Is This Holding You Back?

September 24, 2018

As souls, there are things we want to accomplish. The view from the soul’s vantage is likely quite impressive. And, the goals may be as well.

So, what happens when you are looking at your 3D life to be, and you wonder if you will become so immersed in the play of 3D life and experiences that you will lose sight of the “big” goal – of which 3D life is only a part? Well, you might instill within your DNA a roadmap that would keep you from enjoying the experience so much that you just weren’t willing to “keep on track” as you intended before you came. Ah…..

Are you experiencing issues with relationships, money, health, or anything that just won’t completely resolve no matter what you try and what you clear? If so, check to see if you have a program/belief/obligation/etc. that would “limit” you via the issue to ensure that you didn’t fully embrace life at it’s very best so that you could/would complete your agreed upon life plan.

This may not be your remedy – but it might be. If you find that you do have such a limit(s), resolve them throughout all layers and levels and times, including your DNA. Then, be sure to download yourself with a teaching on how to fully embrace and enjoy life here and now with no limitations, yet still also keep your focus on your life plan and the “big picture” that your soul holds and what that feels like. If you clear the limit but don’t do the download, you may find yourself feeling spiritually disconnected or “adrift” and without clear direction. If you feel resistance related to resolving such limits, investigate the fear. What is it you fear if you do? You may have a variation of the belief(s) that is better suited to your situation.

See if this resonates. It might make all the difference for you.

Mahalo… Linda


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