Is Wonky in Your Life?

May 5, 2018

When I took my first ThetaHealing® class, we were alerted to the fact that as we went home our energies might be of a much higher vibration than usual and that it could cause havoc with things that are electrical and mechanical. Well… as I was driving home, my vehicle stalled in a busy intersection. Instead of panic or beginning the long list of things to do to try to not get hit by another vehicle, I just paused and used my new Theta training to harmonize and balance my vehicle with my energy. Voila! It worked! Instantly! When I got home, I had to do the same with multiple appliances.

Well, guess what… over the last few days, almost every device I have has been acting up. I harmonize and balance and it clears up and then it does it again. For instance, my phone tells me I’m not connected to the Internet, yet in settings it says all is just fine. But, no Internet service happens. I have an automatic harmonization and balance in place for when my energy shifts in vibration. But, this was overriding or bypassing that. So, I “re-booted” my automatic setting and things have settled down.

What this tells me is that my energy is automatically having huge shifts. And, that’s wonderful. Yet, it’s something that is good to be aware of. As those big shifts happen, other things respond. It is also good to look at what in the here and now showed up to alert me.

Take, for example, the lack of Internet service. So, the phone settings think service is up and running but the actual result is nothing. The cable TV channel lineup was also crazy. It said it was unavailable. So, you couldn’t see ahead of time what was going to be on a channel. As I look at all this, I was in need of an entire re-boot in my thinking to align with my new frequency. I was thinking that everything was set to send and receive and I could know in advance how things would play out. But, that no longer was working even though I hadn’t noticed. Now, all that has been addressed and things are flowing nicely. So nicely that I want to offer you something to ponder…

What if, for every moment in your life, there are infinite options actually playing out simultaneously. And, what if, as your vibration and frequency change, your focus can shift from one (the here and now you are focused on) to another that has a more desired outcome. Interesting, right? Especially if it happens automatically…

All that may be true. Or, it could just be that creation and manifestation is just happening instantaneously without conscious effort or thought. Your soul knows what you want without you having to think it. What if you become so connected that shifts occur automatically to address your desires… It becomes even more critical to notice your thoughts and to know your beliefs!

One of my favorite examples happened just a few days ago. I was trying on clothes. I had on a pair of stud earrings with a small back. As I took a shirt off over my head, one of my earrings went flying and landed on the floor – without the back. I searched and searched as did someone else. Nothing. I wear this pair of studs more than any other. I had resigned myself to having to “borrow” a back from another pair. It wasn’t a bad feeling… just a “that’s how it is” feeling. So, I wanted to wear the pair again and pulled them out. OMG and YEA! Both studs had their backs.

Now, you might think that I found the back and just forgot I put it on the earring. But, there was another person involved. It didn’t happen. I either spontaneously created and manifested the back or I shifted into another “option” for that event that resulted in the earring being intact. Either way, I’m a happy camper. Which do you think it was?


This has been happening for quite a while but it is a regular occurrence now. Yet, I still get just as excited as the first time! And, I believe that helps keep the magic coming.

So, think about your own experiences right now. If these automatic energy updates are happening to me, they are happening to you. Are you allowing them? Have you noticed them? Are you keeping your energy harmonized and balanced as things shift? If not, wonky things may be showing up. It’s an easy change when you know what is happening.

What a magical time! Well, actually, it’s really only an indication of a more open flow of energy to the Divine that is you. But, I’m going to call it magical because I can and I desire to. I know it just is and, in the space of the Divine Energy of Creation, it’s no biggie. But, here and now (in whatever option), it’s fun! And fun brings joy. And joy brings an even more open conduit of connection. So bring on the magic! Let’s have more fun! Are you with me?!

We are one beautiful loving energy, focused as individual expressions. You are me and I am you. We share this life. We share it all. Let’s make the most of it and enjoy it. Let’s create as much joy as we possibly can. And, let’s acknowledge that as we do, we are helping others do the same. For so it is if we create and allow it to be.

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God)

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Aspect Takeover (Key to Addictive and Self-Sabotaging Behaviors?)

