Enough – Is It Really?

July 29, 2016

Words are so interesting! Take the word “enough”. Most people associate “enough” with having a satisfactory amount, but not all that is desired. It’s adequate, but not enough! Now, isn’t that interesting!


This all came up at dinner one night. Our hostess asked if everyone had had “plenty”. One person said “I’ve had enough, thanks.” Our hostess then went on to say she never asks if folks have had enough because it implies you might want more but you’re choosing to not have more. To her, “plenty” meant you had what you desired and you wouldn’t have more even if you could. It’s really interesting.

How many times do you find yourself using this word? If you believe that enough is not really enough, imagine the inner struggle your feelings will be engaging in every time you use the word!

I know this is only one word and it’s almost a laughable point, but words are important. They provide the framework for feelings which provide the framework for what type and level of energy you attract – and hence – your life experiences.

Once you get used to being aware of what you say and what you mean when you say it, it’s not hard to notice the inherent contradictions in words. When you notice, pay attention and consider if you want to continue using the word or if you want to consider changing your definition and understanding of the word. Either works to keep your subconscious happy and not conflicted. A conflicted subconscious, as you probably know, can get into a lot of mischief!

Words don’t always convey the full meaning of what we desire to express. But, for most people right now, they are enough! Make sure they are ones that serve you!

You might enjoy taking a concept like joy and instead of assigning words to the feeling of joy, just experience it. Imagine yourself sending the understanding of your feelings of joy to someone else – all without words. This is an excellent way to “prepare” you to remember that words are not actually necessary to communicate. When will you remember and what will you choose to do when you do remember?

Just food for thought… your choice as to whether your thought is experienced as pure knowing or experienced through words. With pure knowing, you will find that you’ll become adept at “translating” the knowing into words so others can understand and communicate with you. But, you will have the more rich and in-depth experience – all those nuances that couldn’t be captured in the translation. This will bring your level of trust in your connection to Source to a much more expanded view. Words have become our “comfort zone”. Time to step out and experience things in new ways don’t you think?

Enjoy! Keep playing!

From my heart to yours, from my soul to yours… Mahalo…Linda

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