January 15, 2020


We are being called now to explore what we believe and are willing to accept about freedom, both individually and collectively. If you look up the definition of freedom, there are so many different options to choose from. I think that fits with how we each view freedom. Our understandings of freedom come from our own beliefs, our environment, our culture, our family and friends, what we’ve been taught, and what we’ve experienced. As you might imagine, that can be wildly divergent.

I would offer that the best place to explore freedom is from within. Where in your own life and in your experiences do you not feel free? Explore why you don’t feel free. Are there changes that you are willing to make – right now – to change any areas where you feel restricted, limited, bound by tradition, bound by culture, bound by expectations, bound by anything?

You see, from childhood we are taught what to “expect”. We are taught that if you do this, that will happen. We are taught that there are expectations we all agree upon in order to live harmoniously together given all our differences. However, more and more people are coming to know their own power, their own capability and ability to create moment-to-moment, and to know unconditional love in every situation. As the energy of that mixes with the energies of old, things change. People begin to look at other people and situations with more love and compassion and kindness. And, they begin to expect others to behave in those ways too – even if they don’t see it in action – yet. It’s just a part of becoming spiritually aware and more aware of individual connection to Source energy – consciously and with intent.

What happens, then, is that these new desires and expectations come up against old mores and traditions and rules and regulations and tenets. Some begin to desire a new way. “But it’s been tried before and it didn’t work!” they are told. Yet, when circumstances change, energy changes, and people change, why can’t what we have come to know as freedom change – and doesn’t it eventually have to? Right now, we are seeing the head-to-head meeting of these two different energies. Perhaps instead of pushing and even shoving against it, you might consider looking where within you there are opportunities to be more free. As you become free in any sense, you contribute that to the whole. As the whole shifts energy into more love and more compassion and more kindness, things automatically shift.

So, if you are not feeling free in any area of your experience and within your beliefs and thoughts and patterns and defaults, pause. Take a good look at why you are where you are and whether or not you believe you can change it now. If not, acknowledgement of why you believe you cannot is helpful. At least then, you are consciously choosing to be held within the norm and the energy of that is substantially different than being forced to do so. Is there any area of that lack of freedom that you can change? This is a huge paradigm shift for us all. You may see it play out in “segments”. If so, see if you can add more to even part of it. Every shift will help disperse the energies that are no longer working for the highest and best of all. And, you become more free.

Freedom rocks. Let’s help everyone become free in a way that works for all.

With love and admiration for your journey… Mahalo

PS Just so you know, I’ve written a book that I’d love to share with you! It’s available lots of places (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Balboa Press, Walmart, etc.). The first part of the book gives you some energy background information and why what I offer will work. The second part of the book offers you 101 days of expansions that are easy, fun, basically free, and will help you more fully connect to your soul energy and intuitive gifts. Each day comes with an explanation of why it will help. Please let me know what you think! Thank you! Mahalo…


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What Just Happened?

April 9, 2015

Have you been feeling that you are being bombarded with things happening in your life that aren’t going as you’d like or as you’d planned? Many people have been feeling that way! And, yesterday, it seemed to come to a crescendo.

It is my understanding that we have now shifted into “conscious subconscious creation”. We are going to be manifesting/creating faster than ever and so, if our thoughts and feelings aren’t in line with what we desire, we will be “forced” to look at that directly, much more quickly than ever before. We will have to learn how to control our thoughts and be aware of our beliefs and feelings all the time if we want to live the life we desire. Before, our subconscious thoughts were directing what showed up for us. The process was not instantaneous and could, in fact, take some time for the resulting manifestations. For a good while we have had the information from a variety of spiritual thinkers and teachers about how that works and how to shift into conscious manifesting/creating. Now that we consciously know that, when/if we continue to create subconsciously, the speed of that will be much more evident. That, in turn, will really help us to learn the power of our thoughts and beliefs and feelings because the cause and effect principle will be very clear.

Many of us know of manifesting. There are many techniques and many variations on what that means and how to do it. Yet, how many people actually use that information to their benefit and consciously create?

It is my understanding that yesterday was an energetic shift for all of us into “conscious subconscious creation” where we must acknowledge responsibility for our creations, conscious or subconscious. The cause and effect will become much more clear. As this happens, we will be able to clearly see how what is happening in our lives impacts our future. Some will say “how will I come to know that my subconscious beliefs attracted what happens to me?”. Look around. What is happening in your daily life gives you many clues as to what your subconscious beliefs really are. For example, let’s say you keep tripping for no apparent reason. Perhaps you feel like life is full of potholes or life will trip you up. You can use energy testing to validate the suspected beliefs. Then you can change them before they bring an even bigger indication of the belief(s) into your reality like driving along and having a sinkhole swallow your car!  ThetaHealing® is a wonderful way to do that and there are many others if you prefer.

It is also my understanding that yesterday offered an energetic shift for many to an overall “higher level” of living in the energy of love. Many will shift out of “going somewhere” to connect (evidenced by a distinct feeling of not being able to connect right before the shift because you are constantly “there” and don’t feel any different with conscious effort to connect i.e. no effort of any type is needed). You will just be fully aware of your connection to your soul energy and the energy of all life connected together. You will be able to use that understanding to consciously create what you want in life. The shift to “conscious subconscious creation” is to help move people off the couch and help them actively begin to realize that they both create their life and they can consciously choose how it goes moment-to-moment. How awesome is that? It’s like another layer of the 100th monkey effect has materialized. But, there can be no more couch potatoes related to this. It’s time to own your power to create your life as you want it. Victimhood and martyrdom are being replaced as excuses for what is happening. It is shifting to accountability and responsibility and acknowledgement that you have Divine power and you have the choice to use it or not. There is no victim energy in that.


So, bottom line if you’ve been experiencing issues… be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Learn about energy testing and learn one of the techniques for shifting your non-serving subconscious beliefs into ones that do serve you well. You might also want to check out my “How To Shift Negative Thinking Instantly!“ post to give you an option of how to shift negative emotions in the moment, even when feeling “under fire” and even if you don‘t yet know of a technique to shift your thinking (p.s. this is one easy technique).

Would you like Creator’s (the energy of all life combined as One) truth on creation and conscious creating; on your capability as a creator; on the connection to your beliefs (conscious and subconscious) and feelings and thoughts; on your accountability and responsibility for what is going on in your life; on your power as a Divine BEing; and anything else Creator knows would help you; changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have, know, believe, act from and BE that truth; what that feels like; that it is safe for you to; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to have this in your life now; that it is possible for you now and that you do; for all times and versions of you; for all levels and layers and understandings of you; all with grace and ease, for your highest and best, and in harmony and balance?

If so, beautiful creators, say “yes – I can!” and allow the energy of All There Is, All There Ever Has Been, and All There Ever Will Be, show you and teach you and infuse you with that level of love and understanding and truth throughout all of you. For so it is if you allow it to be so.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo

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