April 9, 2014

What if you could access and interact with your other timelines or lifetimes while you are still in this physical body?  What would that mean for you?  For me, this is a real option.  I remember one night in the dream state being escorted to another one of my lifetimes.  I was a relatively young male in my 20s in that lifetime.  I had chosen to make use of one of my “exit points”.  I was in a hospital and was about to die.  The hospital staff knew of nothing else they could do to save me.  However, I – in that state – wanted a do-over!  I had changed my mind about exiting and I wanted to live.  Yet, there weren’t any good options in that time for me, evidently.  Hence, my consciousness from this lifetime with my current healing abilities was escorted to that time so that I could heal myself.  And I did.  I can only imagine what the doctors thought the next day!  So, I know it can happen.

However, we have extraordinarily clever minds.  Remember too that our minds have the job, along with the ego, of protecting us.  So, the mind (knowing this possibility) then says “if I can access another lifetime, then another aspect of me can access this lifetime” and “another aspect of me can access this lifetime without my conscious knowledge”.  When I ask if this is Creator’s highest truth, I get yes.  I also understand that the body allows it because it recognizes its own “signature”.  The body is not making the distinction between the aspect here and now and any other from the same source life signature.  In other words, if an aspect of me from another time was able to connect to my energy in this lifetime, my body would recognize it as me and say “Hey, good to see ya, come join the party!”.

I was shown how, depending upon what lifetime the aspect was from and how evolved it was in its remembrance of its own Divinity and Oneness in general, this could be disruptive within the body and cause confusion and even panic from the subconscious.  The subconscious mind, if it understands that this is possible, could then resist this “visitation” causing addictive behaviors and self-sabotaging behaviors to keep the “visiting” aspect from taking control.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

So, what to do… well, do what you always would do “Ask Creator!”.  Ask if it is in your highest and best to change it.  If yes, then do.  However, also consider that, as was my experience, sometimes the outcome can be desirable and not a bad thing.  You can set it up so that access is only for your highest and best i.e. that access to your energy be for good as determined by Creator and/or your soul and that your subconscious and body allow only under those circumstances.  You will also want to account for merging timelines when aspects of other timelines re-integrate with this timeline as is happening now. Part of that can be to have issues from that lifetime already healed and cleared and resolved and transformed before merging and re-integrating.  If you feel confident enough with your trust in the Divine, you can just change it for your highest and best.  Otherwise, ask about things like the above before you change something.

When people come to you and they are resistant to take a ThetaHealing® class or to find out more about it, check to see if they are afraid that they will abuse the power.  If they, on some level of their BEing have been involved in abuse of power, they may well be afraid that they do not have sufficient understanding nor control to access it again.  If you add to that the subconscious understanding that multiple aspects of you from multiple timelines with various levels of consciousness (we’ve probably all had lifetimes that we wouldn’t showcase) could potentially access your energy unknown to you at any time and make use of it, you can imagine how resistant your subconscious here and now would be to that if you felt you were not up to handling the full power of who and what you truly are.  Are you following me on this?  Of course then you would resist fully knowing about your power and you would limit yourself and sabotage yourself at every turn from learning more and being able to access it – even if the conscious mind wanted to learn.  That’s the tricky part.  The person may very well believe that they want to learn and access their Divinity.  Yet, at every turn something happens to get in the way.  Of course, it could be other things stepping in there too.  So, check it out.  Ask.  With knowledge, you have considerably more options and can make better choices.  If you believe that you can fly but that at any moment someone else can take over the controls, you may choose not to fly.  And, that’s OK.  Or, you could take care of the possibility of someone having that capability and then learn.  It’s up to you.  There is also the possibility that the plane will malfunction so you are guided to not fly on this particular plane.  Ask.  Check out why you are having the issues presenting and go from there.

I hope this gives you additional tools to use to help both yourself and others.  It’s actually a pretty cool thing to know that you can go to your other timelines and assist and that they can do the same.  I just want to make sure it’s a good thing for all involved.  Don’t you?

Yet again, another wonderful understanding and insight from Creator to help us all as we remember how to fly.

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours…  Linda



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