Creating, Perspective, and Divine Timing

June 13, 2018

Hello dear friends. How has everyone been? Things are moving along quite actively these days. I hope that you have mastered getting your thoughts under control so random ones aren’t interfering with your creations. That can be quite disappointing. It’s more important than ever because the time between the desire and the manifestation is either instantaneous or very short – usually! (note: that includes creating health and well-being!)

And that brings up another point to remember… Divine Timing. For a long time I had a “negative” bias against Divine Timing (I know. Crazy, right?). I had this sense that it limited the manifestation of my creations. If I am a Creator/co-Creator, then I should have full “control”. However, the caveat here is that most creations involve others, even if tangentially. Therefore, your manifestation is coordinated from the beginning of everyone and everything involved. That can be a lot of coordination! And, sometimes, what you desire will be better heard, better recognized, better accepted, better anything if it happens when other things are in play – and that is what Divine Timing is all about. So, if your creation doesn’t manifest right away, check to see if Divine Timing is a factor. I believe you can change Divine Timing. But, delve carefully because you may not know all the factors and implications to achieve the very best (which is presumable what you want).

Perspective is also another key point to consider these days. Perspective always makes me smile because I remember the parable that, summarized, says that if you take a number of blind folks and position them around an elephant (each with no prior knowledge of elephants) and ask each to describe it, imagine what you would hear! Perspective. If you are contemplating adjustments to Divine Timing, explore all perspectives first (note: and do you know you have covered them all?). A key tenet is “do no harm”. Be aware that, inadvertently, you may cause harm if everything isn’t considered and if you don’t get “confirmation” first. Just saying…

So, if you are discouraged about your creations not showing up and/or not showing up in a timely manner, there are some steps you can take. Ask: “Am I allowing my creation now?” If the answer is no, explore why that is the case. Ask: “Is my creation aligned with my Divine Timing?” If the answer is no, explore the time frame within which it would be aligned and any other reasons it might not be aligned. Don’t ask “Am I doing this right?” because, from Source perspective, there is no wrong. But, if you are concerned about your understanding of creating what you desire, you might ask “Am I creating from love? Am I creating in the way that is best for me at this time? Am I fully and consciously connected to the Divine Energy of Creation/Creator/God/Source/etc. when I send my desire forward? (note: for some of you, there is no need to “send your desire forward” because your intention and expectation is that it automatically happens BECAUSE you desire it; but that is a function of what beliefs you hold about it)”. Explore any no responses to find out what is at the core of the issue.


It’s very exciting to know that you have the capability to, the right to, and you deserve to be able to create your reality consciously and quickly. So, if things aren’t happening as you believe they should, check into it a bit. It may just be that a little patience puts everything exactly perfectly positioned to provide you with the best experience. Or, you may find a touch of belief work will do the trick. The big take-away is to not give up or become discouraged. Remember who you are and where you came from and what you are capable of as such. Tapping into and allowing your own Divinity begins the process. Being in each moment and being aware brings that energy into focus. Focusing that energy manifests what you create. Are you ready for it???!!! I bet you are! Because, you rock! You are amazing. You are unique. And you are simply and Divinely you. Believe in you. I do!

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)… Linda

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December 22, 2016

During holiday times when we get together with family and friends to celebrate and enjoy, there can be an underlying current of discontent related to belonging.

We have come to understand that we “belong” to our family. We base all our interpretations of belonging on how we feel/felt about the bonds and structure and interplay within that familial family. For some, those feelings were not about inclusion and security and encouragement and love, as we would have it expressed. So, every time we get together with our familial family, those undercurrents (typically repressed from childhood) are “activated” and brought forward into conscious awareness. That’s where family discord can be enhanced and where it can be challenging to stay in a space of peace and non-judgment.

We, as humans, crave to belong. Many will use any behaviors to secure their place and belong – even to their detriment. However, a more expanded truth is that it is not possible to not belong. Since we are a part of and WE ARE the Divine, we can never really be separate and we always belong and we are always loved unconditionally. But, it doesn’t always feel that way in 3D here and now does it?


Sometimes we don’t feel safe belonging. We feel there will be, at the very least, an implied obligation/responsibility for that sense of belonging and we feel we have no control over what will be expected. But, that desire to belong is strong and sometimes overrides good common sense. We may also feel like we are forever tied to our familial families and there is no escape. We are obligated. We are captive. There is no escape without intense pressure and judgement and hard feelings. Whew. And, there are so many opportunities to “belong” (per our 3D view). The family of man, the family of church/religion/like believers/, the family of origin, the family of friends we choose… the list goes on and on. With each comes the underlying beliefs related to obligation i.e. your dues to belong. That’s a lot of pressure!

Would you like Creator’s most expanded truth on belonging; that you ALWAYS belong; that belonging is ultimately related to you accepting the highest expression of you and that that type of belonging far surpasses any sense of being a part of life here and now that you could imagine; that you feel and know that as your truth now and here; that it is safe to belong; that you have proper discernment on where to belong, how to belong, how invested to be in belonging, when to belong, and that you have a clear understanding of what you are willing to give to belong, from your heart and not your head; that you are worthy and deserving of belonging in the best and most supportive and embracing way; that you understand how to “belong” as part of and AS the Divine Energy of Creation while also “belonging” in the here and now in the most expanded and best and most supported way for you, simultaneously; that it is possible for you now; with clear conscious awareness and understanding of all this now; how to live your daily life knowing and believing and acting from and BEing it all; with love and grace and peacefulness and balance and harmony and compassion and immersed in Divine truth; for all times, versions, aspects and all layers and levels of the expressions of you? And would you like to know how to belong and feel like you belong even when the 3D doesn’t appear to show that you do (i.e. how to enjoy all get-togethers feeling like you belong and knowing that you belong, even if it is not as the “group” would understand belonging)?

If so, say “yes- belonging” and allow the Divine energy to embrace you, enfold you, infuse you with these truths and understandings and beautiful sparkling love and joy.

You belong. You are worthy and deserving of belonging no matter how you feel about things you have done or not done. You are always and forever a part of and YOU ARE the Divine. It just is. Know that about yourself and believe it. Allow it in as your truth. For so it is…we are all One.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays! Enjoy knowing you belong!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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