July 27, 2018

Now. What are you thinking and feeling right NOW? Believe it or not, that’s really important. And, it’s important that you are consciously aware of both and that you are choosing both in the moment. Why? Because that is the point of attraction, the point of creation, the point of the subsequent manifestation into 3D.


We get a lot of spiritual brain candy thrown at us. It’s interesting. But… A few years ago I kept getting over and over to be in the now and to focus on joy and fun (vs. other dimensions, other Beings, etc.). I had the understanding that doing that was more important than exploring other realms and what many term manifesting. The reason is the sustained increase in your vibration which then, in turn, attracts and resonates with like vibration. And, that’s in all areas – relationships, finances, work, play, spiritual, and what you are creating moment-to-moment.

Most of us, thankfully, have a lag time between the time we think and feel and generate a frequency that then attracts it’s like, and when what is attracted actually shows up. For most, that’s a real blessing because it can change. However, many have substantially lessened the lag time. That means thinking about something and having it either instantly show up, or show up relatively quickly. That can be awesome if you are consciously and purposefully creating. And so much fun…!!! But there is a caveat. If you aren’t in the now and if you aren’t aware of how you are thinking and feeling, any level of vibrational attraction is possible.

You are a creator – a spectacular and wonderful creator who co-creates with the energy of ALL. It may seem daunting and overwhelming and way too much responsibility to know this. However, whether you know and accept and embrace it all or not, you are still creating what you experience. You are just doing it without consideration and conscious choice. You are creating via vibration alone without consciously choosing what you want.

There is a hack for this! Just have your focus on the now and make the now as joyful and harmonious and fun as possible. Period. Easy. Then as you get used to what shows up and you continue to appreciate it and enjoy it, you will surely come to the point where you choose to consciously direct what is to be. Hooray! Just imagine what the world could be like if we all raised our vibration to it’s more expanded level and consciously chose what was to be.

Being in the now and having your focus be on joy and harmony and love and fun is the first step to remembering how to consciously create with your creations instantly manifesting. Are you ready to take this step and allow yourself to live this way? If so, be fully immersed in the now and make the now count and serve you well.

Mahalo…  Linda

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Consciously Living Life

May 5, 2016

What if you actually lived life? We tend to take life for granted, don’t we? We tend to go about our business and not even think of the gift of life and the gifts that surround us. They just are. Until they aren’t.

Girl Running to Dad

We hear of so many who have had a life threatening accident say they appreciate life afterwards and that they didn’t realize how precious it was – that they took it for granted. What if you understood and consciously lived your life – now – without the need of a “wake up call”? What if you consciously lived your life without a basis of the fear of the unknown or the fear of losing family and friends? What if you consciously lived life for the sake of expressing the gift that you are? Would you do things differently? Would you value the now moments more? Would you create times to engage others in meaningful ways? Would you do more of the things you love?

And what if you found that, in doing so, your spiritual life expanded exponentially and automatically without any effort on your part at all? Would you like that? Would you want that? What would it mean to you to do what you love and enjoy and appreciate all that is around you and have that, in turn, make it even better?

Impossible? I don’t think so.

Would you like Creator’s truth on all this and have your truth changed to Creator’s with all that entails? Would you like to consciously understand these truths? If so, say “yes – show me” and allow the fullness and richness and awesomeness of the Divine Energy of Creation to remind you of what you already know.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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