What is Love?

October 2, 2018

Would you like to have Creator’s truth on love and change your truth to Creator’s truth?

As you may have noticed, we seem to be having a stream of things that merit our time to send a bit of “extra” love. However, I’m not sure we’re all on the same page with what that means.

All Is Love

I’ve noticed that if I tell someone I’ll send them love, it’s sometimes brushed off as if “OK she doesn’t really want to assist me.” Yet, I believe it is most expansive and comprehensive expression of the desire to assist. I believe that because I believe that when I send focused love – without any limitations or parameters or guidance or requests or etc. – my intention is to send the love of the Divine Energy of Creation (God, the Universe, Source, Allah, etc.). That is the best word I have for what that energy seems to be to me. Love. But, if I told those same people I would send God or the energy of God, what type response do you think I’d get? I believe (and my intention is to…) that when I send focused love in this manner, I am trusting that the energy knows exactly what is best and in what proportion and what will be accepted and in the right time frame. It’s not up to me to decide any of that for someone else. However, I can intend that the best unfold for each and in the best way.

That said, there is power and strength in coordinated efforts if everyone is on the same page. If we are each, individually and collectively, focusing love as I have described to a person or situation, I believe it is incredibly powerful and will be perfect every time even if it doesn’t seem that way to us here and now.

That may be a little “pie in the sky for you” and that’s OK. But, if you would like to join me in regularly sending “extra” focused love to others who may desire it, accept the download so that what is sent is from the same focus to really help shift things for the best, individually and collectively.

We are way more powerful than we believe. So, you can change that for yourself if you wish. Love is an easy way. Accept the download and then, take a moment and send that focused love to yourself. Allow it. Feel it. Embrace it. Know it. BE it (because you already are). Then, take another moment to send more of the same wherever you like. In this context, it can do no harm and never goes against free will.

Love is… the energy you are. Love is… a wonderful way to shift and create and color your world and bring hope and encouragement and shifts to others and to situations. Your choice.

Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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