity on it, you may tap into a layer of truth that, if used by itself, would not lead you to a lasting resolution. That’s why it is useful when you get to that understanding to ask questions like “Is this the core of the issue?”, “Is this where we need to start?”, “Will this understanding lead to a resolution of the issue?”. The key is to understand where you might be tapping in related to the continuum of truth about the issue at hand. Otherwise, you may only be understanding on a very surface level and your efforts to resolve the issue may be fleeting at best.

If you are new to accessing your intuitive abilities, be sure to allow time and space for the answer to come. Impatience can be challenging to deal with when you are excited about helping others. But, know that finding the core of an issue will really help in permanently resolving it.

Intuition is fun and beautiful and can be extremely valuable for yourself and for others. If you will take the time to find the core of an issue, you will easily build on your success and gather confidence in your intuitive abilities. If you don’t access the core, you may have temporary success but you will, over time, begin to doubt your abilities as you see the long-term results of your efforts diminish. Don’t let this happen to you when it is so easy to address… Ask Creator!… and allow the answers to flow.

Happy sharing! Mahalo…

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What Happens When You Don’t Follow Intuition?

February 22, 2014

You know that feeling.  It’s a sinking feeling in your gut.  Or perhaps you suddenly feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason.  Your higher self is watching out for you.  Your higher self wants you to be joyful and safe and ready to explore the fullness and richness of life.  It helps you by offering guidance.  If you are aware and you listen to that guidance – and you follow it – it will serve you well.

We go through life and have so many of those moments.  But, sometimes the mind questions what is received and you don’t act.  You look back on it and go “Why didn’t I believe in myself?!” and vow to not do that again.  But, later on when it happens again, you choose not to listen.

This happens to “seasoned” spiritual seekers as well – especially related to relationships.  We are given the “heads up”, often multiple times.  But, with relationships, we tend to talk ourselves out of taking direct action.  We tend to just let it slide and see what happens.  However, what typically happens is that at some point the relationship implodes or explodes as the choice point is no more.  Then we tend to feel blindsided, abandoned, unappreciated, hurt, angry, and on and on.  If, however, we pause and reflect, we saw it coming.  We knew it was going to happen but just not when and how it would play out.  Everyone experiences this at some point in their life.  If only we’d listen!

Yet listening is only the first step.  Then there is the choice for action.  If you don’t address what is being shown to you, it will play itself out automatically without you.  Well, actually, with you since it is the higher self coming to play.  The caveat then is to not blame the higher self and the Creator for not having your back.  They did!  It’s like when your Mom tells you not to touch the hot stove but you just can’t help yourself and you get burned.  Or the time your Dad told you not to leave your bike in the driveway so it gets nicked by the “Mom van” and you get in trouble.  Or the time you knew the relationship was taking a nose dive but you didn’t stop it then.  Inaction seemed like the easiest route.  And, sometimes you take action but it’s not enough.  You keep being guided step-by-step but you tend to try to massage the issue rather that just rolling up your sleeves and getting in there.

Your intuition – in whatever form you are able to access it – is there for a reason.  It is your Divine nature coming to help you out.  If you choose not to listen, that’s fine.  You’ll deal with what comes.  However, if you listen, take appropriate action, and then pause in gratitude and joy for the amazing gift, you will be well served.

Would you like to have Creator’s truth on intuition, changing your truth to Creator’s; how to trust it; when to; what it feels like to be aware of it and to trust it and to then act upon it in appropriate measure; that it is safe to do all that; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to do so now; that it is possible for you to now; all for your highest and best, with grace and ease; and without trauma, drama, and or dis-ease of any type; for all times, versions, locations, and expressions of you?  If so, say “yes – intuition” and allow those truths and understandings to flow to and infuse every cell of your body and all the infinite space in-between.

Sometimes the mind wants to second guess the intuition – especially if it may rock the boat.  Would you like to know how to follow your intuition when the mind gets involved, to know when you are actually experiencing intuition vs. “making it up”, and how to get the mind on board without trauma and drama and anything else the Creator of All There Is chooses for you personally related to this for your highest and best?  If so, say “yes – follow” to allow these understandings to flow to and through you.

We are amazing BEings with unlimited capacity.  As we remember this about ourselves, it is helpful to begin to pay attention to those little inner nudges.  They don’t always show as something negative.  Many times it will be your heart expanding in joy when you see someone you’ve never met in this lifetime.  Or you may just have a feeling to turn right instead of left and later find out you avoided a traffic snarl.  The more you trust that inner gift of the soul, the more joyful your life will be and you will look forward to and expect synchronicities and the amazing state of grace that sets up for you every day.  It’s a very good thing!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Namaste.  Linda


PS Thanks to Polychromes Palace on Etsy for the amazing picture.  Her work is beautiful, by the way.

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