Harmonization and Balance Re-Visited

May 9, 2019

Good lovely day everyone!

It’s important to remember that sometimes going back to basics when you are having an issue is the best remedy. Case in point…

Just about everyone I have talked to lately is experiencing computer glitches, slow downs, missed connections, and other “fussy” things. Whenever I hear someone talk about it, my first thought goes to harmonization and balance.


I remember when I took my first ThetaHealing® class. I was driving home. I was happy as could be. Until my vehicle stalled in the middle of a huge intersection… Yikes! Luckily, I remembered (or was guided) that it was most likely an issue of harmonization and balance. I literally just took a moment and adjusted the energy of my vehicle and me to work together seamlessly. Eureka!!! It worked. If I wasn’t hooked before, I was then!

Energies synchronize. Have you ever been to a wonderful healing class, felt high as a kite for a few days and then it slowly shifts back to “normal”? If so, you’ve had a conscious experience of this. Lower vibrational energies, given enough time, with synchronize with the highest vibrational energy around. You would hope that the teacher would have a high vibration (especially while teaching). So, you probably became in sync with the vibration of the teacher. As you returned home with all the daily things happening, it lowered your vibration somewhat. It’s not a good feeling when you recognize this. It’s also the same thing that happens when you just always feel lighter and brighter and happier after being around a certain person.

Well, guess what! Things electrical and mechanical also have a vibration. When you are in harmony and balance with them, things work. When you aren’t, things get “fussy”.

We are in the midst of a major shifting in collective consciousness. Yea! It’s shifting towards a higher vibration for us all as a group. Yea! So, as you are shifting and your vibration is changing, it may no longer be balanced and harmonized with things around you – including family and friends and your work and money. Oh my! What to do…

Actually, the remedy is quite simple. You simply harmonize and balance with everything. If you set that (while you’re at it LOL) to automatic, you probably won’t have any such issues again. That is unless you have some resistance to the shifts. If that’s the case, isn’t it great to have a mechanism to alert you to that? Yea!

Would you like to have Creator’s take on harmonization and balance; what it does, how it works, what needs it, when it needs it, how to recognize when it is needed; that all this is possible for you now; that it is safe to “change what is” and that you know how to do it for the highest and best for all; that you are worthy and deserving to be able to adjust this especially when others are going through the same thing and don’t have the knowledge base yet to understand and/or accept this (this is very common right now!)? If so, you know what to do – say “Yes I do!” and allow Source energy to show you and teach you and adjust your beliefs and feelings as appropriate and for your highest and best.

I am choosing not to actually do the harmonization and balance for you. It is time for you to choose to become empowered and use what you know, or learn. You don’t have to have ThetaHealing® training to do this, though it makes it easy.

If you have wearable devices such as a smart watch or fitness device, harmonize and balance. Cell phones have an electromatic output that energy testing will show is not a good fit for your body. In most ThetaHealing® classes, we change that. Those may need adjustment as well. And, if you have internal devices, ask Creator what is best to do, if anything. And don’t forget automatic! Remember, you are a creator and you are powerful. If you feel confident, it’s just as easy to do all these at the same time. Have fun embracing your inner power! You are being encouraged and supported in every way. Never doubt that. And, ask for Divine assistance if you need it. It’s always there for you.

With love and admiration for your journey… Mahalo

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April 3, 2019

Perspective is so important. It always reminds me of the parable that, paraphrased, was about a group of blind men who were positioned around an elephant and asked to describe what it was. You can imagine the difference in responses!

IMG_0122_LI (2)


That’s what perspective is all about. The elephant hadn’t changed for each man. It was as it always had been. It was each man’s perspective combined with life experiences and understandings.

I like to think of perspective as parallel to my understanding of truth. Each is on a continuum. But, the continuum isn’t linear. It’s a spiral. The spiral holds all truth and all perspective. And it is One spiral.

So, you and I can both be “right” even if we disagree. I know. The brain doesn’t like that – until you train it differently! Once you can accept a spiral approach to perspective and truth, it makes it easier to not judge others. It makes it easier to come to an amicable compromise when needed. It makes it easier to see and know the good that resides in every person – even if not outwardly visible.

To apply this to the every day, when you look at an issue in your life, are you evaluating it from the perspective of being immersed in the drama or particulars of it, or are you looking at it from a perspective that inquires of self what the message would be, what the learning might be? It makes for quite a different experience to zoom out so to speak and see a more comprehensive picture of an issue. Then, when you have the more broad perspective, zooming back in can be helpful with finding a resolution. When you stay within the drama, it can be challenging to see a way out. When that happens, we tend to default to self-protection which can present in a multitude of forms such as anger, deflection, blame, shame, and the like. You don’t need that. And, you don’t have to approach all issues within that.

Is perspective something that you grow into or can it be taught? I believe both are true. I believe that once you understand that a person’s perspective can be either limiting or expansive, you can choose which you will use. And, yes, there are gradients in between. Yet the more you expand your perception, the more comprehensive your truth of any situation.

Are you ready to stretch into expansion? Are you ready to stop the drama in your life? Are you ready to see not only the entire elephant but it’s life and family and history and importance to the whole? Are you ready to know how the elephant can teach you and change your life for the better? If so, just go. Try it. You’ll like it! And it becomes easier and easier the more you do it, in part, because the Law of Attraction plays in and less and less drama presents itself in your experience. Why? Because your thoughts and feelings have re-focused and the Universe responds. Win-win. And I’ll add in another win for good measure!

Perspective. It’s a good thing!


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