Where Are Your Relationships Today, Right This Minute?

April 4, 2018

We are still seeing an energetic set-up that is “assisting” relationship re-definition. As has been mentioned before, this shifting has been seen in male/female, male/male, female/female, and with the male and female energies within the self. This is also emerging as the re-definition of relationships with all things.


As we expand our remembrance of who and what we are and all that accompanies that, we are also shifting – many times automatically – our understanding of our relationships to everything. As that happens, relationship “definitions” (how we have always viewed them) are also re-calibrating to fit our understandings. All this is wonderful. Though it may not always feel like it in the transition stage.

We are being energetically encouraged to become (if not already) self-empowered, self-motivated, knowing our worth and value as known by the energy of the Divine, and acting in alignment with that. That means relationships where there is dependence, the energies of “should” and “must”, an unequal balance, and the like are splintering and dissolving in various ways. This is an adjustment to support self-empowerment and personal choice. This doesn’t mean selfishness. In fact, it means just the opposite. It means honoring the core of you, the most expanded and expansive offering of you (a focused point of the Divine in action), in a way that will ultimately serve self and all life.

As you know the true you and you love and accept the true you, you allow for the flow of your soul energy in your every choice, your every thought, your every action. From the space of your soul energy, there is only love and from it can come only love. As you bring that vibration into the here and now, you are not only BEing love in action, you are choosing love moment-to-moment. From that, good abundance flows. From that, joy expands in every way. From that, your creative nature shines forth. And, you will find that you are excited and happy to use all of that for the betterment and joyful expansion of all (literally, all).

So, if you have “important” relationships that are faltering or dissolving or are becoming contentious, step back for a moment. I could tell you to look at where it served you to stay small or play the victim. But, that might not be the core of the issue. Perhaps your time together served you both well, got you to where you are today, taught you a lot, helped you become wise, supported you in any variety of ways, and it is time to move on to the next chapter of learning. Yes, it can feel rough in the transition. But, it can also feel like a relief as the energies no longer match or the feeling is that the choices and benefits have served their purpose and are complete. Be thankful for all you received – even if the situation made you feel unworthy or “less than” or a victim of circumstances. As you reflect, from a distance, you will see that you always had choice. Sometimes the perceived choices seem scary so you stay. Sometimes the perceived choices seem insurmountable so you stay. But, there is always choice and you are always are in control of how you feel about each part.

If this resonates with you and you are feeling sad or angry or disillusioned or hopeless, pause. Breathe. Remember that you are a powerful amazing spark of Divine action. As such, you are part of the wholeness of the Divine Energy of Creation and you have access to the entirety of that. That’s powerful, right? And yes, it is there for you too – not just someone else. But, to step into the vibration of that, you will want to know yourself as worthy, beautiful, powerful, creative, amazing, awesome, peaceful, and full of radiant joy. I know… when you’re in the point of attraction (i.e. right there in the middle of it all), it may seem like too far a stretch.

How do you get from A – the epicenter of the drama – to B – consciously existing as Source energy? Try. Give it a go. Start with what brings you joy. Do it. Experience it. Feel it. Allow it to fill you and radiate from you. Remember what that feels like as you then go back to doing other things. Whenever you feel your energy drop, remember. Give yourself a code word to immediately shift into those feelings of joy or choose a song that will remind you and begin to hum it. It will shift the immediate energy drain and downward spiral and help it spiral upward and outward to joy. It’s an easy and very effective choice to make. And, it tells the brain you control you and you control your feelings. That’s powerful.

So, are you ready to choose to empower yourself in multiple ways? Are you ready to look at all the things that have happened as learning experiences, without judgment and negative feelings? Are you ready to soar into happiness and joy every moment of every day? If so, just choose to do it and get started and build on what you begin. It will work.

You are loved beyond your comprehension. You are seen as you truly are, without the stories and personas. You are valued beyond measure. You are unique and a joyful expression of the Divine. I love you.

Mahalo… (may you be held in the breath of God) … Linda

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The Shifting Tides of Male and Female Energies

March 8, 2018

The shifting of the male and female energies continues. Several things have been brought to my attention. One is a reminder that we each have male and female energies within us. These energies can become imbalanced and cause discord.


Would you like to have those energies within you aligned, harmonized and balanced? And would you like to have them re-set to auto-balance? If so say “yes – balance” and allow your energies to serve you in the highest and best way.

Then on to another facet that has surfaced that was a bit unexpected, at least to me. It has to do with etheric agreements. Etheric agreements are agreements we made with other souls and, with ourselves, before being born.

The healing that was done on male and female energies recently brought up that shifts are occurring related to male/female, female/female, male/male, and male and female energies within the self. It’s about relationships throughout time. It’s about the feelings associated with those relationships throughout time. It is also about the etheric agreements we make.

It snakes into all the times that energies are not aligned and people argue, and that translates into rejection and hurt. Looking at it from beyond time it is incredible. Looking at it from here, it’s sad. But, being able to see how a few times can translate to any disagreement going to rejection is huge. It’s how our thoughts get interpreted by the brain and get engrained in our subconscious and impact every action and reaction. And, each new episode validates the last so the energy of it gets bigger and bigger. So, if it’s not resolved, we bring it with us.

