What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is:

  • a way to change beliefs that impact the reality we experience.
  • a way to heal the energy rifts and blockages that occur due to our thoughts and beliefs.
  • transformation that creates physical, psychological/emotional, and spiritual healing.
  • aligned with current understanding of quantum physics and quantum mechanics relating to how and why thought influences matter.

ThetaHealing® brings the conscious and subconscious minds into harmony and balance, into a state of trust and safety.

Through two processes – feeling and belief work – your reality can change and healing can occur in an instant. It can be permanent and lasting and is all done with ease and without having to re-live past events. In hypnosis and psychotherapy, a person is often taken to a theta state and prompted to re-live an event or interaction to be able to acknowledge it and begin to move past it. With ThetaHealing®, you identify the belief that is causing the issue, pull it, insert a new one that better serves you and you’re done.

It sounds too easy to be true. But, that’s a belief too. You can pull that belief and replace it with the understanding that miracles are possible and to be expected every moment of every day. There are no limits. There is no condition that cannot be healed by pulling of the causative core beliefs and instilling the feelings of what it is like to live without the condition. Would that be worth trying?

ThetaHealing® has no dogma, rituals, or absolutes. It is a flexible method of connecting to the Divine existing in all living things to change our lives for the better. It is not a religion and can be used with any belief system that includes a power higher than the mind. Your part is to be willing to change. The Divine life force energy takes care of the rest. Sound good? It is. And, powerful. It can change your life in an instant – just as you want, just as you need.

For more information on what ThetaHealing® is and how it works, visit Theta Healing Connect.

Come join us as we heal our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.  Come join us as we begin to explore this world with the clarity and truth of who we really are and what we can accomplish…

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