Choose Love

August 23, 2017

As you look around the world, you can easily see how collective consciousness is rapidly changing. You can also easily see how so many things are becoming polarized. This “in your face” polarity allows each of us to choose how we feel.


Each time we choose love, more and more opportunities to refine those choices show up. The opportunity is for you to uncover what love is to you, how you feel about it, and how it will or won’t guide your experiences as you move forward with your life.

If you find that in looking at a polarized situation you cannot or do not know how to choose love, begin to ask yourself questions. Why is that so? What is it about your experiences, beliefs, and feelings, that cause that to be so for you? Where did that originate for you?

As you explore why you feel the way you do, you may well discover that your beliefs and feelings are protective mechanisms. When you can uncover what you feel you need protection from, you can change that. ThetaHealing® is specifically designed to both uncover those beliefs and feelings, provide you with a conscious understanding of them, and allow you to change them in a way you feel comfortable with.

There are many avenues to understanding how and why you feel and believe as you do. You may have no desire to know the underpinnings of why you feel as you do about things. That’s just fine. There are energetic pathways that will allow you to resolve them without conscious knowledge if you desire to change.

My best offering is to seek to choose love in every situation to the maximum extent you are able. If you find this challenging or even impossible, ask yourself why. If you need assistance (we are very crafty at hiding ourselves from ourselves!), seek it out. If not, choose love.


Love, joy, and peace and choosing them will open you to more – more happiness, more wonderful abundance, more intuitive gifts, more health, more amazing relationships, more of all that will bring you just that… love, joy, and peace. It will show up no matter what is happening in the world. And through your acceptance of it, you contribute the same to those polarized points even if you are across the world from the flash point. Energy knows no boundaries other than those you impose upon yourself. Allow yourself to consider love as one of your contributions to a loving and harmonious and prosperous and generous world and consciousness.

For so it is if you desire and allow it to be… Mahalo (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

PS Thanks to “teefury” for the polarity pic.

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Your Inner Sunshine

November 7, 2015


“…I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes…” The words to this song prompted me to pause and become even more aware of my “inner sunshine”. The song wasn’t about that but the message was clear.

We generate “inner sunshine”. It’s the expansion of our soul into the here and now and all that offers. The more we remember our own unique offering of Divinity in it’s full expression, the more we become willing to allow that fullness of expression to BE here and now. With that comes a raising of our own vibration/frequency. Then, with that comes the magnetization of like vibration. To expand further, that then helps to focus that energy to bring to you the creation of your desires.

Plus, when we believe and know and are consciously aware of our own inner sunshine, a gloomy day, a gloomy circumstance, a gloomy person, a gloomy anything cannot touch us to our core. The energy of our inner sunshine begins to transform those vibrations. And, the more sun you allow, the more sun you generate, the less those gloomy circumstances appear.

Now, don’t misunderstand, rain happens. But, from the view inside your inner sun, rain is a beautiful amazing part of the cycle of life and you are happy even if it rains for days. I know. Some of you are saying that the impact of a lot of rainy days can be really traumatic. Yes and no. If that is your experience, ask what it brings to your awareness. Choose to be happy as you address what needs to be done. It’s not about not having “gloomy” (though it can be and will become that when you consistently shine brightly from within!). It’s about understanding what life is about and choosing to see things that happen from a brighter sunnier perspective. That’s not glossing over things. That’s claiming your power, your right to choose how you act and react.

When you shine brightly enough, other people begin to shine more brightly because you see and acknowledge that within them and they respond. Everyone’s life becomes brighter. It’s all about you… but not from ego or arrogance or pretentiousness. Instead, it’s from unconditional love and the allowance of all that you are into the here and now.

So, today (and everyday!) shine brightly from within and enjoy the benefits of that for yourself and others. You may not be attuned to recognizing those benefits at first. But, intend to allow recognition to come into your conscious awareness.


See the sun brightly shining in your heart and expanding out. See it filling your body. See it expand from you in all directions to infinity and back, brightening everything as it flows. Feel the comfort in that. Feel the joy in that. Feel the peace in that. Know the value of that. And so it is, always has been, always will be.

Have a wonderful sunny day!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo… Linda

PS Thanks to and for the pics.

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