That is part of why the shifting of beliefs (and associated feelings) and resolutions and forgiveness doesn’t always COMPLETELY get rid of the issue. There is obviously still a tie or it would be resolved and not be showing up for you in some way. It’s like when you clear a belief and you test it’s gone, but you don’t really believe it. I term it “Spirit Speak”. You talk the talk but can’t quite walk the walk. You don’t really feel that what your beliefs show is real or true or valid. That’s because, even though your beliefs say life should look one way, it doesn’t for you.

That’s where etheric agreements may be a cause. A friend and I were discussing all these shifts and the topic of indebtedness came up. The term and feelings of indebtedness have such historical ties and I can’t think of any that are helpful. When I released these feelings for the two of us, gave us truth on it and a resolution with forgiveness for all times, and whatever else was needed, it was completely AMAZING. It was like “WOW Batman!” or “WOW WonderWoman!”. I released all etheric binding agreements (for both of us) based on indebtedness and, if the parties agreed, changed them to agreements based in love. ABSOLUTELY HUGE.

Why wouldn’t you want all etheric agreements to function without trauma and drama? Yet, what surfaced was that there are agreements based in indebtedness. It felt like much of it was related to war. It was also related to the energy of conquer. It was curious that an etheric agreement would be based in anything other than love. It feels like agreements are made in 4th plane energy. Perhaps these types of agreements were made to balance the very divergent energy of both sides of war. Perhaps we wanted to experience war yet felt remorse when we had our life review and we wanted to re-balance the energy. There are a number of potential reasons – and none are really important for now. What is important is to shift all etheric agreements, with agreement by all, into a foundation of love. In other words, that they exist out of love for one another, they are completed out of desire and not a sense of indebtedness and/or obligation, and that they unfold only in ways that are loving and joyful and serve us in the best way.

Another thing that surfaced with this is that etheric agreements can be “breached”. In other words, one party may no longer be aligned with the energy of the original agreement and will decide to change course. Any party can dissolve an etheric agreement by choice, within love and gratitude. Yet, what if the parties are unaware of such an agreement? What if one person, through love and spiritual growth, no longer wants to honor (subconsciously) the original agreement because his or her energy is no longer aligned with the parameters of it? If one person bails, the other party may feel betrayed on some level and feel blindsided. The “offended party” may then experience an overwhelming sense of loneliness and feel apart from God. That may have been part of the agreement. But, what if it wasn’t? If ALL etheric agreements are switched to the foundation of unconditional love with the understanding that only love can come from them, wouldn’t that be worth doing?

It’s interesting because the heart “sends warning shots over the bow” to let you know when an etheric agreement is going to tank. You may have a thought about someone but you ignore it. Someone else may validate your thought but you ignore that too. Yet, if you listen to your heart and follow it’s lead, you shift the dynamic and honor your own desire to stay in love and not be or feel hurt.

This is a complicated understanding in one sense; simple in another. There are so many entanglements. There are so many options. And, we all have free will and free choice at all times. We can change things instantly if we know that we can and if we feel that we can. We don’t have to learn and experience through trial and error; through competition; through trauma and drama; through anything other than love and joy and what they bring. You choose. And, when you know you choose, you can make conscious choices and create the reality, here and now, that you want.

There are no wrong choices. There are choices that support your desire for love and safety and joy. There are choices that simultaneously support others in those same things. And, you can choose to not participate in the choices of others.

I know that may sound like a “pie in the sky” Kumbaya approach to life. But, what if it wasn’t? What if you are truly the designer of your life both in the moment and before you were born? What if you could change any part at any time for any reason? Would that change how you view life? What would that mean to your sense of security and safety in the world? What would that mean to your feelings about your own worth and value? Would you change how you relate to what is happening around you?

If you would like Creator’s truth on all this, changing your truth to Creator’s; teaching you how to have, know, BE, believe and act from this truth; that it’s safe for you to have this truth; that you are ready, willing, able, worthy and deserving to have this truth now; that it’s possible for you to now; and that you are ready and able in every way to consciously create your life moment-to-moment now; say “yes – I’m ready” and allow the life force energy of Creation to move to and through and from you in beautiful resonance with All There Is, showing you, teaching you, embracing you, nourishing you, revitalizing you in love and joy and peace. For so it is if you allow it to be…

If you would like all your etheric agreements shifted to a foundation and realization of love and joy as described above, for your personal best, say “yes – shift” and allow the Divine Energy of Creation to work with you and play with you and rejoice with you; allow your heart to sing with joy; allow your energies throughout all times, versions, locations, aspects, understandings, layers and levels of you to come into alignment and balance and harmony with all of this. For so it is if you allow it to be…

Thank you God. Thank you Creator. Thank you Divine Energy of Creation. Thank you Universe by any name and understanding…Thank you. And, thank YOU. Yes you. For being brave and inquisitive and willing to re-align perfectly with your most expanded self. You rock! Mahalo…

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