Thank You – Is There A Conflict?

August 26, 2018

As you grow in understanding and remembrance spiritually, you will most likely find areas where there is lingering conflict between your popular understanding of words and phrases and how the mind interprets them and applies them to your expanding truth. It’s natural.

Take, for instance, the words “thank you”. Couldn’t be an issue there, right? We are taught to have gratitude and, as you grow spiritually, you begin to live it. So, how could there be conflict?


Well… think about it. When you say “thank you” to someone, you are in gratitude but it also has the implied energy of “you have more”. In other words, the person giving has more money, more expertise, more time, more anything. That implies that you, then, have less. So, even though you have the best of intentions when saying and meaning thank you, it is also “activating” an underlying subconscious understanding that you are receiving because you have/are “less”. Ouch!

To address this fascinating tidbit, it is helpful to change your understanding of what “thank you” means from a more expanded perspective and take that perspective as your own. From a more expanded perspective, thank you means “profound appreciation for what is”. It’s not about what was given or received. It’s about in that moment of exchange – in the now – remembering and acknowledging that we are all part of the same energy. We are in this together. We are each helping each other no matter which end of the giving or receiving we are engaged in. It’s about recognizing each other as family, as One. Thank you means profound appreciation for what is. When you take this perspective, there is no conflict. There is no “you vs. me” “us vs. them” or dichotomy of any type. It’s just a moment of pure Divine recognition and profound appreciation for that exchange of energy that helps us recognize what is – what really is.

You came here to be in the now. You came here to create in the now. The more you remember and recognize your own Divine nature and the more you are in profound appreciation for what is (which includes everything about the now and the ripples from that), the more you allow. The more you allow, the more you remember. The more you remember, the more fun it becomes to be in and create in the now. So, yes thank you is very important and always has been. It’s even more meaningful (to both parties) when you see it as the profound appreciation for what is (the more expanded truth).



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